Skizzy Mars - Down Lyrics

You could be
You could [x3]
Be down for
Down, down down

[Hook - Skizzy Mars:]
Uh, I mean what's to understand?
Always knew I had it coming
All I needed was a plan ahh no
Now all these new girls wanna be down
(Down, down, down down)
But nah, nah
Middle finger and a blunt
Motherfuck a non-believer
On my mama, word to God, ahh no
Nigga you will never ever be
(Down, down, down down)

[Verse 1 - Skizzy Mars:]
Smoking tropical flavored swishers
Walk in, they taking pictures
Say I'm her man, I'm saying it's unofficial
I was fucking with a blonde in the Saint-Laurent
We could get it on in my living room
Raw shit, I'm on
She's like "but on the radio you don't have a song"
Give me some time baby, I'll prove you wrong
Baby you could have it all, in like two years
Maybe three, maybe four, shit I take my time!
I been doing tables at 1 Oak
And up and down
I was 15 in there at night just fucking around
Ain't a surprise, boys telling you lies
I'm from the city where niggas don't need to drive
We hop on the subway, my girl is on runways
She say she go to class but never on Mondays
Baby, I'm that nigga that you realize one day
You'd be foolish to neglect it
I'm very well respected

[Hook - Skizzy Mars]

[Verse 2 - QuESt:]
Oh my, no lie, as I've come to expected
Open ended suggestions you keep texting
Like who you impressing?
Fucking up all these first impressions
I just thought you had the sense to know who you could be in bed with
Instead this sense of entitlement
Got us out on some idle tip
I'm committed when it's convenient
You stuck on this title shit, talking David Bridals and shit
What you want from a nigga?
Never give it up but still love to flaunt for a nigga
Good lord, would love to fuck you on tour
But you too stuck on bullshit and fall in love with the lord
And all these fuck niggas showing up, slow to adjust
Late to the party, I get it
You chose to sleep in, no need to see if he's sorry
Apologies for the brash demeanor
The paper's coming in, the pasture's looking so much greener
And time is money
That's word
To any and everybody who ever quoted
I swear you could've been down
And what's worse is you'll never notice
What's up?


[Outro - Devon Baldwin:]
I've been asking you to stay
But no matter what I say
You can't see that I'm the one you're looking for
I can't take the games you play
When you look the other way
I'm not sure if I can take this anymore
Can't you see?
I could be?
Everything you want and more
Let me be what you need
Don't you know that I adore you?
Boy you know that I could be down for you
Let me be the one that you're down for too

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