Skyzoo - Wikipedia Rap Lyrics

As we conclude it
Penny Series
Call it "Wikipedia Rap"
Pull up another tab and get a Wikipedia page open

They said its comin' back around
Do it like this

They said it's comin' back around
It's boomerang'n
And I'll be Marcus Graham when I get through with cadence
How I peruse a way in
True to take it and just let it be
No Strange' and no Lady Eloise
Rest in peace Eartha
The lead worder
I lead worders
My speech murder
Screen blurrer
Indy eye's to breathe further
And as we get further along
The longer it takes for that pump to hurry you on
The longer you stays in that slump
Bury you all
I came to tuck away the top
Get my convertible on
Like yea

On the immediate
Folding up the ceilings
Meaning that ya fav will Strange'd the easiest
See how I tie it back to the previous
Previously tagged as body bags to be with him
So my carry on'll carry on an arm
Like I'm holdin' up the flight
Trynna stow away ya life
Live fast die young trynna blow the lights
Damier Louis belts she below the white
Got her here true to self she was so enticed
Powder there cue to help she below the white
White lines where they pitch at
Play your cards with' playing cards the part where the mix at
And superhero baggies where you itch at
They say you die young unless you live that
Still with me
Dream filthy
Woke up and still filthy
Seen Biggie
Broke luck and spilled Henny

And seein' Biggie everyday when I stepped on my stoop
Is the only way I can explain why I'm better than you
My jump shot is like a sling they set from the roof
They trynna sign me for the wing like I met the Maloofs
On my Jimmer
Mania through the winter
And tell em' king me like I'm playin Theo remember
Kitchen table author
For every kitchen table playin' part
In the paraphernalia they made a market

Word to every fitted I own
Like they designed a New Era store to resemble my home
Home grown on the easily defined
I'm easily aligned
With no one else proceeding up a rhyme
Let's get to the preceedings baby
Seek and you shall find
That nobody means more to a beat than brother Sky
Brother Mouzone
Guns with' the pies
Feed you and leave like run to your demise

Demise for the trash
Survival for the dope
They turned the words back
And the ridin' for the slope
They put the dope in the back so we ridin' here alone
Like if dope was in the bag and we just trynna get us home
Too high
That was too high
I shoulda threw it lower
But Twitter be wantin' me to throw in two's like I'm Noah
So everything is double entendre's
Hold up
Corner store hold ups
Just trynna and fill a hole up
And everything is double entendre's
Hold up
Corner store hold ups
To try and fill a hole up

Catch that if you may
The levels I relay
Is like Oakland and Orlando
We headed for a trade
Me and Webber switchin' snap backs
Back track
June 30th 93'
Shit'll never be the same
Me and Webber switchin' snap backs
Back track
June 30th 93'
Shit'll never be the same

Shit'll never be the same ha
Never be the same ha
"Wikipedia Rap"
Wikipedia that uh huh
Penny Series

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  1. Michael Cobbs

    93 till infinity

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    Good Stuff