Slaughter - Perfect World Lyrics

You know my life has been through some changes
Seems some people don't want to hear my point of view
Lots of others, lots of others think that we got lucky
But you know brother, we all have to pay our dues
But the world's got problems and that's a fact
Let's open up our eyes
That's what matters, let's cut the slack
And let's all realize
If we all could stand together
And we all could live as one
If we stop all this fighting and set all our sights on love
It'll be a perfect world
From L.A. to New York City
There's a day in day out routine of what you've got to do
Please allow me to make a suggestion
Do whatever, whatever, whatever you've got to do
To make it through

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Slaughter Perfect World Comments
  1. Mike Davenport

    U have no idea what hell I've gone through I'm not interested any more

  2. Ege Konuk

    i love this song does anybody have guiar tabs for it?

  3. Mr Crowley


  4. TheRealAmyRoseCream

    love this song! they put it on the album Revolution and then on the 2003 remastered version of The Wild Life. Both great albums! :) thanks for posting! 

  5. Whitney Woodruff

    Must be an unfinished demo.

  6. avingaline emrick

    This song hit the nail on the head.Great song!!!