Skull Fist - No False Metal Lyrics

On the rise rising out together
I'm calling out, our forces multiply
I can see there's nothing else to live for
The true must keep the spirit alive

No false metal - Get away from me
No false metal - I've got everything I need
No false metal - Get the fuck away from me
No false metal - And I'd love to see you bleed

Other eyes come to share our glory
Leave 'em all, they'll never understand
I'm alive and I will live forever
The true must keep the spirit alive

No false metal - Get away from me
No false metal - I've got everything I need
No false metal - Get the fuck away from me
No false metal - And I'd love to see you bleed

No false metal - Get away from me
No false metal - I've got everything I need
No false metal - Get the fuck away from me
No false metal - And I'd love to see you bleed

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Skull Fist No False Metal Comments
  1. Fenix muerte

    Great song, death to fake metal. speed sound.💪🤘☠🎼

  2. malkabeth

    So many things wrong with that logo! Looks like it was made with haste for the deadline with paint.

  3. Galo Javier Coloma Villón

    today in 2019 I've discovered this band and my first thought was "trash from 80s" but when google it about Skull Fist they born in 2004 OMG !!! what a band what a speed

  4. Hugo Lopez Martinez

    This band will save the good music, greetings from Mexico headbangers!!

  5. Walamonga 1313

    The solo from the EP is so much better though


    Dajeeee!! Dioporcoooooooo!!!!!!

  7. Matt Hillmer

    Is the singers last name really SLAUGHTER?? Brutal!

  8. Chris Spawn

    Awesome band, awesome song but this elitist false metal bull shit has to stop this is the kind of shit that’s holding metal back and not giving it a chance to evolve and gain new fans.

    Jonathan G

    Wimps and posers leave the hall!!!!!

  9. Optimussum


  10. Bass Player

    I hate false metal more then I hate real pop music...keep ur fake ass drums out of metal! Skull Fist Rules

  11. Robert Frye

    I put my headphones on hit play for this song and it's 1985 again! Awsome!

  12. Carlos Paz


  13. NxtGenCJM

    This song goes out to all the shitty bands like asking Alexandria and bring me the horizon, NO FALSE METAL!!!!!

  14. G M

    Vocals actually sound fine in this track. Wonder why they felt the need to autotune them to SHIT on Chasing the Dream...


    G M I personally thought the production on Chasing the Dream was way better; way more 80’s.

    G M

    Nothing against the production, it's just the huge amount of pitch correction on the vocals on "Chasing the Dream". It's not like he needs it, just listen to the demos, he can actually sing more than good enough.

  15. Sexxyval Denis

    oh yeah!

  16. Letycia Cristine

    No False Metaaal 🤘

  17. Andressa Cristina

    No false metal!

  18. Robert Smith

    I had just seen an article deeming Baby(not)metal the most exciting thing to happen to Metal in years, a "metal as hell" band and even had the nerve to call that male controlled sexist charade "a challenge to the dude centric world of metal". I'm pretty sure the article was just clickbaity trolling of worst kind there is, but I had to listen to this anyway, to remind me that none of it is actually true, and that that Baby(not)metal crap is just the latest of a long list of corporate posers that have tried to infiltrate the Metal scene and failed miserably.

    Ludwig Joshua

    Someone using the phrase 'dude centric world of metal' is obviously a poseur and can go fuck themselves.

    Shawn Jones

    Robert Smith fuck mainstream pop bullshit. Ghost is another baby metal "Get the fuck away from me"


    Ludwig Joshua says the poser that probably listens baby (not) metal, it’s for mainstream sheep

    Matthew Roberts

    These guys are a throwback! Great sound!

    Let’s clarify: BABY METAL SUCKS

  19. letmetal rock

    Mi metal que mas amo skull fist


    letmetal rock si

  20. Kyle Johnson

    I love this song. No False Metal!!

  21. Florian Angel

    I love this band and this song!

  22. Bosco Rodriguez

    They really sound like 80's metal. I couldn't believe that the band was formed in the 2006...

  23. Bitterhet 666

    this group will save metal


    Harvester Of Sorrow all those mainstream bands you mentioned suck!


    Gihren Zabi it’s mainstream because it’s for fucking posers, posers can’t handle true to the roots heavy fucking metal.

    Chris Spawn

    NxtGenCJM You’re the reason why people don’t listen to Metal and why it’s dropped in popularity it’s because people like you hate on Metal/Death Core,Nu Metal and Rap Metal and call everyone “posers” because they don’t listen to old school Thrash/Death/Black Metal and ruin any chance for Metal getting new fans because they all didn’t fall out of the womb with Venom’s welcome to hell or Possessed’s seven churches in their hands. Its people like you that give Metal bad name. please educate yourself.


    @Chris Spawn best comment ever, thanks!

    Chris Spawn

    Gvc Thanks 👍

  24. Pepin Nator

    The true must keep the spirit alive

  25. FariKomeiji

    dedicated to all those emo teens with those shity slipknot and asking shitixandria t- shirts

    A Bautista

    Indeed. NO FALSE METALLL!!!




    i kinda like slipknot


    Gotta love retarded comments ...

    Logan Campos

    Slipknot is the shit

  26. Vinny V

    Please, bring back 80's speed metal.


    xPuppetMaster skull fist are speed metal...

    Axel Luna

    80's metal will never die until metalmaniacs keep the spirit alive...

    Dragon king

    Check out the band Enforcer

    ka ti

    Agree bring back 80s speed metal and agree this ain't 80s speed metal

    jennifer scott

    Vinny V agreed

  27. nekrobonbon

    that cheesy lyrics lol

  28. Fret Level Midnight

    "Tropical skittles!"

  29. Ricardo JM

    "no false metal, get the f**¨k away from me" - priceless!!


    Fuck yes!

    Pelle Johansen

    there is no such thing as false metal. Either it is metal or ir is not. People calling music false and true are suffering from delusions