Slaughter - American Pie Lyrics

Sugar, sugar, honey baby, rock 'n' roll child
With your lizard leather boots on you're acting real wild
I'm a silver tongued poet and I've got to say
That you're lookin' really groovy and I like it that way
Got 3-D vision, live in cyberspace
Oh what a rush, oh what a place, oh yeah
Peace, love, flower power
Say what you will
Everybody wants a piece of american pie
Jesus says he loves you and that's outta sight
Now you say it's rainin' but the sun is so bright
You're so cosmic, got naked on the moon
And you're lost in Lucy's garden
But you're still in the room

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Slaughter American Pie Comments
  1. Allan

    sounds like a cheap copy of "20th century boy" (T REX)

  2. romeokid69

    Makes me sad that to this very day, no one can pick out the 2 obvious influences in this song

  3. Raúl Mayor

    slaughter trying to sound like love and rockets?

  4. Matrix Master

    Little Beaver:

  5. Heather Schaffer

    Seen these guys when they came to Regina. they ROCKED!

  6. michael grimes

    Cool song but far undervalued as opposed to those on stick it to ya or the wild life