Skunk Anansie - I Believed In You Lyrics

I’d like to invite you
To this pretty little thing
Where the fruits of your labors
Are eaten by the queen
Yeah I’d like to bequest you
A seat with greedy boys
But I’m sorry,
I’ma stop you, at the door

I believed in you
Well, I was wrong
I believed you’d make me better
I was wrong
I believed you’d shine your light and save my world
Like Superman or God
I believed in you
Well, I was wrong

Will you do me the favor?
Go slit your skinny throat
Let your blood flow freely
So all your boys can choke
As I rise to defeat you
On revolution role
Where your rules and your failures
Will show

I believed in you
Well, I was wrong
I believed you’d make me better
I was wrong
I believed you’d shine your light and save my soul
Like Superman or God
I believed in you
Well, I was wrong

Oh I hope, when you’re sleeping
Your guns are close at hand
Who knows who’s cheating
To steal your contraband
That you gained in abundance
From cattle living poor
One day the would take it, no more

I believed in you
Well, I was wrong
I believed you’d make me better
I was wrong
I believed you’d shine your light and save my soul
Like Lucifer or God
I believed in you
Well, I was wrong

I believed in you
Well, I was wrong
I believed you’d make me better
I was wrong
I believed you’d shine your light and save my soul
Like Superman or God
I believed in you
Well, I was wrong

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Skunk Anansie I Believed In You Comments
  1. Bartuk Diablovich


  2. Cinzia Ulleri


  3. AnarchaoS 11

    АхуеннО бЛяяядь🤘🖤😈from Russia With Big Fuckin LOVe😄

  4. joanna Barnes


  5. DrBettinaWolff

    Love Skin! <3

  6. raul king

    I was a boy, 17 years old, the first time I heard skunk Anansie, today at almost 42, I always listen to one of the best rock bands ..

    Ian Redmond

    Same bro

    Ian Redmond

    I was 11. 1996 for me

  7. D.J. GUIBAL moore

    Fuck France they hate USA we hate them mostly the gals people USA it's no lie anyway theirs fucking economy is down it's only a start theirs gal's are crappy they go out with arabics and bums

  8. UnPopcorn

    I rescpet their little trip to pop waters but this is Skunk Anansie we all need. 🎵🎶🎵🎶😘💜

  9. BON


  10. Tiziana cuore

    Spacca....i brividi

  11. El Chapo

    Da solo in auto, sole in faccia, autostrada deserta. Questa ti gasa come non mai. E devi stare attento a non andare troppo forte ....

  12. Сергей Капустин


  13. 748Duc

    Most underrated band to ever come out of the UK

  14. pasquale Marottoli

    Very good🤟🌊

  15. Cristina Nunes

    A melhor banda de todos os tempos, sem dúvida! São espectaculares! A Skin tem um dom e a banda é fantástica! Adoro-os!

  16. Kochav A

    i F' love u!!!!!!!

  17. Vladvision

    Why her head is not shaved in this video???

  18. Vladvision

    Why her head is not shaved in this video???

  19. Tó Almeida


  20. Menelao Luigi

    Bravissima Skunk

  21. Eloísa García

    Sssssshhhiiittt! Skin is almost to awesome for me to bear

  22. Stefania luna


  23. simon masut

    good rage

  24. TMΞκεllєяΞTM

    Nice nice nice very nice

  25. Sara saretta

    I love you💋

  26. ElTano

    Simply amazing !!!

  27. Mike Lowndes


  28. Minela Moranjkic

    Well...I was wrong...

  29. Jose Legaspi

    If Dave Chapelle grew hair and sanged.

  30. Patrycja Kwiatkowska


  31. mandracorp mitrâgone

    fucking rock'n roll!!! merci skin it's so good!!!

  32. Jerzy Jędryka

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  33. Jerzy Jędryka

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  34. Jerzy Jędryka

    ❤️💝🙊👁🚿👏🏽🤷🏼‍♂️😻 Shakira Sex Video

  35. Jerzy Jędryka

    ❤️💝🙊👁🚿👏🏽🤷🏼‍♂️😻 Shakira Sex Video

  36. Jerzy Jędryka

    ❤️💝🙊👁🚿👏🏽🤷🏼‍♂️😻 Shakira Sex Video

  37. Jerzy Jędryka

    ❤️💝🙊👁🚿👏🏽🤷🏼‍♂️😻 Shakira Sex Video

  38. Jerzy Jędryka

    ❤️💝🙊👁🚿👏🏽🤷🏼‍♂️😻 Shakira Sex Video

  39. Maja Grčić

    I believe 🚬

  40. Daniel Freitas

    Best band ever

  41. Katerina Johnson

    No words can describe how much I love skunk anansie. Proper talent none of this manufactured, autotuned nonsense popular 'nowadays'

  42. Tomasz Maliński

    zajebista jest!!!!!

  43. Tarja Peri

    Meravigliosa 😍

  44. Стефан Стефанов


  45. Stefano Casule

    pre-youtube are the best songs, not obsessed with whoredom, but some exceptions accepted!!

  46. Corlene Greenwood

    This group was light years ahead of their time. She has class not ass like all the female artists today who are quick to exploit their bodies. THIS IS REAL MUSIC

    Luna Sanguine

    There is nothing wrong with a woman showing her body (it's not ass OR class, you can have both at once) but a lot wrong with a society that supports women more when they present theirselves more "sexually".

    Jennifer H.

    "class not ass"

  47. Grazia

    Bellissima!!! Bravissima!!!!

  48. 74567889

    She's my heroine since 1995!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. torarne langås

    dri trått. ...

  50. Zinty White

    What a tune I fallen in love with Skunk Anansie what a tune what lyrics

  51. potorrero

    Wow, this song is so postpunk. I love it.

  52. massimiliano torrente

    I love you, i'll never forget the fantastic sensation i try the first time i listen it.. tnx skunk anansie

  53. Pascal stéphan

    ça fait du bien entre les oreilles

  54. ctenochaetus

    Fucking Awesome ....

  55. Alexa Gomez

    I love it, so freaken full of Energy to make fly....Thank you!!!!

  56. Paul Thomas

    Honesty Vs dishonesty

  57. Yaroslav Grekov

    Ну ничо так

  58. maniaconthetube

    The most consistently underappreciated vocalists ever! A true artist and awesome band since I was a teen. And thank the lord I finally got tickets!

  59. MasujSowe xD

    szarpie nery

  60. Joana Pinéu

    I was wrong too...

  61. Míša Zabilkova

    First song on concert in Czech Republic (Trutnoff) this summer, luxus! Love Skin, very epic <3

  62. Fiona Panduri


  63. Pušpo Kámen

    Skin is no more skin :(

    Тимур Макарченко

    this is old video. she's skin again )

  64. Roro 86

    cavolo!!!!!energia pura!

  65. Elena Fama


  66. ctenochaetus

    This song rocking my veins ....

  67. FREEDOM!

    She´s really awesome. Not like those new age "wannabesingersactlikewhores"... :o :/.

  68. nelson salvatori


    Piero Emanuele Tuccio

    nelson salvatori yes

  69. antonella d'amico


    Emanuele G

    ..concordo pienamente.

  70. Marin

    great sound... keep on rocking..

  71. Marco Fedrizzi


  72. Matita Spuntata


    Aandrea Panther


  73. Stash Hrenic

    This song should have at least 7 million views.

    Jo Burton

    I love this song, I love Skin, she had rocked my world since I was a teen and now she rocks my boys world too. Xx

    Joe Bloggs

    All their videos deserve 100 million views

  74. Li Lise

    Skin, you don't need to speak Italian to have my respect. Actually you don't need to speak at all. Just sing, you're great!



  76. Giulio Tedesco

    adoooro :)

  77. roberto rondoletti

    Skin ti amo

  78. byronzeroful

    she's not hot, but damn she's got a beautiful voice. that shows music is not for the eyes...


    Didn't think anyone could love the music and her voice and still be able to think she is not hot!

    So actually your personal opinion about her not being hot doesn't prove anything. Though I can agree with you that looks is not enough, it often can make great music even better. Sexy ass female rock singers like Skunk Anansie is a great example of that!

    Martin Pickard

    Disagree. She is also HOT


    Speak for yourself. She's hot too in a unique and non-standardized way.

  79. Maria Chelidoni

    Lovin' it!!!

  80. snoaringhamsterandrussiansweat

    she is beautiful ♥

  81. Ant Ares

    Skin,la migliore. E muti!

  82. Aandrea Panther

    The Best, accattivante, grintosa, unica

  83. Luca Cilli

    I love her

  84. giovanna cavallaro


  85. ☆Federica la Mano Amica☆

    E con questo...

  86. ☆Federica la Mano Amica☆

    E con questo...

  87. Filippo Argiolas

    Ma ebbro con 2 b

  88. Nicola Rizzoli


    Francomuzzi Fox

    Elio docet ^__^ (che poi... una battuta così, poteva scriverla solo uno col suo nome!... ehehehehe!)

    Gianluca Bombini

    Who Belive in me??,??

  89. Francomuzzi Fox

    Dovevano dirtelo che nelle sabbie mobili è bene non agitarsi.
    "Alium silere quod voles, primus sile"
    ...così narravano gli antichi.
    Se continui con le tue flatulenze... e per dirtela alla Elio e le storie tese, finirai EBRO DEI TUOI GAS!

  90. Nagatzul

    Ehm... se hai decifrato il mio "TSO" come "tua sorella ora", significa che la sorella in questione è la tua...
    Beh se ti diverti così, divertiti, basta che poi non vai a sparare cazzate in giro per il mondo...

  91. Francomuzzi Fox

    sì, sono da TSO... sono da Tua Sorella Oraaa!!!

    Che a differenza di te, sa usare la bocca ("oralmente" parlando).

  92. Nagatzul

    La tua tracotanza è pari solo alla tua ignoranza.
    Per favore taci, sei da TSO.

  93. Fabio Crotti

    Horus is coming back