Slade - My Oh My Lyrics

I believe in woman, my oh my
I believe in lovin', my oh my
Don't a women need a man, try and catch one if you can
I believe in woman, my oh my

We all need someone to talk to my oh my
We all need someone to talk to my oh my
Ya need a shoulder to cry on, call me I'll be standing by
We all need someone to talk to my oh my

We all need a lot of lovin' my oh my
Yeah, a whole lot of lovin' my oh my
I can lend a helpin' hand if you ain't go nothing planned
We all need some lovin' my oh oh my

So let's all swing together my oh my
We can all swing together my oh my
You've got troubles on your own, no need to face them all alone
We can all swing together my oh my

So let's all pull together my oh myyyyyy....

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Slade My Oh My Comments
  1. Adriano Alves


    CG/MS 🇧🇷

  2. Petra Sianturi

    I love this in 2020....

  3. Laura Lady Starlight

    Now make me ready for party🍸. Happy New Year to everyone

  4. Laura Lady Starlight

    We will hear this song tomorrow. How I miss such good music. I wish everyone a happy New Year. For me it will be good. I will travel with my bf to New Zealand. This was my dream for a long time. October 2020 for 6 weeks!!!!!

  5. zenpapa

    I like This Song ! ! from japan.

  6. Jarosław Hajduk

    Great song!!!

  7. A Hackett

    Still amazing ❤

  8. Audrey

    Camila Cabello a entrado al chat*

  9. Lea Inderwies

    Dieses Lied 😔

  10. Calldy uk

    Masterpiece, beautiful crafted song with catchy melody, goosebumps from the start. Why cant music sound like this today.


    We get that prick stormzy😣

  11. andres cortez

    Un clasico, musica de coleccion.-

  12. slade ippie

    Slade.....the band that actually made people happy 💖🎩

  13. Minato Namikaze

    Thank you Stingray

  14. That's an Error

    We all need somewone to talk to

  15. Виктор A.

    Я играю очень круто. В стиле драм Театр. Но эта группа и вокалист - это мое детство . Супер!!!!

  16. Jamie Logan

    underrated anthem

  17. jeffery putterill

    Excellent Song...

  18. J_ H_

    CAmila could never

  19. Виктор A.


  20. strange lee

    Slade are a bit like ABBA. We pretend they were cringy but we actually like the songs.

  21. Demonic 44

    Brilliant song. Brilliant band

  22. nicolás Alonso

    una buena rola de mis tiempos en el ´87

  23. Celia Castillo Martinez

    Recuerdo esa canción en la radio la tocaban junto con, te sigo amando ,,de Scorpions en los 80s mi padre me llevo a un torneo de pesca a la presa falcón en la frontera es una bonita canción me trae gratos recuerdos!!!

  24. Nergis Türkmen

    Bugün de hoş bir parça keşfettim aww

  25. Ю Несбё

    Вот по физиологии...такой голос может быть?!

  26. сергей мухин

    Обожаю Slade!
    А как вы думаете, где щас Киркорыч и прочая тусня??
    Мне кажется, што в Жопе!!
    А как вы думаете?

  27. Michael Ireland

    5 a.m. Listening to this tune. Bird songs at the beginning of the video, and outside my window. My Oh My.

  28. Chris Bills

    Dec 3rd 2019. 36 years later...

  29. colemann76

    One of the most underrated bands ever.

    Rob Shepherd

    Not by me. They shaped my taste in music in my early teens. Great blues band, listen to BBC sessions, as good as Led Zeppelin. Noddy could have been in ACDC.


    Rob Shepherd Just a fantastic band

    slade ippie

    @colemann76 The best live band to ever grace a stage 💖🎩

  30. Neil McCammond

    Slade is such an underrated band! What a song 👍

  31. Ivan Nagulic

    Bravo,Zoran 1964.

  32. Marçal Medeiros

    Barbaro extremamente. Sensacional isso alguém no Brasil curtindo ai . E velhos tempos porque não volta atras . Que pena não e mesmo parabéns pra. Quem curte um bom rok

    Thiago Silva

    Opa parceiro é musicão da porra mesmo

  33. pat hogab

    Dave Hill is DYNAMITE

  34. Thomas D.

    Erinnerungen an die Cassetten Zeit !!!

  35. andrey lubarskiy


  36. Elizabeth Rose

    Why does Slade have no more views? They should've more!!

  37. MrBluesboy21

    This song is so good and simple, that is the kind of tune that you (as the songwriter) just don't believe that actually you wrote it, and as a listener you go: they didn't wrote it, someone else did before, this is just a cover!!

  38. Mapuia Pautu

    14.Nov.2019... I like this Song.

  39. Vina Ika

    Ilove slat my ohmy .my memory of theyear.

  40. Nino Veras

    Essa é uma das músicas mais bonitas da minha infância.

  41. Jim Strachan

    Slade, great band , one of my dads favourites.

  42. MrRoztoc

    In my opinion: Along Def Leppard's Rick Allen and Queen's Roger Taylor Slade's Don Powell is the best rock drummer of all time. And that song is one of the best rock ballads of all time. Epic!

  43. glen b

    A forgotten, overlooked gem. Slade, you rock!

  44. Wando Moraes

    Quanta saudade!!!!!!!🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  45. Georgiy Rudychev

    Slade это шо есть музыка

  46. Krea Tiv

    my first ever heard love song in life


    It s the sad


    Que merda é esta

  49. ralph smailus

    Was für ein geiles Lied

  50. piri vandor

    Great song....

  51. Stabil

    Was this before or after Pippin starred in LOTR?

  52. Erik Lukes

    My oh My My... Something awesome!!!!

  53. Marek Hájek


  54. eric buck

    lets all live in peace,show compassion and love!

  55. David Jones

    Excellent song love it

  56. Böntgen Kurt

    Nun bin ich ein alter Sack und freue mich Slade erlebt zu haben. Schön war´s.

  57. geoffrey goldsbrough

    Remember having this bought for me at christmas as a kid have never forgotten it since.

  58. Ronald Sanders Quesada

    Love Slade , love this song ❤❤❤❤

  59. Gentle Lucius

    This absolutely great song reminds me to my youth and brings me to tears... so great!

  60. Kevin Beck

    would it be wonderful to see glasonbury 2020 we can only dream

  61. Hj.Maryati Maryati

    70's 80's gold era of music...and my life....

  62. felix jieprang

    thankyou very much, for bring back my child memory 😀👍

  63. Jair Cardoso

    lindissima....que saudade!

  64. Flévine Parisot

    Géant, grandiose, un talent qui n’est plus à démontrer, mille bravos à Slade pour cette formidable chanson et ce dynamisme à tout casser - Thank you very much !

  65. fira Viena


  66. gjs1

    This shows how good Slade really are , Great today

  67. Kevan McNay
    The Shadows !

  68. Flemming Olsen

    The best Slade song ever  - i think so


    what an uplifting song!

  70. George St. Louis

    Great group but they could never crack North America

  71. moz6616

    best ever group of all time why can't they just do one more performanse

  72. Dim Walker

    Great music!!!

  73. Robert Evans

    Should have been a Christmas number 1, but no, The Flying Pickets with that Only You were and it pissed off Slades fans such as myself that this fabulous song did not reach the top spot in 1983.

  74. Paulo Henrique Sgarbi

    Love this song since I was a kid!

  75. Юрий Залывский

    Когда послушаю эту песню очередной раз,то после этого могу в течении всего дня ее периодически напевать.Классная группа.

  76. okanovicka

    I have been listen to this för 30 years time goes by very fast i was 15 WHEN i heard this för the first time

  77. David Laird

    And years Later Oasis tried to Copy this Band

  78. MrJimbaloid

    Dammit NOD the best rock band OF ALL TIME cmon everybody am I right.

  79. Johnny Clark

    What an amazing band and song
    My favourite song from Slade
    I did pull togeter over thirty years ago and own every song

  80. Alexandre Lanna

    The best!

  81. Martin Harrison

    The Beatles were the best, but Slade have to be considered as the 2 nd best band of all time . They were fab !!!! Noddy's voice is simply amazing !!!

  82. Labuena Música〽

    Una de las mejores

  83. MrJimbaloid

    Go ON NOD show em how I'ts done .

  84. Oldschool1973

    clock is 8.51 satureday my kids are singing along to this well trying to 5 and 8 so but i am a proud proud dad haha i am not forcing any stuff on them the just love real music hehe ;)

  85. LUIS FERNANDO Escobar

    Que canción tan majestuosa y fantastica!!! no me canso de oirla

  86. dimann77

    Как сказал один продвинутый товарищ, все втихаря завидуют его вокалу. Согласен на все 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Donate Schul

    😢Mein Lied als 1983 meine erste 13 jährige Berziehung und Ehe zerbrach , an seiner Untreue. Später sagte er , sein größter Fehler. . Ich als Frau bin mit der Dürrephase in der Beziehung anders umgegangen. Trotzdem war es nach seinem Seitensprung für mich vorbei .Ich teile meinen Mann nicht .

  88. Paul Monde

    I hate present creepy times. I can pay a lot to be in '80 and '90.

    Tommy Robinson

    If only it was that simple Paul.

  89. Muhi Din


  90. whole of the moon whole of the moon

    Dave hill top fella..

  91. Руслан Пономарев

    Ништяк внатуре 👍,бьюрифульно,,👂👂👂

  92. Andrew Ramsden

    Dont a woman need a man ..can need a helping hand .. Hell Yehh

  93. Reinhold Mathies

    Alt aber immer noch gut

  94. Dani Gameplay

    Es original de slade la canción??

  95. Markus Michaelsen

    My Oh My ...

  96. George de Lorean

    I am ashamed that i am 55 years old and only now discovering this song on the internet. Where was i when this brilliant song came out?