Skylar Grey - I Know You Lyrics

I believe, I believe there's love in you
Grid locked on the dusty avenues
Inside your heart, just afraid to go
I am more, I am more than innocent
But just take a chance and let me in
And I'll show you ways that you don't know

Don't complicate it,
Don't let the past dictate
I have been patient, but slowly I'm losing faith

So please, I know you baby
I know you baby
So please, I know you baby
I know you baby

I believe, I believe you could love me
But you're lost on the road to misery
And what I gave to you
I could never get back!
Don't complicate it,
Don't drive yourself insane
Say what you will but I know that you want to stay!

So please, I know you baby
I know you baby
So please, I know you baby
I know you baby

Chemicals rushing in,
I know it's you that I belong to
I'm burning like a cannonball in the air
Crashing into who I belong to
Uh uh, uuuuh uuuuh uh

I have been patient, but slowly I'm losing faith

Please, I know you baby
I know you baby
So please, I know you baby
I know you baby

So please, I know you baby
(The shadows of your heart are hanging in the sweet, sweet air)
I know you baby
(I know you baby)
So please, I know you baby
(The secrets that you hide, control us and it's just not fair)
I know you baby

The shadows of your heart are hanging in the sweet, sweet air
I know you baby
The secrets that you hide, control us and it's just not fair
I know you baby

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  1. توتا توتا

    اسم الفيلم

  2. Khel Ivan

    Anyone 2020?

  3. Jaebum’sToothImplant

    I wanna hear Billie Eilish cover this song

    Alexis Corman

    Jaebum’sToothImplant omfg saaaame

  4. Alineh Games ღ


  5. Estefani 24mx

    The are 2teople

  6. Estefani 24mx

    Enqui once koito litocu

  7. Sridhar R

    Anyone in 2020😇

  8. Jabez Wakw

    I feel so nostalgic

  9. mathilde Rapicault


  10. umaira alvi

    Whenever I listen to this song I always feel as if Anastasia herself is saying or singing these words to chritian,
    It's exactly how she feels as read in the novel nd seen in the movie.❤️

  11. umaira alvi


  12. Sapati Petcharin

    I know you baby Hisato Lzaki December 2019

  13. Lojeen Luno72

    I love this song^^^

  14. Paul Burress

    Lol what do u boys what now

  15. Fifi Tron

    Wowwwww😳😳was von lied ist das ?!!?👍👍👍

  16. JAS 777

    This song could have been the best James bond movie song

  17. O.K.a OnlyKindaround

    In the hospital after following this song following the sun. Sorry skylar grey i didnt listen. I complicate things now im insane😓

  18. valita1903 Leon

    Lo único bueno del libro y la película es el soundtrack

  19. Sarah Ocasio

    I love your songs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎 2019

  20. Supriya Kumari

    The music at 3.15❤️

  21. Kamal Prasad

    JJ weds km

  22. Veiga Grims

    love this song and can't stop listening to it

  23. Sugar Bae

    i wish the person i love could be hear this song, well he don't love me anymore or ever before. Just an illusion in my mind

  24. Gheissa Obiang


  25. Katarína Svobodová

    Beautiful song 👍🍀🦋💋

  26. Isa E horse

    I love this music

  27. V F

    I've been looking for this song from 2015 after hearing it from Les twins performance, 💙😊

  28. Yuna Hikary

    "the shadows of you hearth"♥..."the secrets that you hide"♥.... Omg so amazing song!! ♥♥♥ I'm crying :'3

  29. Tadeáš Douša

    Where are you Skylar Grey.. we miss you

  30. Joana Nahum

    Time after time

  31. Sarah Joan

    The link to the book from fidty shades of grey:

  32. allymwanga

    Sia, Skylar, Avicii, Zara are enough in my night

  33. Nenalovesmac Nenis


  34. Reeve Mathers

    Skylar merece muito mais reconhecimento! Aos BR vamos ajudar a chegar nos 100m, as visualizações contam depois de 30 segundos, passou os 30 segundos pulem para o final deixando terminar em poucos segundos.

  35. Reeve Mathers


  36. Reeve Mathers


  37. Toby Shaw

    *This was an attempt at bold.*

  38. Ifarhan 112

    She should have been a super star by now, as she holds more talent than most of them.

  39. Cat Stevens

    Lol. Crazy

  40. Fatima Loria Cartin


  41. Cat Stevens


  42. van Haeren

    10 November 2019

  43. HarmonyUnit

    I love this song ❤️☺️.

  44. Marion S. O.

    Wer sags denn, dass ich nichts geben kann? Hallo? Unverschämt!
    Ich brauche Dich, bist du da? Für immer?

  45. Carol Santos

    Nenhum BR?

    Reeve Mathers

    AQUI hahahahHa

  46. C. D.

    Love this song so much, especially from 3:30. What a wonderful voice.

  47. Cat Kunitada

    What does this song mean to her? What’s the reason?

  48. Baş Rahibe

    2 kasım

  49. Norah Saad

    I remember my grandma passed away when I was listening to this song DAMN THAT WAS HARD

  50. meilirima

    Am I the only person who gets a mild James Bond feeling from this song, particularly the ending?

  51. Ferdinand Nonglait

    i love this song

  52. Christine Riches

    You can rely on great tracks with fifty shades

  53. Oasis Sephi

    Me and my man's situation at the moment ❤️ he won't let me in closed off 🔐

  54. Juciara Sylva

    Vim aq pelo basara

  55. carla carla

    Tres belle chanson qui m'évoque beaucoup de ressentis ❤❤❤❤

  56. A star Is born

    How come are the views here 96m and other soundtracks have like 2B

  57. -DreamX

    My favourite movie series .. ♡
    Besides the sexual scenes, it's pretty nice and it has the best soundtracks ever ♡

  58. amamam1934

    Such beautiful song

  59. María Loiola

    TAT sempre.. o choro é garantido

  60. Fernanda Pampuch



    Love it 😇

  62. Adriana santos

    Alguem sabe em que cena toca essa música???

  63. Сайран Муха

    This is music is beautiful and lovely😍😍😍😍

  64. Renata Silva

    Algum fala português quem fala curti aki por favor 😍😍

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    Süperden daha da öte...

  66. Saligano93

    this song at 1.25 speed is damn even better

  67. Rina Jero

    October 2019, Anyone to my heart♥ 💓🇵🇭🎶🎧

  68. stefy cute

    This just sync with my heart.... its just isnt fair...

  69. with nassima


  70. sara

    is that tokio and rio from „lacasa de papel” on the start ?😂



    Jessica Wong


  71. lokesh divekar

    very similar to sky fall by adle

  72. Isaac Araújo

    Kdê os brasileiros ? Só quem for brasileiro da um like aí

  73. Miriamkeys hama

    I can't stop singing along to those notes, and my mother is like "really?"

  74. Roya Yassai

    Am I the only one who cries every time I hear this song? And I can't explain why, WTH?!?

    Daddy Hitler666

    Roya Yassai SAME WTF-

  75. Ayka Ayka

    Veri good song

  76. Ghanog Hamoud

    From Syria 😍🇸🇾
    2019 ❤️
    I love it ❤️😍

    Bách Lê Hoàng

    Is Syria out of war?

    Ghanog Hamoud

    Bách Lê Hoàng Oh my friend Syria is back beautiful and safe and secure thanks to President Bashar al-Assad and our great army

    Hoàng Bách Lê

    @Ghanog Hamoud Glad to hear this news! I wish you happiness and further development!

    Ghanog Hamoud

    Hoàng Bách Lê Thank you my friend how nice you are, I wish you happiness and success ❤️

  77. MINI MENON's my u for that...RJ


    How much more will u test me...kkiirrjj...,what if I die tomorrow.../enough yaar..come out of your hiding.../am already dead.


    Will u ever open those lovely lips...and speak....or ..u kill me pain...

  80. MINI MENON hugging Maayakanna...,it' more about those ummas and foreheads ..,want to just ....kill u...hahaha ..,lovingly ..