Slaughterhouse - Cuckoo Lyrics

[Royce Da 5'9"]
My triggers is stupid, you thugs is funny
My guns be, goin "eh" for the love of money
Dumb, fabulous rhymer give you luger lasagna
Hula hoop, hold ya, I'll put your noodles behind ya
Take your takeaway - show up before you perform
Hit you in the knee with a bat and tell you to break a leg
(Hee-hee) I got the Kris Kross laugh
A very angry future, a pissed-off past
FUCK hip-hop, I target it
I will diss Joe Budden then diss, every legend that started it
I'm, cuckoooooooooo!
I don't need a hook for this one
They say I'm kin to sinnin, yeah, I'm Drama's twin
That's right, I'm Vicodin writin with a Klonopin
I love stanky hoes - I got a thang
for Keyshia Cole momma man that show, should be "The Frankie Show"
I think I need to get some motherfuckin sleep
Every strand of hair on my balls is a bloodsuckin leech
I be 'urlin while you hear - take your index finger
point it at your head and then twirl it 'round your ear
I'm, cuckoooooooooo!
Ha ha, I don't need a hook for this one!

[Joell Ortiz]
Nope! Mr. Yowwa, yup, 'bout to go meat fishin
and catch me a crevice, I'm back on the asscheek mission
Fuck these petite women, I want me a sloppy hoe
that pussy smell like talapio, call me Sloppy Joe
I dig your eyes out, watch me though
This is bullshit! All the coke don't fit, I need a Scottie nose
A can of beef raviolis, {?} a lid
If I don't get it can cop me yo, and they ain't get a vid
I'm what, cuckoooooooooo!
I don't need a hook for this one
The bitches just bitch and the thugs is thuggin
The insects is actin like me, and me I'm buggin
I hang jump from the sidewalk, hop over the Everglades
Tight-rope walk the equator with broken roller blades
See you shruggin our pizza oven, your shoulder blades
And, throw grenades at your nana's bingo parade
Anybody see my anthrax?
I'ma pour it on my hands, crawl to Japan and give my man dap
I'm cuckoooooooooo!
I don't need a hook for this one

[Crooked I]
Just look at the show he did last
Nigga came out in a Dickie suit and a pig mask
Robbed a fan and left his pockets on Slim Fast
Just co-operate and say that he wrote shit for gym class
You gettin smart alecky with the best
'Til I cut you up and make a art gallery with your flesh
Challenge me on the West
I'll put a Dodge Challenger car battery in your chest
The son of David Koresh
I'm, cuckoooooooooo!
Nuh-uh (no) I don't need a hook for this one
Likkle acts with sickle raps emergin
Cursin at church then walkin out back to wax a virgin
Murkin a track, killin every feature like I'm a drunk plastic surgeon
Certainly dirty past detergent
I can get sick as Ozzy
Sick as a faggot fuckin the dead body of Liberace, nigga watch me!
If you cross me, here's how your life story would begin
Once upon a time, THE END!
I don't need a hook for this one

[Joe Budden]
I'ma go fuck bitches, get money, all y'all do to 'em is spoil 'em
No rubber wrappin up in aluminum foil
They tell me I'm buggin, got rappers tappin the oven screamin Jersey
And I'm usin it for stuffin in my turkey
Bumpin Ram Jam - with a prostitute's leg in the air
jerkin me off, now that's what I call a handstand
Body parts in the freezer, what you use for a fever
Multiply four million how I'm feelin for my leisure
I'm a, cuckoooooooooo!
I don't need a hook for this one
I'm weird, I'm into voodoo, you know how dude do
Towel on the bed, fuck while she +Bloody+ and call it Su-Wu
Millionaires sayin lend me a thou' or the semi is out
Dump in the bed from sittin Indian style
Check it, I'm on fire tryin to make the devil proud of me
Sleepin in gasoline case a nigga got it out for me
Hang my baby mother off a 30-foot balcony
Then look over the body like "Bitch, shouldn'ta doubted me"
I'm, cuckoooooooooo!
I don't need a hook for this one [echoes]

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Slaughterhouse Cuckoo Comments
  1. zuar bonito

    This beat haunts me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. EZG EZG

    Richards Pub CDC Polish Boy Wozzy G Burkevitch dec 20th 2018

  3. G P

    I'm on fire trying to make the devil proud of me/ Sleeping with gasoline in case somebody got it out for me/ Hang my babymother off a 30 foot balcony/ Look over the body like bitch shouldn't have doubted me!!! Im cukoooooo!!! #barz

  4. Bernard Czajkowski

    Joe is so underrated.

  5. Dennis Hazel

    🔥 🔥 🔥 uhhmmmm.

  6. Explore_Visulaize

    Thumping In Bed For Sitting Indian Style lmao Joe.

  7. Th3 Matrix

    1. Joe Budden
    2. Joell Ortiz
    3. Crooked I
    4. Royce Da 5'9
    level of madness

    Victor Morales

    Th3 Matrix word


    Th3 Matrix Exactly.

    When Never

    1. Crooked I
    2. Joe Budden
    3. Royce da 5'9
    4. Joell Ortiz
    more like, this is just one song.

    Shinobi Bryant Press Start

    That list is exactly reverse

  8. lebaron McLean

    grown man bars right there! no hook damn that's gangsta

  9. Mir Redd

    One of Slaughterhouse best songs

  10. buddha smoke

    "if you cross me, heres how your life story will begin, 'once upon a time, THE END!'" LOL

  11. ViceAxL

    Hang my baby momma off a 30 foot balcony and look down at the body like bitch shouldnt doubted me Lol Crazyy


    SLAUGHTERHOUSE everyone served the meal greatly and sublimely

  13. manue3l1976

    This fucken beat is sick Holmes.

  14. Tali Moskowitz

    slaughterhouse is the best rap super group ever i fucking love them realist shit in the game

  15. jondoe1980

    Beat, lyrics, cuckoo as fuck. I miss that creative shit in todays music (not just hip-hop)! Thats why I fucks with Slaughterhouse.




    No, that's Joell Ortiz

  18. Issac Bluecoat

    real shit cant be fucked with not radio friendly suckers to the side just learn

  19. mylesdu

    excellent reply. point proven HAHAHahaha

  20. I Do Monologues

    Look at yourself.

  21. mylesdu

    make sense next time kid hahaha

  22. I Do Monologues

    wow you must be young or dumb

  23. mylesdu

    i see i touched ur emotions. sorry kid BAHAHAHAHahahahahaha

  24. Ray Espinoza

    Fuck you trendy bitches

  25. Ray Espinoza

    Your full of SHHHHHHHHIT

  26. Shroud

    Apparently you dont understand the meaning of the word metaphore, wtf are you doing on a SH track, go listen to waka flocka simple minded bitch.

  27. Shroud

    shut up crackhead

  28. Shroud


  29. Mazza Scazza

    song pumps me up to go to an abattoir and slaughter some pigs

  30. ThePurplehayze1

    anyone see my anthrax?

  31. Mace Windex


  32. Milton Dorsey

    Shit crazy ... i did a remix ... check my page

  33. H¥pΣr N¤vα

    wow.....i cant say any word in the human dictionary to describe the awesome epicness of this song

  34. Micael Andrade

    man you suck at english

  35. TheRulersBack

    ppl who talk about record sells no nothing about his reasoning shaggy,nelly and soulja boy are legends because they are multi platinum artists!!!

  36. eminemisthebestrocks


  37. Sonny D. Farias

    Dope as fuck

  38. mylesdu

    @toomanyusernamestook did u say being on datpiff makes em RELEVANT?? Hahahaha sorry, Mobb Deep was just on Mtv last week and toured the Rock the Bells concert with fellow LEGENDS Raekwon and Ghostface. u know Raekwon dont u?? it was his boy that rocked ur hero in his face on af FAIR ONE!! Hahahaha yo, Joey ran to the freezer to grab an icepack then the computer to BLOG his apoligy!! BAHahahahahahahahahahaha please dont reply with ur OPINIONS anymore. u got DEMOLISHED! lol

  39. mylesdu

    @toomanyusernamestook better rappers? BAhahahahahahahaha Mobb Deep are LEGENDS!!! this "supergroup" barely moved 40,000 units of this horrible album! DAMN!!!! hahahahahahahahaha Im into LEGENDS! U should aim higher and stop supporting proven FLUNKIES!! hahahahahahaha GOOD MOVE!

    Cedrick Cooper

    i see u like sucker shit

  40. MyNamesCody

    Hate Khaled but this beat is illlllllll

  41. doggies2win

    DJ Khalil

  42. JayDaProphet YT

    you know what it is.

  43. Teflon General

    ..arguably the most elite collection of emcees ever assembled..[my opinion]..

  44. Joel Perez

    Can yall just accept that everyone in da group is nasty n stop wit dis one dude being betta dan da other dude crap...slaughterhouse hip hops best rite here

  45. indagame9

    once upon a time....THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Grim Music Official

    hang my baby mother off a 30ft. balcony
    nd look over the body lik bitch shouldn't hav doubted me

    ill line by my nigga budden

  47. Neutral President

    1. Joe Budden and Joel Ortiz
    2. Royce
    3. Crook

  48. hector lopez

    wtf this shyt is crazy listen to the beat i just wanna go insane

  49. William Abdelnour

    dude, ortiz is one of my favourites but im telling you crooked is better. like maybe RIGHT NOW ortiz is better. but everything together, crooked is crazy. whoever you think is best thuogh, all of them are insane and best lyrical group and some of them best individually as well

  50. DColon614

    the beat is crazy

  51. Jaime Macias

    Who is there that's worth dissing?

  52. GeometryInStatic

    Joell went IN on this one!!!

  53. Semaj Riddick

    Just edited the description box

  54. LaCapital809



  55. FlaxTV

    goddamnit I wish ortiz wasn't a giant pussy and Royce wasn't so worried about his image. I feel like Crooked and Joe are the only ones who really have no reservation about shitting on anyone in this entire group