Slaughter - Tongue N' Groove Lyrics

You came to me in twilight
Ya burning right to the core
Baby won't ya turn me on
Let's take a ride across the floor
Here I am addicted like an animal in heat
All I really wanna do is put my tongue in your groove
Come on baby let me let me
Put my tongue in your groove
Well can you feel it lover
Now you got me locked up in vice
Let me tell ya brother
She took me all the way to paradise

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Slaughter Tongue N' Groove Comments
  1. Dave Carter

    Oh it's naughty? How say

  2. GinWoodard

    Loving this naughty song still!!

  3. GinWoodard

    Still a naughty song! lol

  4. GinWoodard

    Naughty naughty sexy song!!

  5. veikko453

    That´s right!!

  6. Julie Schultz

    How cool is that? Tell me more. I love Mark--he's a sweet guy. I first met them not all that long ago at a small club show when Mark & the boys were on Poison's "Crackasmile" tour. Blas & I had set a date to have dinner that night, but he apparently had food poisoning and had to cancel our date. so I spent plenty of time becoming friends with the tour manager and staff and they let us hang out with them after their set in Atlanta. Blas was nice, but Mark was especially sweet.

  7. Julie Schultz


  8. Julie Schultz

    Is this a filthy song or what? ~LOL~ I love it. This song sounds SO much better in the car, though. It's got some really cool tambourine parts that you can't hear here. My second favorite song from this CD is "I'm Gone," which has my beautiful Blas banging out some of the most awesome drumming I've ever heard.

  9. Carolyn Ann

    This is SO good!