Skizzy Mars - Houdini Lyrics

Warm nights, and cold sweats
Ima kill the mic, you can place a bet
From a penthouse roof, I broke through
Did some soul searching and music I found you
And maybe I need help, mistakes don't happen two times
But I always had drive, that's why I got two rides
Blunt ash on the dash near is pikachu
Only fear is god and that's why we not fearing you
Real recognize real and we ain't seeing you
We VIP, ya'll on - line Phoenix U
After a couple drinks, like 3 or 2
I don't wanna do the shit that I need to do
Houdini had his tricks and a mask
Strippers got their tips and their ass
And I just write songs that put my life on blast
Hope that ya'll believe me
I hate that ya'll can see me, I just wanna disappear, hey

Man I just wanna disappear

Cold nights, I'm lukewarm
A lotta hype, like two songs
That's pressure like Alesso, its stressful
But fuck it, I can't do wrong
I need somebody to talk to
FAQ of life, they could give me a walkthrough
Music's my heart, when its hurt, I call you
When my backbone, foundation'll fall through
Bring some liquor here, I wanna disappear
I wanna tell god I don't know what the fuck to do
My problems they haunt me so I then just splurge off
So ill go from barneys, to tom ford, to bergdorf
My ex girls, they cheated, but I swear that's they're loss
They saying they pack heat, but baby that's airsoft
Minnie, I wish you were here now
That's why I wanna just disappear now, hey

(Raise up to your ability)
Man who made you the boss?
I'm trying to have cameras flash when I walk through
I guess to win some, you just gotta take a loss, or two

(Raise up to your ability)
Looking down from the penthouse, elitist roots
And I was smoking and I ordered like a drink or two
Trying to do more than simply what's feasible

(Raise up to your ability)
We all scared of our potential
Wanna move my mom to somewhere residential
Gotta keep in mind what really remains essential

(Raise up to your ability)
And I just love making music
Ill quit when it's a bitch, gotta remain fluid
Cause changing this whole game, I'm the one to do it

Penthouse Music [x4]

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Skizzy Mars Houdini Comments
  1. Zach Collins

    still dope

  2. lovelyd9187

    its hard to compare each of skizzys albums. i love phases for a reason i love pace for a reason i love red balloon and alone together for a reason. hes growing hes trying new things... skizzys still the fuckin man

  3. Cameron M

    This is mad mediocre for Skizzy lol. If you're hyping it you probably aren't familiar with foster the people cause the beat is the only phenomenal part really.

    Tim Retter

    listen to it again

    Cameron M


    Cameron M

    @jcc1199 fair

  4. Paulo A

    This song is better than most of Alone Together. I was really hopeful for that album, and it had its moments, but it kinda fell flat IMO.

    Geoffrey Aldaz

    Same...I bought the album and enjoyed most tracks but it wasn't as good as I hoped :( I love skizzy tho

    Tim Retter

    It's a morning album. You just have to be in the right mood for it. I didn't really like i the first time I heard it - but it's fire.

  5. Redmclovin 714


  6. Redmclovin 714

    2016 still comenting

    Sam The Messiah

    no one still cares


    Haa ya me 2

  7. Blaise

    Why not on soundcloud 😩🖕🏽

  8. Batstitch

    Eh. Pretty good.

  9. Alexa Miller

    My nonexistent dick is so hard for this song.

  10. Ryan Selvarajah

    This song is such a good take on the original

  11. Enoc


  12. DJ Trashbag

    I fucking hate it when people compare skizzy to logic I love logic I know like all his shit But you guys gotta learn to appreciate different artists for different sounds If someone sounded exactly like logic it wouldnt be worth listening to them

    Klemen Rebec

    wèll said

  13. Shinku Quickman

    Skizzy Mars -- Houdini (ft. Foster The People)? No, this is Foster The People -- Houdini (ft. Skizzy Mars.) Nothing was done except new lyrics added. And Mark Foster's voice just sounds better.


    @Shinku Quickman It says on the bottom its an adaption. chill.

    jackson risucci

    +Shinku Quicken sorry general fuckface

    99 #Beats

    +jackson risucci truee 😂😂

    Organic Potato

    Shinku Quickman who gives a fuck get out of here

  14. Christian Morrill

    Hes not all that good in my opinion, Logic is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better.

    Isaiah Moore

    Pretty sure I never said they were the same person, But whatever makes you feel smart on the internet I guess.

    Michael Surran

    @Isaiah Moore This guy knows whats up...

    Michael Surran

    @Isaiah Moore gotta trial and cater to taste


    No one cares and no one asked for your opinion gtfo here.

    Organic Potato

    Christian Morrill logic gay AF haha

  15. the40oz

    You make every song sick!

  16. anna_qc

    Skizzy needs to become big like RIGHT NOW

  17. Zach Hiller

    needs way more views

    99 #Beats

    +Zach Hiller haha "Views....Views"

  18. J O

    Just started listening to skizzy mars and he's bad ass idk why he doesn't have more view

  19. NoSurveyJustAdfly

    This needs more views...

  20. Evan Powell


  21. Aaron Jones

    Idk wich one is better... Skizzy mars version - or - regular :0

  22. Filthy Virgeens

    The only thing colder than your words is your wrist.

  23. damienfear

    no one cares

  24. EditCompound

    ILY Kez<3


    love! love! love!

    Also love Foster the People. I am more then inspired, I love this song.

  26. Yesitdid

    fucking gaming nerds

  27. zandon dallas

    faze brought me here

  28. BuckeyeBaller101

    You're obnoxious

  29. Wormy Kappa


  30. Rescede

    If I ever hear someone say that, I will not even be able to respond out of their stupidity.

  31. Anand Srinivasan

    lol, no the best one is "It's been scientifically proven that religion exists" :)

  32. NA NA

    He's in visionary music group with logic bro.

  33. WalshyMusic

    that is so true. none the less, he is still dope and makes awesome music

  34. ctcsback1

    Montage time

  35. Shaqtus57

    This is at least 3 songs now he says "penthouse" in

  36. Rescede

    Religious facts is an oxymoron I hope that you know.

  37. Rescede

    Can you take a joke?

  38. RayOtto

    We used this song in TSU Untied We Stand Ep 7

  39. MarcThaGreat

    This song is the shit!!!!

  40. Suprem(e)

    Thx FaZe Rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  41. itz_ZODiiAC

    FaZe Rainn :)

  42. BlurzYO

    @hmlspider how can you compare logic to skizzy? Two different ball parcks skizzy os actually talented logic is different.

  43. Hmlspider

    skizzy and logic are the best rappers eva !!!!!!!!

  44. grandmasboi

    crazy! it´s such an amazing song!

  45. ArisJanoskian


  46. iTriggerHappy1


  47. CAIB

    that's fucking smart

  48. Aj Austrins

    Need a download link skiz, this is sick

  49. zenzo xander

    this guy reminds me why I don't listen to rap...

  50. Steve Hak


  51. HoboAttak

    love all of his album artworks, amazing.

  52. rasheedk219

    He shuld join the deans list! And rap alongside sonny!

  53. K-DOT

    Learn English.

  54. Tony951909

    If ppl dont like the song why click on it of course fosters knew the song would be like this he colabed wit skizzy for a reason money n the love of music to make a livin leave the negitive comments to the artist them selves thank u

  55. fresh

    wow , u lames, bt i like this song, this shit is bangin!!!

  56. Linda Eichler

    fuucking song !

  57. TaPe Aseq

    Ty Faxi for this sick songggg <33

  58. Jacob Eenink

    if you like shit music dont click on skizzy

  59. ThatTallGuyEli

    This is tight.

  60. No U

    this is sick

  61. Gabriela Costa

    what an awfull song .
    foster the peoples original one is much better

  62. smitteons

    skizzy's wrek

  63. Rufat Babayev

    Hoy Myyy Gadness Soo Good Songssss <3

  64. Niqht

    @KolaEdits F*ckin good edit <3

  65. Quentin Coësme

    SoaR Humid ! <3 thx

  66. Niqht

    Humid Colds Day <3

  67. otto

    Heard instrumental on ssx but skizzy and foster the ppl = #Amazing

  68. tshet17

    this is awesome! howd you get the instrumental?

  69. MeuNomeENiklas

    OMG you're soooo right!

  70. Ju Loyola

    @samplaced First of all, I didn't say I don't like this. It's well done, I just like the original better. Second, I'm not a hipster and the band itself hates hipsters. Third, I'm sorry if I was impolite, I didn't meant to be.

  71. M4NG20

    PsyQo aLiim

  72. Ju Loyola

    The original song is SO much better.

  73. Jared Casanova

    I hate rap with a passion but this is actually pretty good

  74. Martijn Hazenoot

    waaaay better than the origional

  75. Troy

    download link?

  76. Serkan Deniz

    thumps up if PsyQo aLiim brought you here

  77. Ridge Sulkey

    Is this copyrighted?

  78. sanie.insanity

    jeah . because of foster the people <3

  79. Cas V

    awsomee z

  80. Derek De Jong

    I Tunes this.

  81. QUIT

    MOST UNDERATED RAPPER EVER, Skizzy, your a boss! I hate how your not on itunes

  82. Josselyn xo

    can you just drop a mixtape already?

  83. btje vtje

    5 stars

  84. Azuly GFX

    possibley taken from EDubble? Be Okay?

  85. Kanye West

    SO happy I found this guy too sick!

  86. Nathaniel Dalton

    This song describes Skizzys life in about 6 months. Upbeat and amazing.

  87. ivo


  88. wareagles1994

    @MizzFierceluv Why does it matter if he cusses? I really don't see how that's a big deal.

  89. Stuart Mahoney

    this is that funky filthy shit i been looking for..

  90. Bonkers

    well, its ok

  91. Bonkers

    everytime they "remix" (ruin) the song they always gotta cuss