Skooly - Marry The Shooter. Lyrics

Uh huh huh hmm...
(Come on...)

Roll up a blunt I can tell you need something
The way you jump when I touch I can tell you need someone
Somebody been touching you
Nobody been loving you
Nobody been fucking you
You playing tough
You like to tussle too
You like it rough
You like to rumble too
This round one, what about number two?
She like the song, fuck her for a song or two

I can go dumb, I can go dumber too
Where my thugs? I'll take your tongue from you
Strut yo stuff (strut yo stuff)
I won't take nun from you (I can't take it)
She need a thug (she need a thug)
She need loving too, she need love

Uh huh hmm (she need loving too)
Uh huh huh hmm (she need loving too)
Uh huh hmm (she need a thug too)
Uh huh huh hmm (she need love too)
Uh huh hmm (alright)
Uh huh hmm (come on)
Uh huh huh (alright, come on)
Uh huh hmm (alright)

Pretty ass teeth like it's Colgate
Keep me in line like a probate
She interested in me like my old case, safe to say she my soulmate
Said it'll be 11 to 7 at yo place I wasn't doing her no way
Fuck you from 7 to 7 it's no way we didn't do this on both dates
Lick on yo leg, and yo belly, and yo face
Tryna see if it's okay
Why didn't you tell me that you had a roommate, we can do this shit your way
Talk about slurp it's stupid
Talk about squirt the scooter
We gone get caught tryna pull out and move, girl, might as well shoot a movie
Top go so well on a Tuesday
Everyone stare at your booty
But you gone marry the shooter
Girl, we just making movies
Bitch I'm a Don, no tooly
This ain't no frank, get muller
But you gone marry the scooter
You gone be thanking scooly
You gone be thinking stupid
(You gone be thanking scooly)

Uh huh huh hmm...
(Come on...)


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Skooly Marry The Shooter. Comments
  1. DopeWeech

    Drake and Wayne changed the Rap game forever. , they started singin/rappin in the same verse.

  2. DopeWeech

    Killed it bro unhhhunhhhmmm 🤓

  3. TazZ Royale

    I'm so mad I didnt hear this before but I'm glad I'm listening to it now lol this shit slide

  4. Jalisa Ford

    Skooly so damn talent and pure 🐐🐐🐐out here 💕💕💕💕

  5. Melyssa Votta

    Still my fav

  6. Austin Stevens

    Man bro i love this song my exs put me on this god blees he died i miss you boo

  7. Allen Nelson

    🗣️Melodies Go Dumb..
    Melodies Go Dumb Or 2

  8. Frito Red

    The fact that this song only has 49k views is BS

  9. Sosa Wayne 01

    Vocals on point 🎯

  10. MzReddMusicLIVE

    ❤drop video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Cosanostra capone

    Cuh so underrated

    Gimmill Grace

    Willlife deX capone big faccs

  12. C.K. The Kidd

    Dope song bro 💯🤙🏾🤙🏾🔥🔥

  13. Takory Johnson

    marry the shoota

  14. Khdeja TV



    Put me in the video! I play this bitch everydayyyyyy!

  16. Mark Simmons


  17. Bria Ellerbee

    ✊🏾 pretty nice

  18. MTG LJ


  19. jhenarius moran

    Been waiting for this one skooly

  20. Ladarius Freeman


  21. Loevey University Ent

    I guess im one of the first to comment.

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