Slaughter - Searchin' Lyrics

NY city bout a quater ta 5
She gets up and she leaves the room
She hits the subway and she risks her life
And dresses up in cheap perfume
Ah whatever is good for ya baby
Cuz family didn't treat you right
Ah whatever is good for ya baby
That's all I want, as you're walkin oh so right
So many other sweet delights
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin through the night
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin with all your
might for Mr. Right
Hey now lady when ya gonna learn
You said ya need to go and find yourself
Played with fire, but now ya got burned
Your broken hearts still on the shelf
Ah whatever is good for ya baby
Cuz family don't treat you right
Ah whatever is good for ya baby
That's all I want, as you're walkin oh so right
So many others sweet delights
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin through the night
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin with all your
might for Mr. Right
Baby you'll be Searchin, yeah
Baby you'll be Searchin, Searchin
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin, through the night
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin through the night
Cuz baby you'll be Searchin,
Searchin, Searchin with all your
might for Mr. Right

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Slaughter Searchin' Comments
  1. thepatester

    I like the different vocal style Mark used on this song. Excellent tune! Wish they would play it live!

  2. Rhoie Eichstadt

    killer song loved this album

  3. colemann76

    Why wasn’t this a hit?

  4. Angelo Mario Neves

    best cd from Slaughter

  5. Tony Correnti

    I remember buying this album the day it was released!

  6. James Hail

    LOVE this song ...... fkn RocKs

  7. RustyG57

    His vocals should have been like this for a lotta songs. Great band regardless. 👏

  8. 김백규

    I'm favorite song of slaughter album


    But very rare album fear no evil

  9. Shauna Turner

    I'm with ya sister

  10. Christopher Ybarra

    excellent boyeee...Marks alot

  11. Alex Minns

    For some reason the drums in this version of the song sound more punchy than the ones on the album and any other version of this song on youtube, is anyone able to explain this?

  12. Chan Leam

    I love the feel and sound of this song, super sexy, your voice sounds so sexy. Plus you're sexy Mark Slaughter. Love you! 😍 😍 💖 💞 😘 💋 💋 🌹

    Pat Haden

    Mark is the man ! Seeing him tonight in Santa Rosa! I wonder if he will jam this song !

  13. Michael Crusader

    Class,super composer,sing,play!!!!!!

  14. Rodrigo Navarrete

    El mejor disco de Slaughter

  15. GinWoodard

    Blas baby lookin' fine!!!

  16. soozkatt

    BAD ASS SONG!! Gorgeous Mark and the Boys are so fucking talented!! I still crank it up on my radio when I'm cruising in my BMW! We need to bring back the Big Arena Concerts and start supporting Slaughter and all the amazing bands that still kick Ass!! Anybody with me?

    Si Cotic

    I bet you wrote this just to brag about your BMW


    @Si Cotic

    Nope, not at all. Would it matter or make a difference if I said I was driving in a Pacer? It's all about the music and how it makes me feel especially when I'm driving!! It doesn't hurt that I'm a successful Real Estate Agent in So I'm bragging.

    Elijah Hirn

    +soozkatt that would be hella badass, and hey, that's style at its finest man! kick it how you want because this song deserves that kind of attention!


    +Elijah Hirn Thanks! Go to their Concerts...I saw them last month 12/18/15 @ Morongo Casino/Cabazon (So Cal) and they played their hearts out! Rock-On my friend \m/ \m/!!

    Shauna Turner

    soozkatt guck ya I am with you there

  17. Praxedis Guzman

    Awesome Video.

  18. Jorge luna

    magnificent track love it from star to the end I recall when this master piece Came out in the early 90's wow! \m/

  19. Steve Sixx

    Check out my cover of Slaughter - Days Gone By

  20. Sharyn Graham

    This song AND video kick ass!!

  21. dagoelius

    Lack luster song. Slaughter lost it for me after Wild Life, which only had maybe 4 good songs on it.. compare this with say 'Thats Not Enough' or Gave me your Heart' and this just lacks something.There last two albums were terrible. Tim's input is sorely missed.

  22. hellomcflyy

    even Rush had a halfway passible grungish song at the time (Stick It Out) -

  23. hellomcflyy

    wow - way out of step for 1994 - they had only been a band for a couple of years when grunge hit - you think - only having one album out by then (91 or so) - they could have updated things a little bit - a lot easier than say - Poison - who had been really typecast as a hair metal band for several years at that point - I was amazed that - en masse - most of those bands didn't even try to translate their sound - or at least a chunkier mix..

    TheLaneSplitter MC

    they stuck to what they were good at. I respect them for doing so as many band caved in to the take over of grunge.

  24. ladihawk101163

    Love n Live for wut ever band, music, wut ever u love, jus love the music.......I happen to love Rock n Roll, long hair, and awsome tunes...I listen to everything from steppenwolf to justin B.(lol) but the 80's will always have my heart... Rock on... Peace~~~

    TheLaneSplitter MC

    ladihawk101163 this was from 1994

  25. hairmetallistener


  26. Jamie Burke

    i dont agree with the hair bands genre cause every hard rock band in the 70's had it should be labeled as mtv image bands...cause they were always judged by there apperance and not by talent

  27. johnnyjohnson

    Fear No Evil was the best CD by Slaughter in my opinion. It's really too bad it didn't get more publicity since it was released at a time when grunge was so popular.

  28. ThePeachykehn

    Thank f*$%ing Christ for the '80s

    TheLaneSplitter MC

    This was 1994

  29. Dante Cyr

    Damn, that surgery did a number on Mark's voice =/

  30. Tarena Klutts-Wong

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Slaughter

  31. ironpriest656

    slaughter kinda reminds me of the band damn yankees

  32. LORDGOAT1976

    Eh Tim was ok, nothing great, Vinnie Vincent now, well lol he Ruled.

  33. CRC 46

    My favorite Slaughter song!!!!!!

  34. csmpeoil

    This is an odd observation, but I wonder if Kelly Clarkson ever listened to Slaughter. I can totally hear her covering this tune. Vocal styles are similar.

  35. batmanjwo

    One of the best CDs released in the 90s! When grunge took over, some of the best "hair metal" flew under the radar. If you have this cd, count yourself blessed. If you don't, GET IT!

  36. skynyrdfan56

    Good Slaughter...... rocking to the bone .....

  37. gravebull

    what year was this album

    Rhoie Eichstadt

    gravebull bought this in 95

  38. Diego

    any clue where i can get the lyrics?

  39. 666ROCKER666

    Slaughter Rules!!!!

  40. Matt Gemignani

    I always wondered why Mark Slaughter always seemed to sound a lot like Axel rose, but than he changed is vocal style for this song....... sounds like Foreigner

  41. lesbartle

    My was Tim something else

  42. lesbartle

    My Tim RIP awesome person and musician

  43. 01po01po

    I seen slaughter in concert back in 89", with kiss hot in the shade tour. 2nd row. got alot of good pictures. still cant believe tims gone. It was a total shock. Still love slaughter. Wish all the best to the guys and tims family....


    the year we lost tim was 1998


    i have been fan of slaughter for a long time..i love all of there songs they rock. i meet mark,dana,blas,tim....just to let everyone now they are all very nice.then one night in febuary we lost tim kelly i cryed for days when i found out he die i still miss him......

  46. greekshark

    This guitar riff ROCKS!!! R.I.P TIM KELLY!!! I LOVE THIS SONG


    i have been a slaughter fan from 1990 till now and i love this band there so awesome.i have meet them and they are the nices men....

  48. zmbdog

    He purposely sang in a lower register for this one song. The rest of the album he sang like he usually does.

  49. Patrick Lagreca

    God I love that song.

  50. batmanjwo

    This is the best that he ever sounded. I remember finding Fear No Evil in the "cheap bin." It was a blessing. I was living in Canada and all CMC International titles were $25+. (Hard on my limited college funds.) I love this CD. I thought it was their best music and he had never sounded better. Then they released revolution and I was extremely disappointed.

  51. Christopher Blake

    aww man..................grew up with so much good stuff...................hey i could be upset but I got to be there and grow up with it so I am ghlad that none of this stuff is popular anymore or we would be sick of it.............this way it because our little gems of another time.........special and unique to those that were there...........PEACE!!!!!!!!

  52. JoDurden

    Sooooo fuckin' groovy!!!!!!!

  53. lobmo

    He was forced to sing different due to vocal nodes. He is suffering from them worse than ever now.... he only has one octave right now, poor guy!

  54. lobmo

    Its because he had a nodule on his vocal chords that had to be surgically removed during the making of this album.

  55. religionrock


  56. PrettyPiZZAface

    I don't recognize Mark's voice here. But is still like it. Good song.

  57. Craig Willis

    if u say so!

  58. ZzDe0

    AIC are a grunge band and there fucken awesome!

  59. Craig Willis

    Grunge and crap rap took over man. there's no talent @ all any more. its all program music. i said wut i said dont like it leave my country. im 100 % American made.

  60. Max Hardcore

    Is this Ann Coulter in this Video ?

  61. Joe hernandez

    still rocks today. bad ass song

  62. charlie wyatt

    miss Tim

  63. Raymond Johnson


  64. Santiago Safer

    that's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice n bluesy

  65. Marc B. *

    Hey babe you been searching, Kick ass tune, remember the snake on the cover, Mark's voice is somehow annoying on other tracks, thanx for that one .

  66. crisscat2006

    grandioso video nunca lo habia visto, yo pense que despues de wild life no habian rodado ninguno mas. Gracias

  67. Yan Ervian

    awsome maaan... bring me some memory!

  68. James Gerdes

    was this tims last video ?

  69. Christopher Brown

    happy birthday america..
    happy birthday Mark!!!
    Rock on!!!

  70. Julia Mercer

    OK, I am now officially going thru Slaughter withdrawals!


  71. goodbuddysal

    soundding good Marky

  72. Julia Mercer

    LOVE IT!

  73. NashVolTN

    Dayum, I love that! That has to be one of the hawtest videos I've ever seen!

  74. thephoenixhasrisen

    I saw Slaughter in concert twice. I even got to meet them. It was cool.

  75. manzi71

    A cool video.