Skizzy Mars - To The Bottom Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Skizzy Mars:]
Don't think if you thinkin' wrong
This the type of song you could sing along
This the type of song you relate to
She wouldn't talk much
Hit the bong, had a breakthrough
Ooh one and the joint we should be alone
Don't say nothin' foul, you on speakerphone
It's just the homies and I told em that you comin' thru
Leave the club at 1 or 2, probably leave at 1 or 2
Keep it casual, bitches mad at you
Keep it pushin' girl, and move it lateral
I know you been weird
So baby why you actin' cool?
Why you actin' coy, girl I ain't a fool
Let's get it, but only if you wit it
And I hate commitment
And man I need forgiveness
And she gon' say I did some shit
I probably really didn't
It's too late, but now I really did it

[Hook - Charlie Brand:]
Let's get down to the bottom of this
Tonight, while you are gone
Tomorrow things will look different, I know
If I make it back home

[Verse 2 - Skizzy:]
Yeah, tryna make it to the promised land
Feelin' on shorty's butt, drink is in the other hand
Aggressive when I drink too much
Hopin' that she understand
But I know she understand
Shorty I'm the fuckin' man
And I say that cause I always do deliver
Well maybe I should chill and reconsider
These niggas can't compete, they resumes is weak
Drivin' somewhere cool, the city with dumb heat
Shorty wanna dance, I'm a little bit clumsy
You got your boobs enhanced, they look at little bit bigger
And I know you got these niggas all over you
But she got a [?] and I'm a little bit iller
Put the bottle in the freezer, a little bit chiller
We need something to mix the weed with
Stay up til 7 and watch the sunrise, all night with the weed lit
Cookin' breakfast in my flannel, isn't the view scenic?


[Bridge - Charlie Brand:]
I'm thinkin' of myself
No room for anyone else
Forgotten of my head
My girlfriend and my house


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Skizzy Mars To The Bottom Comments
  1. Nick Parrish


  2. S2low

    Wish I new who the female vocalist is


    S2low there’s no female... it’s literally skizzy and Charlie brand

  3. Nick Cahill

    How did it take me this long to find it


    Nick Cahill at least you found it ❤️

  4. _ incognito _

    I would to listen to this song everyday when I was a stoner, back in the good old days......beautiful

  5. Ronnie B

    I want to show all my friends this. This Song is so chill and calm, is obsessed

    Kaitlyn Shemerdiak

    Ronnie B mee toooo

  6. Frozty Boii

    G Eazy definitely needed to be on this song

    E M

    it wouldn't hurt. although skizzy did great on his own

  7. Aidan Jacobs

    Great song. He sounds kinda like g-eazy

  8. TxJonathan

    Absolute favorite song right there with pay for you.

  9. 1400 Sounds

    Red Balloon lyrics on my channel.
    More coming soon :)

  10. ToNoY RahmaN

     Charlie Brand ... !!!  mysterious voice  i need your more song !!! skizzy mars ... damn !! both are new but they are damn! 


    Skizzy is not new

    Daniela Ponce

    Charlie brand isn't new he is from miniature tigers