Slade - Till Deaf Do Us Part Lyrics

Coming over to bend your ear -
Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part
Are you hearing it loud and clear -
Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part

Keep a rockin' your times are tough -
Let me know when you've had enough
Hanging from the ceiling -
The balconies are starting to shake

Coming over to slaughter you - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part
Do you want us to torture you - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part

Are you feeling the frequency - All the speed and the energy
Riding on their shoulders - The heavy boys are taking the strain
We'll turn it up
If you just specify
Reach for the power - If you want it we'll supply

Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part

Looking forward to tighten out - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part
Are you feeling the force and clout - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part
When you're aching and cracking up - Let me know when you've had enough
Hanging from the ceiling, The balconies are shaking, There's a hurricane a-comin'
And the window panes are starting to break
Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part - Till deaf do us part

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Slade Till Deaf Do Us Part Comments

    The riff of this song is a robbery or plagiarism of the group WHITESNAKE: " SWEET TALKER" 1980,SLADE recorded this song in 1982

  2. Stefans Werdercorner

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark Richards


  4. wendel TSZESNIOSKI

    som de boa qualidade

  5. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!!

  6. larry Kringen

    Never heard this before. This is true Rock and Roll. Rock on

  7. David Oakley

    Best band ever.

  8. Xavier Xavier

    Caralho, ouvi essa musica quando eu tinha 14 anos, há 30 anos atrás! Fiquei louco e me apaixonei pelo rock.
    Não sabia o nome dela e procurei várias vezes na internet, sem encontrar. Finalmente achei essa pérola!

    Gonçalor Junior

    Compre este cd ele é inteirinho sensacional e conheça a obra dessa banda. Vc vai ficar maravilhado. Eu conheci Slade com 15 anos e hoje tenho 50. Tenho todos os discos, agora cds deles.


    Slade é foda

    Gonçalor Junior

    Xavier. Digite SLADE no youtube e vai encontrar muita coisa deles. Baixei um monte em mp.3. Vale a pena.

  9. Flavia Vassallo


  10. Powerage

    Whole Lotta Rosie riffs!!!!!!!

  11. Теле2 Настройка

    Вот это сила. Просто хуем стать можно! (охуеть проще говоря)......

  12. Jota Efe

    Hallelujah, Rock and Roll

  13. Treviscoe

    Am I the only person who thinks this is ten times better than most of the stuff they were famous for? I like their early stuff before they became famous, and some of their ballads like "How Does It Feel?" too.


    Right. The best Slade jams are 'Rn'R Preacher' and 'We'll Bring the House Down'.

  14. paul wit

    Whitesnake cover

  15. Agostino Vaccarini


  16. Adoniro Raimundo Silva

    Eu queria saber o que o vocalista fala, no início da musica.


    Vamos saldar o Rock 🎸 Roll é va nossa religião

  17. Adoniro Raimundo Silva

    Foda... muito foda!

  18. Lesther Gandhy Osti Buchmann

    Gostaria muito se viessem à Curitiba

    Gonçalor Junior

    A banda acabaou em 1992

  19. ricomar Cieslak

    muito loko

  20. DV DODDS

    I heard a story that AC/DC had also approached Dan McCafferty of Nazareth about filling the void left behind by Bon Scott.... McCafferty declined the offer.

  21. otto Kwitschal

    Só Nata Só Rock Rock paz e amor Bicho

  22. NPC379111729

    I usually love Slade, but this song is just a blatant rip off of four better songs.

    Whitesnake - Sweet Talker
    AC/DC - Let There be Rock
    Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll
    Deep Purple's - Highway Star

    Elements of all, not too subtly lifted either.

    Admirał Hax

    NPC379111729 Wait... How?

  23. kabeauregardajax

    Oh yeah an', Jimmy Lea fuckin' great bass.

  24. kabeauregardajax

    We seen this tour at the Edinburgh Odeon. Bouncers had to work that night. Place was ripped up. Kicked out twice and second time when we got back in, Spider had nicked our seats. So back down the front again dodging that fucking bouncer that was after us lol. We must have aimed at least twenty seat - backs at that fucker. Going home was wild too. So much trouble. Fuckin' great.

  25. Jump na zoeira

    Esse é puro slade in rock!!! aleluia!

  26. jmedia1

    Slade FOREVER!

  27. Alfred F. Jones


  28. Fernando Breda

    Eu levava este disco para todo lugar. Quase derreteu de tanto ficar no carro ao sol....kkkkk
    Até que compramos uma fita cassete pra usar no toca-fitas Tojo que eu tinha no de bola!!


    que puta sonzera ...

  30. Muttley Von Erich

    Im trying to remember the AC DC song that uses a similar riff to this

    Leandro Gonçalves

    Rocker, Riff Raff, Let There Be Rock... There are so many like my friend! ;)

    jamie wesson


    Muttley Von Erich

    It might have actually been Whitesnake's Sweet Talker I was thinking of...

    *hangs head in shame*

    Stephen Lonsdale

    Riff raff


    comprei esse disco quando fui na loja Bilboard em Copacabana/RJ , eu queria um disco de rock , pois sou fan do Queen . E fiquei deslumbrada com esse som maravilhoso , eu tinha meus 13 anoooosss !!!!

    Adoniro Raimundo Silva

    DEBORA SANTOS eu ganhei esse disco. Fofa!

    Decio Rocha

    Que legal!!! História muito parecida com a minha...

    NotYourMom 2

    DEBORA SANTOS tens bom gosto, Débora!


    Tenho esse album classico, a voz do Noddy Holder é de enlouquecer o cara canta muiito..

  32. Edson Silva

    Quando o meu irmão ganhou esse LP eu tinha 11anos e é muito bom voltar a escuta-lo de novo.

  33. Chris Walsh

    This was a b side on a 7 inch on the jukebox (we played it to death) in the Poolhall in Boyle (Co, Roscommon, Eire, Ireland) back in 1981/2 before I left for England - never to see that crowd of outstanding reprobates again ...
    Bung - Bobby Byrne - his hot sister, David 'Manchester' Lohan, and a load of my best memories......

  34. Renato Flief

    My Dad used to put this very very VERY Loud for the religious people that used to come knock in our door, it was so funny! ! !

    Roc Arson

    Wish people would do this to me instead of berate me... Kudos to your father

    paul wit

    Renato Flief lol

  35. Michael Marek

    Best ever fucking rock´n roll 

  36. john shaw

    No laughing here mate - Slade way more versatile than AC/DC. Story goes that Noddy was invited to join AC/DC when Slade finished - but decided to do TV instead. Now think how good that would have been.

    didier genin

    I don't think it was when Slade stopped : The 4 surviving AC/DC members had Noddy on the list of singers they might ask to visit and audition when they decided to go on rocking after Bon's death. But Brian was their favourite and I'm not sure they ever auditioned anybody.

  37. Alex Lopez

    Thank you for this post!! Slade has always been the blueprint for raucous rock 'n' roll.

  38. Nobby Nolevel

    Don't all laugh at me at once but the guitar on this sounds like pure Angus / Malcolm Young and you can just imagine Bon Scott singing this in his tight jeans with his shirt off.

    But Noddy had better hair....according to my Mum.

    Tomas Nilsson

    After Bon Scott died AC/DC was intressed in Noddy as new singer.


    That's true.

    Martin Harnevie

    Not only interested. He was the first choice. But he kept loyal to Slade, so they chose the Georgie singer instead.

  39. Matthias937

    The preacher's prayer for every fuckin' day of my life :


    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!