Skyzoo - Boat Check-In Lyrics

Back at it
Back where it started at
You know it started with me just taggin' people beats
Puttin' my twist and doin what I do
Frisbee this & Frisbee that
Throwin' a couple here and there
Take it back to it
Rest in peace Otis Redding

Sittin' on the dock of the bay like I was placing orders
Phones turned off I ain't taking callers
They say when I rap
They expect sun moon and stars
To jump through the car
But I'm just trying to paint a corner
Make it four of those
Let me box something
Too big for the Porsche the chicken box coming
Grew up on Kennedy Fried you smell the box hummin'
I'm 3 piece on the beat
Like where ya box youngin'

Range Rover rhythm
Rubber band signature
I don't do it for me
I do it for the liquor store
I'm as true as it be
Truthfully on this accord
Parkour through the door
I'm just trynna get across
Rosary bead rap
I'm just trynna get a cross
Know that the feedback
Is all that they was living for
Livin' Proof like I made it outta Group Home
Ambition for the broads that be two tone

Up to bat but I don't see no pitches
So I leave it and get back to baggin' Theo sister
Like leave Olivia home
Unless Olivia knows
Then fuck it
You can bring her now Olivia grown
Call it fly guy etiquette
Ride by reppin' it
Cocktail rappers get a Molotov sedative
While you waved in on the wade with no patience
Butterscotch hooked on a broad welcome to raisins
The Frisbee's have never been higher
Screamin' catch it if you can off the head of Goliath
They thinkin' I was from Harlem
Forever Goliath
My fitted over my brow
M. Betha attire
But I'm from

The same background you see in my videos
I shot em' all on my block
Brought you in my home
Leave ya man where he at they might want em'
Cause he don't the stomach to hustle like Strike Dunham
And me
I'm from where we would open the fire hydrant
And put a can in the front it while we hidin' behind it
But seein' the speed of money will make you leave from the hydrant
And wanna be in the car that they respect and keep it dry
I can't
Change who I be
Not in the least bit
I'm here for the Jay money floor seat shit
I'm here for the Ye money and a sweet bitch
And inside my phones already an elite mix

So now I need the paper
The broads already been there
And none of em' is leavin' unless its to buy swim wear
Automatically I was givin' a top 10 chair
Or better yet took it
Waited til they was lookin'
And Debo'd whatever
Rewrote the headers
The top is never safe so I reload forever
Throne visions and loops of Otis Redding
Sittin' on the the dock of the bay
Boat Check In

And I would've did a hook
But Illmind said fuck it don't put no hook on it
The bars is more than enough
Call me suck-Y-Z-O-O

Throne visions and loops of Otis Redding
Sittin' on the the dock of the bay
Boat Check In

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