Skooly - Crazy Shit Lyrics

Yeah, haha
Did that crazy shit, uh
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit
2-17 on the track, man

Too much cash, too much swag, I got plenty hoes
She got ass, she got ass, they some friendly hoes
And she bad, and she bad, and her friend a hoe
And her man can't get mad cos' she wit' it doe'
Tell her blindfold, she's a centerfold
Them some diddy hoe, they drink Henny hoe
Go to college and they pop it, they're too many hoe
You know them city hoes, well not really though
Out the city, eat at Venice, stay by lenience hoes
Let me finish though, want 'bout 10 a show
I got plenty shows, I got plenty hoes
Hot as stove, whip the floor up like a [?]

[Skooly (Lil Xan):]
Did that crazy shit, uh
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit
Did that crazy shit, uh
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit, yeah (yeah)
Did that crazy shit (brra)

[Lil Xan:]
My life crazy, yo, ay
Shout-out haters though, yeah
Oldheads think they know me, no
I'm so rich like why you mad?
My time now, your shit just passed
Need a pass, you cannot get into where I'm at
Brr, brr, brr, ay
Got the bag, when my family ask, I send them racks
In the 8, yeah I fucked that bih' like she my bae
Ooh, okay, go and hate, but I'm still gon' stay
Ooh, okay, go and hate, but I'm still gon' stay
Ooh they mad cos' I say what I really think
Ooh they mad cos' I say what I really think
Made them mad cos' I'm up and they both just sing
Made them mad cos' I'm up and they both the same

Did that crazy shit, uh
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit
Did that crazy shit, uh
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit, yeah
Did that crazy shit

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Skooly Crazy Shit Comments
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    lil xanny :)

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    Is Lil Xan dead yet? On my Deadpool list for 2020

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    Nadie vino por la musica de thegref

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    AWSOME lol nostalgic x2🔥🔥🔥👑

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    Soy el comentario en español que andabas buscando :V


    This vid and drug addicts lil pump....

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    Lil Xan - “Crazy Shit” ( Official Music Video) Feat. Skooly ™

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    @Humble Kendrick Lamar

  24. Aaron

    All musicians be satanists, pray to Satan to be approached to work in music industry. "My life crazy do, shout out haters do"

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    lil pump ?

  26. Real Atlanta

    Skooly DUE4ME 3 is out now on all platforms ft this song

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    why does every rapper think im on shrooms , makin trippie ass videos n what not

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    we missed skooly doing the shoot dance

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    ANY RAPPERS NEED A DOPE PRODUCER? I’ll work with you! Peep me out! I make beats like this! I’ll make free beats for u if ur dope! I’m looking for you! Check my channel! I got them beats on lock! Broooo! 🔥

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    copy of drug adiccts

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