Slaughterhouse - Goodbye Lyrics

[Joe Budden]
I remember it like it just happened
I could of sworn it was a dream
But in reality it hit me like a nightmare
Or at least that’s how it seemed
I just got a grip on our relationship
We was ironing things out, started picking up steam
And when we didn’t need it, when it all got heated
And we both said some things that we probably didn’t mean
God intervened, guess war was at stake
Thought we left nothing over, he put more on the plate
She came home from the doctor with news I been wantin’
Said family was incoming, she pregnant, twins coming
But that’s gotta be a lie
She sighed, couldn’t stop the tears coming from her eyes
That birth control she on, for them it’s suicide
But as long as it’s still inside, 2 of them, one survived
Hard turn from memorable to cynical
Picturing clothes for what would’ve been identical
Similar outfits, similar names
My deceased kid’s ultrasound in a frame
So I’m deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Staring at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear, looking up in the sky
Even though y’all just got here, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
But it’s not the end of the chapter
Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
I’ll see you again in the afterlife

[Crooked I]
My biological sperm donor, didn’t wanna be a daddy
So he hopped in his Caddy and turned corners on us
Turned on us out the clear blue
His last memory of his son is seeing me out his rearview
I still love him yo, but I love his brother mo’
My uncle showed me love no one could know
Young and po’ with a tougher road
To suffer hunger was nothing but Unc’ would hold
us down would help mom lift the motherload
I got chronin, I used to wonder what it would be like
To speak to pops as a grown man
He provided that feeling, told me to take my career into my own hands
He was there when I had no fans
My cellphone rings, and after I answer
A voice says “Your uncle’s been diagnosed with cancer”
Worst news in my life, him and chemo going 12 rounds with a disease
And they both losing the fight
I’m rushing up to see the cyanide
Praying for a miracle, I don’t wanna see my idol die
Before he did, the look in his eyes
Said “Even though you just got here, goodbye”


I’ll see you again in the afterlife
Someday in heaven we will reunite
The flesh disappears but the soul survives
Till next time, my friend, farewell, goodbye

[Joell Ortiz]
I walked in your daughter’s house, knowing that you gone
But still looking out the corner of my eye, hoping you on the couch
That call felt like I was beef, that got shot up
Ironic, I was on tour with Tech N9ne and Slaughterhouse
E tried to talk to me, crystal rubbed my back, as they were pourin’ out
I caught the next thing soarin’ out
Now I’m in the air, in the midwest somewhere
They said turbulence was severe, I don’t know what they talkin’ bout
I ain’t feel a bump, body numb, mind drifting
I’m sniffling, asthma acting up, I’m whistling
My mothers face looked so much different
I’m kissing, my son, my aunt pacing in the kitchen
My vision blurry, still I saw your face clear
What a loss, this time I did more than waste beer
Michelle’s strong, she held on, we got all the way there
Then we walked in, she fell on the floor, this ain’t fair
You was the voice when I considered them thoughts that ain’t clear
Hey granny, I was fifth row at the Grammy’s
An award they ain’t hand me, but I sat behind Will
And right in front of Wayne, and got seen by the family
I miss the early morning convos, believe me
Regis on the TV, and the best baked ziti
But you had an old white affair, grandpa’s all fly
Even though you been got there, goodbye


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Slaughterhouse Goodbye Comments
  1. Patrick Low

    People are not here for anyone but eminem.

    Patrick Low

    people will say. " those other guys are good." But ws all know eminem is the reaon why we are here.

  2. Matt Walker

    This song has so much meaning !!!

  3. Demon Raptor

    Ok that woman does not belong, she's so out of place. They all go so hard just to get cut off by the hook

  4. Masked Badass

    So... Joell Ortiz's has white grandparents? 4:32

  5. Robert Onofrio

    No more BS. Bring em back!!!!

  6. Shepherd Chimera

    Damn gets me every time

  7. NerdKing9826

    This song is fire, but that singer messes it up

  8. Winner BaseMusic

    I wonder what Royce would have rapped

  9. Boss Hog

    I love this song

  10. capobastone777

    Slevin. ain’t that the truth. Oh how music has changed

  11. Patrick King

    Featuring the Emo Pop Death Angel of the 2010's

  12. Adrian dash

    Joe ungrateful ass had the best verse

  13. Bertsbug

    I played this at my wedding

  14. devil614

    Who's the angel?

  15. Anthony Freeman

    "The flesh disappears but the soul survives." Powerful R.I.P. to my grandmother who passed away in August. On her deathbed she was unable to talk. And over the phone I had to say my final goodbye to her. One of the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I didn't know she could understand me or not. But my mother said she nodded her head up and down. Acknowledging that she understood and later on that night she passed away.

  16. A Burrito

    Why Buddens beard so high xD

  17. Oussama Moussa

    Idk how they can utter these words without balling

  18. Rocio Juarez

    Classic and underrated group.

  19. otula21

    I'd remember like it just happened

  20. Vishul Gupta

    Still beautiful..#2019

  21. dave comish

    Just paused this after crooked i and I'm just wondering how the fuck he ain't bigger than he is, the man is an amazing rapper, not feeling joe budden though don't like his flow or his voice although i feel for the man, anyway back to the video.

  22. Danny Malo Amador

    Joe Budden messed this song up... yo Joe stick to podcasting cuz u a weak rapper. For me any song with Joe is a No go...

  23. Hip Hop Fan

    real emcees right here, every verse made you feel that shit, over all strong song.

  24. Rolando Cruz

    Masterpiece 🖼🤦‍♂️💔

  25. BadLuckBurt

    I really wish they would've picked another name for their group. Slaughterhouse is way too gimmicky for real shit like this.

  26. CrazyDeception

    One of the most beautiful songs of all time

  27. Dr. Kira

    Why does Joel Ortiz say that his gramma had it on white affair? What does that mean?

  28. paul berent

    “The flesh disappears but the soul survives”

  29. paul berent

    Crooked I verse got me emotional

  30. Eminem Vevo

    Dope track

  31. joelsolomon42

    Damn I hate on Joe, but no longer

  32. David Smith

    Holy shit! this is a fucking amazing song. I can’t believe 925 people disliked it to this day? They probably listen to that shitty mumble rap.. RIP slaughterhouse this team was epic

  33. No ID

    I’m going through that old songs session

  34. nicholas kulp

    Lol why is there almost 1000 dislikes...there are so many heartless people in this world it sickens me

  35. Ed Braycewski

    Awesome song but thanks to Eminem for ruining slaughterhouse! 😡😡😡😡

  36. NoJustice5 0NoPeace

    I miss when people rapped like this. 💐

  37. dj.neeko

    Idk how you could say that you're BETTER than EM / EMINEM,... like, maybe you could say you're better regarding a certain type of style and/or better maybe at certain things. but, my guy,... most definitely NOT better overall at all at all brotha. seriously, I believe Joe said all of that just to get a buzz via clout / vulture status lol

    EDIT: maybe Joe Budden knows that he isn't better than Slim Shady, especially considering EM has multiple CLASSIC albums and mind you Marshall has been fighting against them shitty ass critics / magazine's / label executives ( art suppression and content control ) and many other media and entertainment platforms at that time Eminem was truly budding and bringing that work into the hip-hop community and history more so than Mr Joe Budden. not saying that Joe isn't good nor contributing to hip-hop because he definitely has, but it might have been a straight up 50/50 half & half .P.R. stunt for clout and to self promote


    like with Eminem and / or ANY mega-super-duper-star, lol just mentioning their names and if those mega-stars RESPOND, then you're going to definitely get free promotion. good or bad or horrible press is all good press. facts.

    EDIT: Just an FYI I am 100% Eminem , D12, Royce The 5'9 , and of course also Joe Budden as well, truly. although I like both, I disagree regarding Joe claims of him being a better Lyricist than EMINEM / Slim Shady ,... facts. he might have been hurt and felt a certain way because of what happened to Slaughterhouse. sigh. dudes really get light thrown your way, you didn't happen to get what you wanted, so you retort via media platforms, mentioning your labels head honcho ( per say lol ) and after All the love shown you, Joe out of self pitty and straight strategically maneuvered his way around the self perpetuated negative press, via clout vulture, jumping on the culture, attacking Eminem even though he blessed you with work son. no wonder no other label wants that shit. any negative shit is wack shit

  38. sosuke kurosaki98

    Bitch look like a fortnite skin lol

  39. 7 mc

    Tisha mnyamwezi welcome Tanzanian Africa hip-hop

  40. Keabetswe Ngoepe

    Slaughterhouse is lit,im still listening to it even now😍😍nd my boyfriend is the one that made me listen to it more often🔥😄I thank him for that😉

  41. Julius Senyo


  42. randomjuz

    The height of Budden's beard line upsets me more than it should...

  43. Gucci B.O.S.S

    Who is the black angel girl ?

  44. Tom Hughes

    Top 3 and not 1 or 2

  45. Ahmed Elkhalifa

    Rip to 2012 fresh prince of bel air’s uncle

  46. Live Life


  47. Bree Hamilton

    920 ppl have no heart


    THIS is rap & I love it....rap these days is just nonsense 😔

  49. Thomas Diaz

    Id like to know who came up with the "even though you just got here...-- goodbye" that line is powerful. "Life is short" is all I hear. I wonder how it came about. We're they all talking and came to an agreement? It'd be great to get them all in an interview in 2019 since they are all doing well.

  50. dancan ongwae

    R.I.P to my uncle (peter) auntie (jane) ,friends Erick & boyi.

  51. ZO VIDS

    Rema ka ngai che. R.I.P

  52. Kuda95 M

    this deserves waaaaay more views

  53. Nido17

    Goodbye Etika..🥺

    Danial Khan

    I never followed etika much, except for maybe a few months before he ended himself, when he got arrested during that livestream actually. Reading this comment sent chills down my spine. I still have his last words video, listen to it whenever i feel shits about to hit the fan. Rip etika, you couldn't get the help you needed but your words live on to help people, or me atleast since no one i know has heard of him

  54. ryza

    I still can’t believe this group didn’t blow up. Maybe ‘too lyrical’ seriously think they could of been on the top five hip hop groups of all time? Thoughts?

  55. The Big Man

    D12 was way better

  56. Houston84z

    they all killed this track... music like this keeps me motivated, real rap over generic any day.

  57. Ms. T K Weir

    How can we be so blocked!!!!!!

  58. Ms. T K Weir

    I love Em. Really is not fair that we are Blocked! The Universe I hope knows what's up and gives us another minute... I really hate this that he doesn't even know who I am...even after all the Fake profiles that have been terminated on Twitter! Portraying to be Eminem! Shiesty Muthafuckas

  59. Robin Benshimol

    Save the Family..💜💜💜💜💜😢😢😢😢😢😢

  60. Bünnî PrïnÇe

    Who here in 2019🙌

  61. Rey F

    My best friend passed a week ago, he was the one who introduced me to slaughterhouse. Met him 8 years ago in high school. This song I play it and think of him a lot. R.i.p

    Robert Robo Olszewski


  62. Micheal Woods

    Help moms with the motherload. That is 🔥

  63. Sakhumzi Nelson

    Joe is only better when he is in the crowd...'

    Ennocent Tebogo

    Sakhumzi Nelson what do you even mean by that?..

    Sakhumzi Nelson

    I mean his music is trash.... He's not creative but around his crue he's better. I don't know if they influence his flow or they write for him. I don't know but I know he's better on features and worce on his individual projects

  64. Donna Martinez

    Crooked my favorite

  65. limptera13

    whats the black angels name? i cant find her name

  66. Random Compilations

    Who else cried

  67. nu range

    When it comes to introspective music, Joe is untouchable!!! NOBODY pours their soul out like joey....

  68. Zero Snaps

    Joe budden don't match the song & mans got a weird beard !!!!

    andile Pingo

    Hater spotted...

    Bibek Chhetri

    @andile Pingo joe budden trash tho

  69. James Coward

    Respects to this track though! I can feel the lyrics. Real shit!

  70. TJ Productions

    just beautiful.

  71. J Jimenez

    This song is so good with such a bad fucking hook.

  72. Patriotic Eagle

    Joe buddens beard hella bad..
    Legit is covering up half of his face

  73. joe lisiecki

    I want em too but I’m surprised no one else complaining for royce

  74. TheVIZIONARY Elu

    and to this very day Slaughterhouse is still a light in Hip-Hop

  75. Ɗσραмєαη єѕcσвαя σтмιc

    Eminem loves these kind of beats man. This is one of those ones that didn't make Recovery featuring Skylar Grey's older sister

  76. Dribble.2kWRLD

    I don't care but the part that always gets me is Crooked I's part. About his uncle. I've been through that shit I lost my uncle 2 years ago when I was still in highschool. I'm 18 and everytime I can't get past Crooked's part. It pains and makes me cry


    Yo same I lost my uncle December 2016, even tho I love the song it pains so much

  77. Gman Mule

    It's Budden to the end...hope he drops something new...hip hop needs him!!!

    andile Pingo

    Budden Goat for real.. real recognises real...

  78. simon mundo

    The last verse is fire 🔥 🔥

  79. VIsubby

    I love this song it relates to almost everything we go through. Bless Up fellas

  80. Brackus2

    hated it, had to thumbs it down, love the group, but definately not this one

  81. Anthony DiGrazio

    This is an all-time great hip-hop song. Four different scenarios. Four different memories. Four stories that are very relatable.

    Real music right here.


    It's 3 scenarios lol

  82. Tinkerbell

    TNX Em for nurturing these talents

  83. Gman Mule

    How was this song not a hit... Somebody answer me that??? Too much hate for Joe Budden, glad to see he's doing his thing

    Arman hhd

    Don't forget eminem made this group and joe budden just made it worst I agree joe budden is good but he shouldn't have taken the bait against em

    Gman Mule

    @Arman hhd no bro I totally agree with you, I just think the whole thing is a shame

    Arman hhd

    @Gman Mule yes slaughterhouse deserved much 😭😭this song makes me cry everytime

    andile Pingo

    @Arman hhd how did Eminem make the group again? Coz it was Joe who started it and Em was a cosign... business didnt go as planned they had to separate...

  84. Shahnawaz The_Knight

    R.I.P Slaughterhouse 2008-2018

  85. Angelo Paul

    #RIPBlayne #RIPDeVize

  86. Logan Kreeger

    The second verse hits me hard because it reminds of my grandpa, the way I remembered was I just got off the bus my mom brought me to the hospital to see him then when we got there we got the bad news he was dead from his fight with the cancer I couldn't take and ever since that day when I was 7 I've been depressed and suicidal but I can't break my promise to him to go to college and live out my life have a child to pass on his inheritance

  87. Bill Wayne

    Good song but the hook seemed too robotic

  88. Saad Muzzammil

    Hate the current Joe, he ruined his career, should've stayed in his own lane. But this song, his verses gives me goosebumps.

  89. Judy Murcia

    Love Joe 🙌🏾

  90. King Mojo

    Now I’m in the air in the Midwest somewhere 😩😩💪🏾💪🏾

  91. John Powell

    Reminising lost loved 1s rip till we meet again 🙏🙏🙏

  92. igor

    the hook and that death angel girl thing in the video during it is just so cringy

  93. Anton Chigurh

    It bothers me the fact that Slaughterhouse does not exist as a group anymore. One of the greatest rap groups that ever existed. Sad.

  94. Clarence Diggs

    Joe Buttons verse made me call her and see if she was ok, we lost our baby two years ago!

  95. Lynson Alleyne

    the angel in black got nice tits lol your welcome i said it when every one think it but was afraid to say something ....good bye ; )

  96. Pius Mapheto

    Joe's Verse hit the hardest

  97. Raskidon hiphop

    walk song gerr out of my ear

  98. WLMPRO

    crooks verse made me cry.

  99. Boe Soze

    Eyes water every time dam lol