Skrillex - Fuji Opener Lyrics

Pop watch me pop it like a

Bust them
Pop selectra

Pull em

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Skrillex Fuji Opener Comments
  1. User 5266

    what is the midi trigger on top used for? anybody care to answer?

  2. Eos Music

    hmmm why did you black out the imager?

  3. Federn


  4. Federn


  5. (ㅎ느ㅎ)

    Battery makes me nervous

  6. ploxyzero

    okay but that snare tho 👌
    i want it

  7. Thomas Newyear Sounds

    Alvin Risk - Skyclad (Skrillex Remix)

  8. Mike Wazowski

    u beck?

  9. LetoWubz Official

    1:45 Virtual Riot - Self Checkout

  10. Ryu's Bubbles

    That battery percentage tho...

  11. Ruben Osorio

    Teach me how to make music

  12. ok tomi

    that snare just be hitting different

  13. UrLoop - Sample Packs & Presets

    Sounds like Bear Grillz - Wicked (ft. Sullivan King)

  14. SkyGoFree

    99 Percent Alvin Risk
    1 Percent charge

  15. XRKFX

    0:54 what beat pattern is that more of that no more hip hop beat

    im griff

    mamba / latin / reggae type beat in double time
    This kinda beat was really made popular thanks to a genre called "Moombahton". If you liked the beat, you might be interested in this


    @im griff thanks your a good person

    im griff

    XRKFX 🤙 glad i could help

  16. Самсунг Галакси

    В начале видео "чайник дай"

  17. Threll.


  18. Rohan Narayan

    Is this DAW pro logic?? Or Ableton Live ??

  19. WhytheVirus

    Felt forever till this song was gonna come it but I honestly hoped he put the vocals for the first drop still glad we got it

  20. Some Guy

    2:07 is other worldly! 🔥❤️

  21. Roydon Dsa

    Garlic Naan😎🤤

  22. juandavid salazarcardenas

    skrillex forever

  23. MoralesHD

    I hear fornite shield getting chugged in the intro with some kind of delay and reverb wow

  24. ABóbora Selecta

    make more videos like this are much more artistic than a super production and it's really cool to see you opening the daw and showing an entire project that you have mastered in your style without these luft patterns for YouTube

  25. ABóbora Selecta

    Cool your user izotope also 😍

  26. The Sir

    That's pretty sick Sonny.

  27. VasileatsTea Epicly

    A Virtual riot and skrillex collab would be so appreciated

  28. Luciano vs4 distur


  29. RAYZØN

    1 de bateria claveeeee

  30. Celes Nievas

    cuando cierro mis ojos la disfruto más 😍

  31. Peron Tolentino

    Moobaton + Riddim + Hybrid Trap! Amazing

  32. devus

    wow i cant believe

  33. doge charger

    Dubstep 2020

  34. WAGS

    Still has the sauce!!!!! Woooooo I love skrillex!!!!!

  35. Krisztofer Tokodi

    lol master is cliping ... m8 why ?

  36. 公式ジョヲ

    Che skrillex, me pareces buen pibe, pero hace dubstep otra vez flaco dale ponete la 10 queres??

  37. Plasma Game279

    Oohh my god.. It's Ableton, and lot of patterns

  38. Koof VA

    Drop min 1:40 yeah 😎

  39. medusa

    its like all the unreleased ids from years ago mashed up into one

  40. barbie without make up

    sounds like marauda - blunder vip

  41. RJJ

    Clicking at the beginning is also the music.

  42. Josh Castillo

    1:41 is god tier

  43. Gian Peñaloza

    My favorite part is the genius product placement:

    *Calvin Klein*

  44. Marc Dsvx

    I love when you guys work together

  45. Free lander

    2020 gang rise up! 😎

  46. Benaddict

    ly 💙💙😩

  47. R U M B L E .

    When you don’t have enough money to make music video

  48. Nelson Victoriano

    1:01 brooooooo 🔥

  49. Elias Helou

    Anyone else hear Garlic Naan

  50. 누누힐ᄅ ᅡ

    His battery is 1% haha

  51. 김도원

    Holy Shit


    Skrillex please make new album 🙏🙌

  53. Ajay Dev


  54. Vikram Betal

    Producers: We don't have the budget to make a music video
    Skrillex: Hold my equilizer

  55. I want to die

    Instant nut

  56. Meteor Blade

    muerta estoy

  57. John Denver

    Legend Alert

  58. alejandra chente


  59. Kubic

    did anyone notice the battery at 1%?

  60. Slenderrendersbro26

    As a producer these types of music vids are more sexy to me

  61. Bass Sky

    He definitely deserve all the money he has . His music is so complex

  62. jhoel lozano

    is fucking noise

  63. Jerry

    That snare is so nice

  64. Maldammba

    The track didn't kill me, 1% of the battery killed me.

  65. Rose-Anne Simple Life

    Love the #music 😍

  66. Wtfidh

    2020? 🔊🔊❤️❤️👽👽

  67. Jelli

    So nobody gonna talk about how his mac isnt crashing after all those softwares on 1%? ok.


    He's charging at same time

    Chandler Ley

    Cause he didn't just listen to the usual facebook producer advice of "jUSt gEt a 2012 mACBOoK bR0" he probably has a 4k$+ mac. Macs are a RIP off but if you spend enough it will perform like a nice pc. I just saw someone open up an entire EP on his custom built pc with no tracks frozen and it ran like a champ as well lol. It's all about the hardware man

  68. Pablo Rubi


  69. Aryanne_v2

    Wish I had the patience to make this stuff.


    Yo aun escucho ese tema de Alvin risk

  71. N3ONS

    99% Talent,1% battery

  72. shallows

    Y’all weird Sonny never left. He’s human so he went out and enjoyed his life instead of being a slave to this music industry and pumping music out 24/7 for you ungrateful fools. And y’all acting like he doesn’t make music when I can guarantee you he’s got at least 3 ready and unreleased albums!

  73. Dylan Alexander Gaitán Sandoval

    Chida Skrillex

  74. Caleb Rojas

    Skrillex: Wait so I have to put a limiter so it doesnt clip? Fucking bullshit?

  75. Spooki

    Can we just look to the % of the laptop



  77. zubair khan

    How many machines/instruments is he using ::')

  78. Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    0:48 Is that sampled from watch me

  79. Ulugbek Xamidov

    its f*cking drop 2nd drop 😍😍😍

  80. Kelleranwärter

    I start listening skrillex with 10 years now im 21 hes back good feeling😇

  81. Eduarado

    skrillex, search ayonikz plz

  82. SтrAzh Flegий

    ебать сколько дорожек ахуеть блять

  83. The YBA

    Love You Skrillex

  84. Lvkas

    the king has regained power

  85. goreme

    Skrillex, how many time u rise ur hair?)

  86. Hexada

    Happy 2020 💛

  87. solomon harris


  88. GUS producer

    Love this

  89. Andrew Kamen

    1:40 God damn, the fills are so sick. Does it sound like the drums are layered with a duplicate version that are reversed?

    Dennis P.

    Something for sure reversed in there but also more layers. Possibly from a synth

  90. miguelredal

    99% skills
    1% Battery

  91. DJ Lachlan

    95% of the master is clipping the whole time

  92. Mister Artyom

    Let's just appreciate his MacBook starting the video at 1% and ending at 5%

  93. Luis Elías Suárez

    Yes OMG

  94. MAPA

    Es muy bueno