Slaine - Anti-Hero Lyrics

Bun B (Bun B)
Motherfuckin' Slaine
Duffle bag

Uh, All I need is a hundred thousand of my dollars
And to launder that shit through somebody with a white collar
Nightcrawler, ice robber, mic sparker
Steal money from my hoes, give it to my baby mama
You be on the ground, no lights, switch the pick up
I be thinkin' let's go to war and hit the pigs up
I still hustle, build muscle, Bill Russell
Rap hero, stack zeros, mad euros
What if we opened business instead of provokin' witnesses
And realize the positive future for us was limitless
Instead we in the club with a devilish smirk
And we talk about God but we never in church
Motherfuckers is ready to go to Hell for a purse
That put a shell in ya earth, the way it's gettin' is worse
And these streets squeeze you, enemies dyin' to seize you
It seem like everybody I know is livin' illegal

[Bun B:]
Like Jamal and Malik did (did)
But we ain't fallin' for fuckery or the weak shit (shit)
I keep the heat with, me, myself, and I
Go ahead and pump your pussy-self up to die
That's when doves will cry
Cause you'll do the gangster lean, I'll do the gangster boogie
You could never be a gangster to me
You a wangster truly, plus you dealin' in a fool trade
If I cut you, I bet your ass will bleed Kool-Aid
What flavor? Tap water, 'cause you got none
Sit on this Winchester, now you ridin' shotgun
And I'mma wipe you off the scene right now
I'm with Term with SC, we in The Bean right now
Motherfuckers askin' how the
Hell we keep coppin' and choppin' up that powder
Whiter than clam chowder
Preem got the beat on fire like Niki Lauda
For-real emcee and Hip-Hop couldn't be prouder

[Scratching - DJ Premier:]
When I come around... you fake players need to duck
(Anti) Hero
(For the) For the dough I keep grindin'
(Anti) Hero

When I come around... you fake players need to duck
(Anti) Hero
(For the) For the dough I keep grindin'
(Anti) Hero

Through the madness, mall drugstore, cowboy, The Matador
Kill the bullshit just for sport with a bat and ball
Can't die, be a anti-hero, the tragic flaw
That I stand by, is these drugs I'm a addict for
Semi-automatic 4's 'fore I ever had a cause
Wars, I a addict, force my erratic course off in my catalog
I would scatter scrawl raps on the pages, trapped by the padded walls
Cracks in the basement, dawg I been that involved
Pull me out the rubble and the ashes when the attic falls
Before I learned how to walk, first I had to crawl
Forced down to crawl and I was bleedin' like a battered dog
Back against the wall, my gaze is full o' rage
My ways are unpredictable like when a bullet strays
Divide my math, you can't by zero
Can't buy time, you're left with the anti-hero

Yo, worship a drug lord go praise a dealer
Fake it till ya make it screamin' 'bout who's realer
Cap peeler, fate sealer, faith healer
Fuck a bitch, fuck a snitch, fuck a squealer
Truck jewels with the old school Fila's
Fuck the rules and everyone that don't feel us
They envy us, I'm serious
The wrong friends behind you is dangerous
Watch who you trust, keep your circle small
Keep your enemies close and ya hand on the toast
Keep ya back to the wall and ya eyes wide open
Stay woken like Dre stay smokin'
Ain't no jokin', mind who you's provokin'
Watch what you sayin' or wind up broken
My language is nasty, my grammar's poor
But I'll smack you with a hammer like my name was Thor

[Scratching - DJ Premier:]
When I come around... you fake players need to duck
(Anti) Hero
(For the) For the dough I keep grindin'
(Anti) Hero

When I come around... you fake players need to duck
(Anti) Hero
(For the) For the dough I keep grindin'
(Anti) Hero

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Slaine Anti-Hero Comments
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    Matt K

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    im fuckin with this, I knew bun b was nice but never heard him on a underground track, everlast was dope to!

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