Slade - Ready To Explode Lyrics

Sitting here in my mean machine - I'm ready to explode
Looking out of my helmet at the faces
I been wondering all night long - If I will live or die
Yeah, it's always the same before the races
I got some hot line information
About the man who's occupation is driving the cars
Standing out there on the grid
And it's a kind of fascination - And it demands full concentration
The kind of a job
We all dreamed of as a kid
I can see on the track ahead - the heat is rising high
Gotta win for the team and it's never easy
I been feeling the butterflies - strapped into my seat
Yeah, and already the tension's getting to me
We're waiting in anticipation
For some official indication - They're ready to go
Revving up and hit the road
'Cause it's another big occasion
And there won't be no relaxation - They're ready to go
And they're Ready To Explode
You're gonna drive 'em round the bend
Have a go on the chicane
Gonna drive 'em round the bend
Without a warning - Ready Now To Explode
Who's gonna be the big sensation?
Who'll be the champion of the nation?
In one of them cars - Standing out there on the grid
He's gonna get a big ovation
Be the champion of the nation
The kind of a thrill we all dreamed of as a kid
I don't wanna break down
And I wanna explode
Don't let me break down
I wanna explode
Ever since I was just thirteen, I had a crazy, reoccuring dream
To be faster than the speed of sound
It was the only way to get around, oh yeah
(Speeding in my dreams)
Seventeen and I passed my test - Never settling for second best
I knew right away what I'd like
It was a 750 motorbike, oh yeah
(Speeding in my dreams)
I was living for speed

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Slade Ready To Explode Comments
  1. Rob Harding

    Time we updated this legendary Black Country band.great track, But aren't they all great !

  2. Stevie R

    Heard SLADE in 1972 here in the states...immediately I loved these guys, Noddy's voice raspy, but strong. Got to see my idols on Detroit a few yrs later. I was not disappointed, we ( about 5 of us ) ran toward the stage, Noddy, under that mirrored hat glanced my way, as I was rocking to the music!! God bless SLADE, just great rock & roll....miss you guys!!

  3. rob16248

    Wow, them boys earned their Cup-a-Soups.

  4. Dennis Bergendorf Ii

    Still the perfect pre-game, pre-exam, pre-anything psych-up after all these years.

  5. Darren Witzaney

    This song on earbuds, driving my sport bike was a recipe for going way too fast, but what a rush!

  6. Andreas Müller

    Fuck'n good Years !

  7. Hans Carlson

    Could this be Slade's longest song? 8 minutes.

  8. Petter Seim Holten

    2:12 !!

  9. jpoups

    Sure Jim plays all instruments except the drums

  10. stephen merriman

    slade the greatest

  11. Yellow Square

    One of my first albums

  12. Davejack64

    Great album saw them live on this tour in the UK back in 82. There's no other rock n roll band that turns me on like Slade I'm ready to explode. Best 70s/80s good time band ever and live well I tell ya they blew the rest and most of the best away. You had to see them and feel them to believe them. Cum On Feel The Noize and Merry Xmas Everbody. Here's To The New Year and All Join Hands. Have a good one and God Bless you all.

    stephen merriman

    agree greatest band ever

  13. Knut Aashagen

    Memories coming back.Great album

  14. Eugene Carmen

    @metalhorse0 love this group, a lot of their stuff other groups got their start from their music.

  15. metalhorse0

    First heard this son on 'Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply'
    Such a great tune from an amazing album.

  16. carlphone

    @grantjames333 Great, you will be surprised. BTW I like Badfinger also! Cheap Trick so-so.

  17. carlphone

    @grantjames333 Thanks, at least we agree the two songs are entirely different. That is how I compare and rate it. But isn't " beating to the punch" and predating Slade a very articulate comparison, my friend? That is how I interpreted your previous remark and don t need glasses for that, thanks. To me, it s all about the music and not re inventing F1 history, Usually this kind of comments are posted by prejudice (ex) Beatle fans who hardly know anything about other great bands (such as Slade).

  18. carlphone

    @grantjames333 Sorry mate, I think you must be me mistaken about your comparison. "faster" does not sound like Ready to explode at all. Slade sounds different and much more dynamic, although it is not Slade s best song. I don t think George could beat Slade in the way of real dynamic songwriting or in number of different styles they played. You should try all their eighties albums before you come up with another 'clever' or prejudice remark.

  19. metalhorse0

    @rodstewartmexico it's about F1 not Motocross.

  20. MrN00bE

    Actually, Its about F1...."About the man who's occupation is driving the cars" @ 2:50

    "I been feeling the butterflies - strapped into my seat" @ 3:23

    "In one of them cars - Standing out there on the grid".[email protected] 5:08

    Thea Verner

    it is about wat you make it for this was in my head while staging my stret stock at bethel motor speedway

  21. rodstewartmexico

    Actually it´s about motocross... "I knew right away what I like - was a 750 motorbike oh yeah"minute 7:05.

    Anyway, i think this is the best Slade record: Not talking about hits or famous songs, talking about production, arrangements, mix, etc... even with prog notes here and there... and this song of course is epic, fantastic!!

    Darren Witzaney

    I interpret this part of the song "The Dream" as being the driver's introspection into his past, where driving fast started with the 750, as it did for me!

  22. MrJest2

    Quite frankly, probably the only published rock song about F1.
    And it's 27 years old....

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.

    Not so George Harrison wrote a song about his good friend Jackie Stewart it's a pretty good song.

  23. bombarderofly

    estas son rolas