Slaine - Some Other Shit Lyrics

I'm on some other shit

Psychoanalysis, ratches stack with paralysis
Spit on the model bitch, while she eatin' a salad
I'm beefin' and battlin' with my inner demons that's rattlin' around my brain
My shiny chain is Italian
I been a loser, my bitch look like Medusa
I'm in a Hummer, rollin' over ya Mini Cooper
Catch me on Instagram, smoking like sixty grams
Kiss the hand of the don, motherfucking rap God
Call me a sicko, I chop up your fucking pit bull
Mad as a man that's capable, used to rollin' a [?]
But now he grip on his pistol
Cause now he mad is so sick that he want to blow out his brain cause he used to chew on them nipples
What kind of bitch hide drugs in the pussy hole?
My kind of bitch, that's love, I was miserable
Before I met her in class she wrote me letters
Confessed about her sexual fetish and how wet she'd get
Amongst some other shit, humans better beware
Chilling on my beach chair, new with six freaks there [?]

I'm on some other shit

Okay, okay I don't know what the world is coming to
But now you got a sick fuck who's standing right in front of you
Everything he spits up is vile like the stomach flu
This must be a mix-up, it's a wild, he got a gun or two
I guess you take the bad with the good
A sixty inch screen in your pad in the hood
See you can have the O's in your check
And be froze on your neck, but you could still get stabbed where you stood
Motherfucker I'm like three steps ahead of you
Plans and little blueprints, in truth you're just a goof
Nothing more than a nuisance, poof and disappear
It's just the way that I do things, come back and kick the door in
Hit the one with the loose hinge
It's two things that I'm provin'
One is that I'm moving high [?] my persona, a piranha under water
Another I've been stuck in since I'm sucking on my mother's tit
Always find my way cause I'm staying on that other shit

I'm on some other shit

Yo, I'm not a fucking role model, I'm a bad example
A gloomy goonie in the loony bin with padded shackles
Lock me in rubber room cause I'm the maddest, whack 'em
Blood splattered on the wall like it was spattered spackle
From Mad Hatter to torn tatter an ornery
Quick to fuck a foreigner in her face cause I'm a horny beast!
Schizophrenic, dark delusional and paranoid
Touring with these maniacs, cruising through your territory
Last year, I was in a stupor, couldn't see the future
Had to kill the man I was becoming like the movie Looper
Lyrically a bully so I got these rapper fully sulking
And every night I sit at home alone like I'm Macaulay Culkin
Little hulk is fly like I'm a falcon with the Vulcan grip
You don't like my lyrics you can suck a fucking donkey dick
Love being a honkey shit, Rocky VI and hockey sticks
Milk and cookies filled with chocolate chips
I'm flying rocket ships

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  1. David Kovář

    So good song and so little views..

  2. mike leger

    My workout jam

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  4. John the crazy guy

    straight fire

  5. Dj.Knowzbest 5150