Skooly - Dirty Dawg "Insane" Lyrics

I done did this shit like a hundred times, that's crazy
Mmm, got it, hand me that cup
Bro ain't pulled up with the weed yet?
Buddah blessed this beat

Shit, okay before the fame I knew that I was insane bitch
Dirty dawg, they tell me I'm so untamed bitch
Clean dawg, I ain't got no fucking mange bitch
Single y'all, I ain't got no fucking main bitch
I got whip appeal, show you how to fucking lane switch
Make you disappear, I be on some David Blane shit
On the Richter Scale you won't weigh the fucking same shit
On that Kurt Cobain, I'm still on that Purple Rain shit

I am not the same, he is not the same
I am not ashamed, he ain't got no game
I am not a lame, we don't rock the same
We can't pop the same, he ain't got no stain
I came from a block, I came from the bottom
Didn't come from the top, but I swear I got 'em
This ain't for no nigga, this shit for my mama
This ain't for your niggas, this shit for my partner
Make sure them niggas see, let them bitches breathe
They ain't fucking with me period, I let 'em bleed
Off the Hennessy, she gon' let me see
She don't know exactly what she want, she tellin' me
How to hit a sauna, make them bitches wonder
I'm gon' run up on her, make her feel the thunder
She gon' tell her partner, go get your bitch in order
I put my wrist in water, cop me your bitch, contort her

Shit, okay before the fame I knew that I was insane bitch
Dirty dawg, they tell me I'm so untamed bitch
Clean dawg, I ain't got no fucking mange bitch
Single y'all, I ain't got no fucking main bitch
I got whip appeal, show you how to fucking lane switch
Make you disappear, I be on some David Blane shit
On the Richter Scale you won't weigh the fucking same shit
On that Kurt Cobain, I'm still on that Purple Rain shit

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Skooly Dirty Dawg "Insane" Comments
  1. Kaylajanie

    He so hard and underrated

  2. Felicia Plunkett

    Dude! I'm over here trying to clean my house and I can't get shit done because I keep dancing to your music 😂😉🤞🏻

  3. Billee Jean

    #skooly 🗣💪🏾

  4. Colby Jones

    Me n my bro still bump this to this day

  5. Montario Brewington

    Aye skool i been following since straight like that my name boy boy

  6. Nicholas Tucker

    Fuck with this hoe homie

  7. Will Smith

    Still bumpin cuhz In 2019 ♿️

  8. Matt's Tricks

    I love how you cut every 2 seconds

  9. Billee Jean

    This my 🗣shit‼️

  10. Ferrarrii Fernado

    I am not the same

  11. Jaylan Leonard

    Dis how much I fuck wit dis song! The real Instrumental comin soon! 🎹💯

  12. Larry Bishop Jr


  13. ahsekal Rellim

    I put EVERBODY on this song! I love it!

  14. Kevin Wilson

    Hes so cute

  15. Marty Mcfly

    Clean dog, I ain't got no f***ing... What?!

  16. WhoTf isCed

    do not watch while high pleaase

  17. lovebug always

    Underrated Like Fucc

  18. Stack OrStarve

    Been my boy since 2k10

  19. jeron wiley

    This Shit Need More Views

  20. Kyng Lucid

    Skooly we gotta get yu on blood ! Omm ! Yu got them songs idk wtf going on man

  21. JayRich Films

    Still Bumping This 2018 Facts💂🏻‍♀️💔💯it ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️

  22. John Davis

    I just got put on to skooly the night before last, I listened to this song about 50 times now he should have way more views

  23. Fatavious Harmon

    And I wanna be an up coming rapper like u

  24. Fatavious Harmon

    Skooly tha G.O.A.T i been listining to him since day one one day I wanna make a abulm with u and I kno were u did that freak hill video my aunt live ova there ova there in bankhead somewhere anyway skooly hit me up on my IG @1young_goat tell me if u wanna make a new song with me

  25. Catelyn Morris

    😍💪🤫👑 He My second husband y’all

  26. ss bowtie

    Skooly need to reinvent his image like tittyboi...

  27. Kng Perry

    The goat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this shit 4 my parnaaaaaaa

  28. kylas clubhouse

    " im single yall , i aint got no fucking main bitch .. I LOVE THIS NIGGA !

  29. Pebbles Gotthatwork

    Fuccin heat🔥🙊

  30. meaan kaay

    who could dislike this ? my baby 4ever ong 💍 .

  31. Anita Alexander

    They need to stop sleeping on skooly he been here for a while

  32. aaron doyle

    Damn, this ain't hit a million yet smfh

  33. Leonard Guyton

    Need a milli

  34. Satisfied

    This go hard af 🔥

  35. Ernesto.Maroto


  36. Mario Royal

    We need this original drip

  37. albron_albron

    skooly>lil pump+x+lil xan

  38. Jesús Malverde

    Skooly time in the light comin, hard work pays off👊

  39. Jesús Malverde

    Legendary song, this the anthem, keep up the money moves! Been watchin for years, day 1 gotta support the real g’s in the game!


    Ok how rich is he and how many millionaires has he made from this B.S really 😂 they all push shit this way anything that's Free SMH. Want get you there 👌

  41. Groovy Rich

    Bro kinda look like offset

  42. Deondre C

    Y they sleepin?🔥🔥🔥🤚🏾

    Roy Doster

    Deondre C I don't know man it's crazy how he gave most of them the game and they ran off with and said fuck $Kooly and it's fucked up but he bouncing back 💯💯🔥🔥

  43. Elijah Ashman

    hopefully bro get hit this yr been going hard for long time .

  44. Antonio Moss

    Skooly still got it

  45. Realeyes

    This got 100k. Gucci gang got 100mil

    I wish I could smacc the dirty dogshit out the yuth like nigga.

  46. Tplvgg

    He underrated because he ain sold his soul. Ain nobody finna sell they soul. Well some people

    Roy Doster

    Tplvgg that's real and I believe $Kooly have sold his life away to at 14 or something like thats why that song Wassup,my partner them blow up on the enternet listen to Nobody in reverse IDK man the rap game they say is pretty wicked.. 😈😈😇😇🤑🤑

  47. evadne matthews

    Why skooly so slept on but goofy niggas like drake and ybn nahmir get famous off a 1 hit wonder dah shxt don't make no sense like fr 💯

    Roy Doster

    evadne matthews because those people supposly sold there life away to do that and after that song they begin to make more right after that one that blow up 💯💯

  48. Born Fly


  49. Adrian Woods

    These mfs in this world are 😴💯

  50. Deon Rogers

    I fuck with skooly heavy The whole baccward tape go hard

  51. hbk kei

    this my shit 💔

  52. bunkin Brewer

    So underrated

  53. Czy 2000

    Why this nigga ain’t even got 100000 views like and share y’all trying him

  54. Jaybeatz 92

    Who been rockIn wit him since rich kids.

  55. Tony Brasi

    Them dogs tho 🤤🤤🤤

  56. Maureen Casey

    luv this jam!!!!! yasssss!!! real shit

  57. vinglassalon emmanuel


  58. Isaiah Dredz

    This is waaaaves

  59. Jordan Reid


  60. LuckthaGoddsss

    Someone please make an instrumental I want to body this beat😳😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Chris Francis

    Spit that heat foo!!!!!

  62. MsMarayla shonuff

    Best song on this mixtape

  63. Dee Boi

    One of the best rappers in the CITY, they just hate on him for some reason, Im from the A, so I know.... maybe bc he a crip, seem like all the niggas that rap in the city and relevant are bloods..... could be wrong

  64. Shawn SS

    underrated asf 😩

  65. 44 minutes ago

    More Like This 🤙🏽❤️


    From the sip and yes he been getting slept on for a long time now

  67. K. Nathaniel Hall

    Skooly's best song

  68. Leonard Guyton

    This need a mill

  69. Bj Flexin

    skooly been my favorite rapper

  70. Bj Flexin

    shit goo hard

  71. Bj Flexin

    shit goo hard

  72. Paperboy _TJ

    How this song don't got a million views is beyond me

  73. Mikia Holts

    Yell yell yell

  74. Kandii Kayy

    I love it skooly 😍

  75. Baby Glock

    Who cares bout Skooly?

    Roy Doster

    Baby Glock alot of people like $Kooly fuck you mean make more sense then most of these laime ass rappers now a days and some of the older rappers no dick riding just being real💯💯

    Baby Glock

    I feel you homie , i don't fuck with the laime rappers..skooly was bout to blow up and he done shit..
    Too many rappers real i don't feel the same bout skooly for the bankroll shit..who's real?

  76. Montrel Freeman

    They aint fucking with me peroid so let them bleed #NappiBoi

  77. Keystaxx TV


  78. Demone Williams

    im not sure why skolly isnt a super star yet all his shit riddin

  79. Skooly Taylor

    Skooly say fucc Worldstar thus nigga never put his shit on there I be mad 🤦😂

    Roy Doster

    Skooly Taylor he don't really need them he his own worldstar you digging what I'm saying 💯💯

  80. Michael L


  81. Shante Hamilton

    All blue on my end ... Love u skooly 😊

  82. markus mckinney

    My mans underated like shit😴the don is back☝🏼

  83. DennisThee Mennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Ricky Johnson

    him and yung booke better than alot of rapper out there now

    Smoke 1

    Ricky Johnson Dam Right!!!!

    Roy Doster

    Ricky Johnson hell yeah everything sense they first started together when they where rich kids and money savage live from the booth all that 💯💯

    Ricky Johnson

    +Roy Doster facts

    Micc60 Joe

    They working on the a tape together

  85. Isla Akai

    Do some videos with Cole Bennett please‼️‼️‼️

  86. Deondre C

    U too hard. Do a song with baby tho🔥

  87. thebestdateverdidit

    Skooly so talented man still slept on he could give af bout that fame shit tho he won’t sellout! But bruh just got that shit u can’t teach it’s natural! He gifted asf!!

  88. Mr. Ellis

    You da hardest boi

  89. SlayR_99


    Roy Doster

    SlayR_99 most definitely is big time

  90. Blackie Williams


  91. OnlyCrew Beats

    Keep winning on em cuz 🌊🎧🔥

  92. OnlyCrew Beats

    Keep winning on em cuz 🌊🎧🔥

  93. 2 Crizzy