Skull Fist - Head Of The Pack Lyrics


I lived alone but I was never away from paradise
Never returned 'cause my feelings are still as cold as ice

We never stray, it's just me, yeah
Don't walk away

You say you're proud just to honor the code of morality
Without even listening I found out that you weren't there for me

We never stray, it's just me, yeah
Don't walk away

Head... of the pack
No... turning back

You've got the words but your feelings will never understand
You'll never realize I'm already in my promised land

We never stray, it's just me, yeah
Don't walk away

Head... of the pack
No... turning back
Head... of the pack
No... turning back

Head... of the pack
No... turning back
Head... of the pack
No... turning back

I lived alone but I was never away from paradise

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Skull Fist Head Of The Pack Comments
  1. ipank #H4

    Ayayayayay orgasm my ear

  2. Nicolas Garcia

    Infelices... estaba escuchando Metallica. Tu música es una mierda, morite mañana.

  3. galih rusyadie

    I see Loudness

  4. juan carlos fragoso

    Pedazo de banda...

  5. Gabriel Alexander

    This is one of those songs to completely blow up your speakers !

  6. Agustin Veegaar

    Motley crue and iron maiden=Skull fist

  7. Samir Gamarra

    Youtube show me this song on a AD. :0

  8. Rodrigo Guita

    Que bom ver uma banda como SKULL FIST - Grande Som resgatando o melhor do metal anos 80 Parabéns!!! Maravilhoso Saudações do BRASIL

  9. CrashMan27


  10. Artur Meireles

    Cool stuff

  11. Metal Heart

    Triple like \m/
    J'écoute tous vos titres en boucle depuis que je vous ai découverts!

  12. Peater Anthony Cardoso

    Yeah hail metal

  13. Sakis Papamargaritis

    Reminds me of Enforcer. Not even close to Helloween though...

  14. Жор


  15. azharul kamil

    Bring back the 80’s tune

  16. Hilder H. Guevara del Aguila

    hermoso ❤ que tal sonidasoo 😎 sigan así chavales y seran grandes 😊

  17. Juan Diego Gutierrez

    vendrán a Colombia?? Ojalá buena banda...bueno q vayan al peru..pais con mucha historia y hermoso q quiero conocer..

  18. Direk Punto


  19. Direk Punto


  20. Gloomenn

    nice shit

  21. Jan Veloz

    I loved this fucking song

  22. Alex Nașca

    New my favorite band!

  23. JANDO2021 Alegón

    53 boludos...

  24. julio emmanuel delgado

    Que poder lpm lml

  25. Ellemphriem Nil

    Omfg the youtube add i didn’t click away!!! My hair is standing on end!!!!! FUCK YOU ARE GOOD!!!

  26. jester Jamante

    still listening,, 2019.. & still headbangers!!

  27. Ilman Dmnts


  28. Emiliano Peláez Castañeda

    The first time I listened to Skull fist I thought I was listening a true eighties band

  29. William Aguirre

    Este tema hace que perdure el metal por siempre.

  30. Jkamilo

    guitar: judas priest
    drum: helloween
    voice: ozzy
    bass: iron maiden
    ok no xd

  31. Jkamilo

    sound old :D/

  32. Cristhian Camilo Granados León

    HOLY SHIT! 2011? I thought this was 1979. Good lord, this is ridiculously good!

  33. Maria

    Esta bueno

  34. Leonardo Luz


    Radio Streetsunited

    Helloween - Walls of Jericho

  35. Vicktor Correa


  36. xxDETHxx

    Wow! \m/

  37. Dylan Honthred

    Does this song have some reference with Anime-Manga Wolf's Rain?

  38. Gabriela González

    Larga vida a skull fist

  39. Wilson Duarte

    Heavy Speed de la nueva escuela..... me lo parte:()

  40. Fermin Icarus Delgado

    Hasta hoy los conozco, que buen Metal! Vienen a Monterrey, hay que verlos en vivo! Yeah!!

  41. jordana luiza

    puta som do caralhoo.

  42. Euan Stewart


  43. raffo camacho

    of the best of canada with the already consecrated Killer Dwarfs.

  44. アストロサンダー

    This is what I was looking for on the 3rd album. RIP jackie's voice.

  45. Alfre ripper34


  46. A Bathory

    1:35 lml

  47. A Bathory

    Amazing band true HEAVY METAL lml

  48. Logan Campos

    Why has this not reached a a freaking millionth !!!

  49. Norrland Hamburg

    Old school fucking heavy metal yeah !!!

  50. Sombra Eterno

    Nunca escutaram RIOT esses garotos rsrsrs

  51. Antonio López

    how good that there is this band that rescues the strength of true metal ... no rap metal, no metal or agro ... METAL with all its letters ... Saludos from Chile (Sudamerica)

  52. Antonio López

    Wow Classic Metal!!!

  53. Halloween Queen

    Marry me Zach? Haha' ❤👰🌻

  54. Halloween Queen

    Zach seu lindo, tenho uma paixão platônica por você ! ❤

  55. Halloween Queen

    Uma das melhores bandas da atualidade! ❤

  56. Dylan .t

    the voice remind me the first demo of metallica
    but wow this band is really good

  57. Richard Boyes

    Also if I had a band we would be like this

  58. Richard Boyes

    Woweeeeeeeeeee AWESOME!!!!!……guys

  59. Solsiquiera

    Es como si RATT hubiera hecho Heavy Metal. :D

  60. InEuRaZ

    That crowd is dead af

  61. a 1000

    1:45 crowd looks so creepy

  62. Kyle Johnson

    These guys Rock!! Going to see them on their next tour.

  63. Nikos Hatz

    the audience is definitely dummies!!!

  64. Fredward Wingel

    immer noch einer meiner absoluten Lieblingssongs <3

  65. brandon whitson

    Sounds like some old school RAGE, reflections of a shadow era rage and execution garunteed, this band kills and i cant wait to see them grow, the song they did called bad for good was amazing, It had that dokken crunch with a infectious chorus, it will stay in your head for days after 1st listen, i now am putting skull fist up there alongside bands like orden ogan and theocracy and jorn as one of the leaders in the evilution of metal and one of the better bands out there


    brandon whitson hell yeah. Bad for good is fucking fantastic

  66. marcel bust

    just amazing

  67. Kir Garmanov

    Какая вялая публика на такой огненной песне...

  68. Michael Zervas

    remember when this video had like 1k views lol

  69. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Lo compartimos en Todo Rock Murcia

  70. Logan Campos


  71. Fabiano Serpe

    fucking awesome!!

  72. oregonxyz

    I'm a big metalhead - and I just found these guys by accident - I'll be checking out more of their jams

    azharul kamil

    oregonxyz found them thru youtube ads btw

  73. Vlacho Snäke




    Cristhian Camilo Granados León

    HELL YEAH! son de lo mejor, por no decir lo mejor que he escuchado de Power / Speed Metal nuevo que haya salido. Se cagaron en la cara de DragonForce y Sonata Arctica. Jajajaja. Que locura de banda, parce. Que gonorrea en serio!


    @Cristhian Camilo Granados León si creo parce

  74. ScandicInstruments


  75. luis cespedes

    00:10 Dave mustain?


    no, K. K. Downing

  76. SadisticKillerXx

    A corear todas las canciones!!, al fin vendran a Perú

  77. Ever Bozo

    gran banda !!! heavy-speed-metal de la vieja escuela , en diciembre estaran en lima-peru siiiiiiii !!!

  78. Adrian Cobain

    ¿Cuándo vienen a la ciudad de Bogotá (Colombia)?

  79. Gamal Hate

    i will never wait for paradis, because i will create m'y own (paridise/hell)

  80. Carlos R. Berrios

    I like it but whats wrong with the crowd? All dead?

  81. Daniel

    fucking killer! I discovered you guys through Instagram and I'm so glad I did.

  82. Marc474R

    Why do people go to a show to just stand there?

    X Lightcameradeath

    *+Marc474R * Most likely because it's an unknown band and a big part of the audience probably don't know who they are. So they're standing still watching the band and listening to the music to see if they're any good. As a band, you have to _earn_ the moshing and headbanging. At least that's my philosophy.

    Logan Campos


    Hostile - First Wave Black Metal

    Dafuq. Germany and Canada are the best Metal places ever.

    Carlos Grajales

    This people is so bored.


    Too watch and listen to one of there favorite artists maybe?..

  83. imnotwatchin

    Fuck is this the 80's ? shit i've never been this excited xD

    Serina Salsa

    imnotwatchin this is actually recent!

  84. Gabriella

    f*cking awesome! <3 <3 lml

  85. raffo camacho

    one of the best bands for my taste as they bringe eighties style but with it owns label hope and continue drawing more quality albums long live SKULL FIST.

  86. Gabriella

    i love this!! <3 lml

  87. Pablo580

    the best fucking metal band lml

  88. Ryan Rouberte

    Parece que estou ouvindo um ENFORCER melhorado heheh


    Check Cauldron, Evil Invaders, 3 inches of blood, Brocas Helm, Striker, Slough Feg, Midnight and Ranger too ^

    Ryan Rouberte

    @PoweredByDarkness You re right , Striker , Riot , Slough Feg , Grave Digger are among my favorite ever dude

  89. Emanuel Zuñiga

    1.25 speed and this is thrash! xD haahahah naah, this is insaneee! lml

  90. Omar Lopez

    "Modern metal sucks" LOL

  91. Hiroshi13

    Better than 99% of the crap that passes for "metal" these days.

    Alex Valdivia

    Hiroshi13 oh whatever man get over yourself


    Nosotros Papaya Slept King

    Wilford Grimley

    Typical comment from the type of guy who has no idea what's going on underground. The bar for metal is higher than it's ever been. You need to do some fuckin research before you blab your shoddy uninformed opinions

    Logan Campos


    Juan Dela Krus

    agreed, brother! i'm a heavy metal afficionado and i know they sound better than metallica and slayer. and these so called "subcultures" of metal like metalcores, grindcores, etc... they are fucking trash that should be forgotten in the history of metal!!! Skull Fist is the new hero!!!

  92. jose gutierrez muñoz

    So 80's Heavy Metal