Slaughterhouse - Lyrical Murderers Lyrics

"This is the life, we gone!" - [Royce Da 5'9"]
"I ain't with the leanin and rockin
That ain't even seen as a option..." - [Joe Budden]

[Intro: Crooked I (Kay Young)]
You're nothin without (Focus)
Woo.. Long Beach (lay your seats back)
New Jersey (turn your speakers up)
Brook-lyn! Detroit!

[Chorus: Kay Young]
We-we, we lyrical murrrrrrrrrrrderers
Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
(What you talkin 'bout?)
Where we bring them verbal llamas out, bloaw
We-we, we lyrical murrrrrrrrrrrderers
Man, we own these streets
And the freaks they love us
We ain't worried 'bout you fuckers (Slaughterhouse)

[Crooked I]
Lyrical murderer, blame Rakim
I'm a sniper shootin my way into your lame top 10
Pistol at your head if I ain't next to Eminem
Then I bust in your face like I'm fuckin Lil' Kim
Niggaz better pray to the lyrical lord
that I fall off like the umbilical cord before I fill up the morgue
This is how a killer record
with the double-edged triple syllable sword, I'm iller than all
Dineri, see I'm a literary genius
Bury niggaz with words, a cemetery linguist
Most rappers are comedy gold
They like they boyfriend's sodomy hole - they full of SHIT!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Now you could walk through the shadow of death next to that shady street
Where the verbal cocaine business and 80's meet
Where them niggaz is backwards
I'm ridin with my daughter in the front with the A.K. in the baby seat
We them copycat killers, unleashin venom
Commit them lyrical murders and then we re-commit 'em
Lyrics be high quality
Bitches be givin me brain, my dick be deep in they heads like psychology
Independently pennin the best words that were ever said
The mixture of Leatherhead and Everclear
You can't hide, we everywhere
Now, picture a grizzly standin next to a teddy bear


[Joe Budden]
Hello hip-hop, I am here, you dyin yeah and I'm aware
A beast so at your wake I'll cry lion's tears
And that's no disrespect to the pioneers
If we ain't who you tryin to hear
Somethin either wrong with your eyes and ears
I came in this game screamin Jers'
Ain't an MC in our lane to try and merge
Try and run with our wave
But I'm cool with bein Eddie Levert seein my son on stage
Gun gon' blaze, act up in this joint
And I'ma be Nate Robinson and back up the point
Your run's over, run with us or get run over
I'm here to save this shit, and I brung soldiers

[Joell Ortiz]
This is lyrical murder
Me and every track have a physical merger
When I stab it in the chest I'ma bit of a curver
So it bleeds to death, like the middle of a unfinished burger
Or sometimes I wrap my hand around his throat
Cause he think his kick is slick or his little snare is dope
Shoot the bass in the face but sometimes I carry a rope
to hang the piano keys when they hittin every note
I'm what no beat's able to withstand
If you suffer from writer's block and your label got big plans
Listen to this fam
Slide a little dough out that budget, and hire the instrumental hitman


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Slaughterhouse Lyrical Murderers Comments
  1. Sitzplatzimbus

    After this album Royce made it to my Top Rappers list next to Kool G Rap, Cormega, Sean Price, Ghostface Killah, Tragedy Khadafi and O.C.

  2. Edward Nygma

    2098????? Just me? Okay then.


    Who still coming here in 2019!!!!??? #RealRap #Barz #ThisIsHipHop

  4. Jake Gill

    Joell is the nicest hard to say though for this one joell got it

  5. P. Swizzy

    This beat just grabs you and reels you in before the verses drop. SICK

  6. Butterz 88

    Joel straight beast..N.Y.

  7. P. Swizzy

    This is the straight fire right here

    Kevin Heidendal

    P. Swizzy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. brandonnminajj

    This is fucked up why everyone saying Joe Budden sucks he is beast besides he was better than jay-Z at one point then Kanye West saved his fucking career so respect Joe Budden because he is trying to bring back the old school hip hop so fuck y’all if u doubt me 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  9. Michael Lepore

    D12 to slaughter house Eminem had so many albums

  10. Benny Tops

    I'm what no beats able to withstand

  11. aaron robles

    nigga said joe buddens is wack. haha. but bet rick ross n lil uzi r nasty huh. fuck out of here. lmfao. name me one rapper thats better then joe besides the rappers I named in my first comment. not rick ross, not wale, not lil uzi, none of them niggaz could fuck with joe buddens lyrically. u buggn. rick ross sucks ass. hes a fucking actor. fake ass niggaz acting hard cause their around security n a whole bunch of niggaz. u c a real man when u confront a nigga one on one. I fucking hate rick ross with every ounce in me. just for the fact he denied he was a c.o.. fake. lies. tryna act all gangster n hard in his interviews n shit. fuck out of here. dj kaled shut the fuck up. stick to doing beats n stop talking over your beats. your voice fucks up every track u talk on nigga. french montana needs to go back to being that dvd nigga. fr. hes wack as shit. the industry is all fucked up. eminem needs get back to his old self n not put too many words in one verse. eminem is beyond the goat of this music shit. top 5 rappers ever. 1-eminem. 2-jay z. 3-nas. 4-pac. 5-50cent.

  12. aaron robles

    fuck that trap ass bubble gum music. rap been died. thanks to big sean, drake, lil wayne, 50 cent, jcole, Kendrick n slaughterhouse I can still fuck with rap. the rest of these rappers suck ass. mumblin n shit. they dont even no wtf they saying. it gets me so fucking heated to no people like that trap music. smfh. shit sucks!!!!! go on youtube n look up instrumentals. 98% of these beats r all trap beats. wtf. smh


    Since when does Drake rap, I ain't never heard Drake rap besides on Forever, but I doubt he wrote that himself lol

  13. ronald tyili

    I swear slaughterhouse is wu tang in a way

  14. Mr.Kaprione TheNameThatsThe Gamecat

    "I'm riding with my daughter in the front, with the A-K in the babyseat"

    Craig Moore


    Nothing Left

    That's my favorite line. It's like a post apocalyptic feel to it. Real dark.

  15. Bryant Mayes


  16. Bishop Knight

    this is that shit I be talking about. Real lyrists not getting any notice meanwhile joke ass rappers get nonstop radio play. its disgusting what the rap and hip hop game have become. Slaughterhouse need to be noticed.


    the bars in this song are mostly unmatched for real

    James Erueti

    str8 up best lyricist ever.

  17. Kxng 29

    Run with us or get run over

  18. Dzenis Sabljakovic

    Only 30 likes? Should be 30 Billion....... No more, no less.

  19. Christopher Avilez

    boooomb ass video

  20. theoriginalgompers

    Don't no man. People just sleeping to much.

  21. inutonmoms

    Why the fuck does this have such few views?

  22. Wave Ryder

    I believe the sample at the beginning is from Onslaught.

    Kevin Heidendal

    Wave Ryder it is

  23. Abraham Bangura

    wats the song in the beginning?


    Slaughterhouse - Onslaught

  24. Mituha928

    I'd rather not think about that.

  25. 1LIFEtoWIN

    @theoriginalgompers So very true your right for example Lupe fiasco is a rapper who is signed to alantic records and they dont give him his full creative freedom and make him more radio friendly yea artists should be respected for their skills and not where their signed at. I think shady is a nice home for slaughterhouse imagine if they signed with YMCMB lol

  26. hip2thabone

    Joe budden is so wack, he shouldn't b anywhere near these lyrical spitters!

    Trixi Nour

    u stoopid

    P. Swizzy

    Thats just CRAZY!!!!!

    Ennocent Tebogo

    You hella stupid

  27. theoriginalgompers

    @coltonjuice1 I first heard of them in '10 and I did not know they were possibly gonna be signed to Shady. It is sad if anyone started listening to them only because they are signed to the label of one of the greatest rappers ever in hip hop. They are a great group and deserve recognition for their music, not for who they are signed to. I really look forward to their next album. At least we know they aren't signed to a label that wouldn't allow creative control of their work.