Slaughter - Yesterday's Gone Lyrics

Jesse works till midnight in nowhere USA
Pumping gas checking oil on a lonely interstate
Walking down the highway, he looks up to the sky
And he asks Dear Lord how will I make it by?
You know he didn't have a nickel to his name
Although he had a one way ticket just the same
Yes, you know it's true, it's time to
leave those things behind you.
Treat everyday like Yesterday's Gone
Treat everyday like Yesterday's Gone
Ah move along, Yesterday's Gone
Yesterday is Gone, gone, gone, baby
it's far gone
With a bag thrown over his shoulder
Jesse had to hitch a ride
All his friends said he's crazy, you'll
never get to the other side
With a hope and a dream and a
promise, that's really all he had
But he don't care
Ain't nothing gonna turn out that bad
You know he didn't have a nickel to his name
Although he had a one way ticket just the same
Yes you know it's true, it's time to
leave those things behind you
[Repeat Chorus]
Yea ain't that right boys - C'mon hit it
Many times I've wondered where Jesse is today
Is he on top of the world or knockin' at heaven's gate
The one thing I remember as I look up to the sky
Was the look on his face as he waved goodbye
He said Yesterday's Gone
Yesterday's Gone...

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Slaughter Yesterday's Gone Comments
  1. Darwin Soft

    This song when I lost three of my brothers all st once due to a car accident on October 31st of 2004 I still grieve for my brothers been 14 years now 15 yrs this coming October of 2019 yrs I miss my three brothers

  2. Rolls Royces

    I love that scream voice damn! 4:20 4:35
    and started the part 3:53

  3. Tina Keel

    Great song!

  4. Ninja Milbrecht


  5. Ninja Milbrecht


  6. oliveros 1

    This Band is very underrated,I love many songs from this band.

  7. Nustam Nur

    Lyrics, plizz!! :-)

  8. Amber Stacy

    love this song so pretty especially the words

  9. Chizack Dee

    This song inspired me to name my first son "Jesse" in the 90's. I had forgotten this song completely. Jesse died in 2009 from leukemia. I haven't thought of my son in some time. This song came on completely by accident. I cried. Thank you for the ever lasting memories Mark Slaughter. This song will forever mean the world to me.

  10. Jade Bryan

    These guys really need to stop touring the old stuff and get a new album out there

    Donna Taylor

    slaughter is one of the best hair band and there music is the best saw them again last night and they still rock.

    Frankie James

    They need NEW MUSIC ITS 2018

    Hairmetalmusic Rose

    that would be awesome

    Tina Keel

    Mark Slaughter has released 2 solo albums. They rock. The rest of the band tours with Vince Neil. Mark and Vince share a band. It would be awesome to see /hear a new Slaughter release.

  11. charliedontsurf70

    marks later stuff is so great,i love the melodys.

    Shauna Turner

    charliedontsurf70 I agree but I love all his stuff in general

  12. bayu subali

    if you know the chord of the guitar, tel me please

  13. LASERMAX73

    You know he didn't have a nickel to his name 
    Although he had a one way ticket just the same 
    Yes, you know it's true, it's time to 
    leave those things behind you,
    Yehaa con un boleto de ida pero no de regreso¡¡¡.

  14. Sharon Lance

    Makes me think of Tim.

  15. Gage

    While you'll be glad to know, I'm 14, I'm a 90's kid, and i LOVE 80's rock. You can thank my dad for that, he brought me up listening to this stuff, and im damn proud of it, i love him so much fro that, if he hadnt i wouldve been just another brainwashed fool, listening to...well the shit u just described haha. Theres not very many of us, but trust me, there are still kids with some sense in music out there, just gotta look hard enough :)

    Keith Floyd Jr

    Gage Good for ur Dad..AND U! I did the same for my boys..and they appreciate good music because they gave these bands a chance..KEEP ROCKIN GAGE

  16. Nikki Stixx

    Man, my parents raised a pretty cool kid.. (me) i couldn't live a day without listening to hair metal bands.. Slaughter is a fantastic band. <3


    happy birthday marl allen slaughter

  18. Mitch Loehr

    this is such a kick ass song the 80' ruled


    Mitch Loehr '95. Lol

  19. sivazh

    Awesome song, Slaughter had a different vibe from most of the 80's hard rock bands, but it rules.


    i am waiting to see if slaughter makes there way back to mass i have been a fan for many years
    and they still kick ass.

  21. TashyPwns

    i love slaughter lol :)

  22. zmbdog

    I've never seen that cover art before. Is it a re-release?


    the original cover

  23. s long

    @yanickdol i might be going to see them again in august! lol so excited once again, I also have 2 VIP radio tickets to see bach perform live on the radio and 2 tickets to see him play later that night in allentown pa! lol this has been a good year so far for me

  24. s long

    @cumbygirl2 that makes two of us, just saw them live friday night they were awesome!


    slaughter is the best band around i have all of there cd.

  26. ozone1414

    Probably my favorite song on the Fear No Evil album.

  27. reckozahm

    i miss this song.. wah!! i used to listen to this when i was in my grade school

  28. zmbdog

    Fear No Evil is Slaughter's best album :)

    Donna Taylor

    there all good