Skinny Puppy - Use Less Lyrics

Are we alone?
Mission complete
To the unknown
This is a story
This is so sorry

Hard as a stone
Sunk in too deep
Run out of air
Lung full of heavy
It's feeling heavy

Room for one
Fossil to break
Labor of hate
Who are we fooling?
What are we doing?

In it on time
Proof in the meat
Time to consume
Doesn't concern me
Under a flag free

Are we all completely useless?
Are we? Are we?

End is unknown
Sick and alone
This is a dream
Meant as a nice thing
Meant as a nice thing

So pause at the end
Cause the effect
Shorten the pain
Time for reflection
On to regret them

Are we all completely useless?
Are we? Are we?

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Skinny Puppy Use Less Comments
  1. jason king

    Check out God flesh and O.L.D. if you like Skinny Puppy, respectively .

  2. jason king

    A good 70s band is SUICIDE, but again Skinny Puppy took it to the level we all know and love.

  3. jason king

    ya throb and grizzel not to 4get Kraftwerk , yep all good BUUUUUUUUUUT then SKINNY PUPPY came along and owned it all.

  4. killerjuggalo2

    Man it reminds me o the times I dressed all goth an was in highschool lulz I love the past

  5. Altern 8

    Who the lead vocal? Pls?

  6. Synathidy

    DAMN, this is so SICK!!!!

  7. korqatt

    Tool AND Static-X members featured on this Skinny Puppy track. If that isn't epic asf, I don't know WHAT is.

  8. Carmin Carocciolo

    Really ??? Wayne Static X ?

  9. martins adins

    less is more

  10. Rodrigo Santiago

    Genial Skinny 😎🤘

  11. Christopher O'Keefe

    I think Daney Carey played drums on this track.

  12. Lee Hearn

    Correct lyrics, per Ogre

    Are we alone?
    Mission complete
    To the unknown
    This is a story
    This is so sorry

    All is a stone
    Sunk in too deep
    Run out of air
    Lung full of heavy
    It's feeling heavy

    Were we forewarned?
    Force it to break
    Labor of hate
    Who are we fooling?
    What are we doing?

    Pin it on time
    Proof in the meat
    Time to consume
    Does it concern me?
    Under a flag free

    Are we all completely use less?
    Are we?
    Are we?

    End is a known
    Sick and alone
    Pieces of dream
    Meant as a nice theme
    Meant as a nice dream

    So pause at the end
    Cause the effect
    Shorten the pain
    Time for reflection
    Or to regret them

    Are we all completely use less?
    Are we?
    Are we?

    Altern 8

    Thank you.

  13. Paul Desfosses

    3:20pm 3/8/2018 birmingham alabama tyhursday afternoon week 2 march lawson library .....

  14. Blake Krasner

    Wayne Static also performed on this song ;)

  15. Paul Desfosses

    3;39pm 1/21/2018 telhase florida siunday afternoon january

  16. Paul Desfosses

    4;14pm 1/16/2018 telehase florida Tuesday afternoon

  17. Paul Desfosses

    1;101pm 1/16/2018 telehase flroida Tuesday afternoon

  18. Blessed Be


  19. Völl Däpp

    In the early 80ies I bought 2 band's records without prelistening: SkinnyPuppy and Front242.
    In opposite to many SP fans I also like the new records.

    Joe Isabella

    Völl Däpp you chose wisely!

  20. Robert Z

    As close to commercial as they ever got, great song . What a great sound, I love these guys. Warlock is always my favorite !

  21. Máquina Humanoide

    Ft. Wayne Static and Danny Carey

  22. Sinthia Jarrz


  23. damn thing

    SP goes radiomusic? sooo sad.

    Máquina Humanoide

    Pff, give me a break. They won't play this on the radio. Have you heard what they put on the radio? This is STILL way too dark for them.

    damn thing

    but sorry, those tunes are ... shit

  24. Sinthia Jarrz



    Sinthia Jarrz. Just download it.

  25. Sinthia Jarrz


  26. Undertale Mania

    OMG! i was listening to nine inch nails 4 the 1st time and they kinda reminded me of skinny puppy so i checked out their Wikipedia page and turns out that they were influenced by skinny puppy! is it just me or is that weird?

    Jade Jaded

    Nine Inch Nails is only ONE person...Trent Reznor...He does everything by himself in the studio..He only uses musicians when he tours, And NIN came out years after SP did, NIN (1988) and SP (1982)

    Máquina Humanoide

    Why would that be weird? Trent was doing stuff with Al Jourgensen of Ministry before he even finished the first NIN record. Al Jourgensen pretty much helped him get where he is.

  27. Natasha Richardson

    It sucks that my ex husband initially turned me onto Skinny Pi

  28. Video Demon

    The South Park episode Raisins brought me here.


    skippy puppy

  29. Simon Michelini

    Did anybody else notice that every single Skinny Puppy album cover looks like somebody was doing rails off it?


    goths are losers

    Simon Michelini

    noobenstein is a prejudiced, judgmental nimrod.


    @Simon Michelini no you are

  30. Ryan jamees

    grump bump

  31. micha hartdarkon

    Skiny hier

  32. acivilconscience

    Danny carey and Skinny Puppy AND Wayne static. Well done. Fuckin'-A

  33. Byron Dunbar

    Ogre's lyrics are so clean and clear here... I think I've gone to an alternate dimension where Skinny Puppy stayed a synth pop band, andI love it. 0_0

  34. Shawn Cromer

    So I see a lot of a judgmental cunts does it truly matter piss off unless you can do better!!!

  35. [SydneyIndustrial]

    RIP Wayne Static

    Santi T.

    ??? RIP...

    Tony Michael

    @Santi Trelis Wayne Static died yesterday.


    Wayne Static was in the band?

    Dave J. West

    @Carilia No, he was just doing guest vocals for this track.

    Kioni Hernandez

    RIP Saki Kaskas (guitars in this song)

  36. Christopher Muns

    "Are we?"

  37. M Peery

    I'm so glad the band members don't give a f*ck what you think you naysayers. 

  38. Alex M

    This  is  " SP "  

  39. Justin Kratz

    9 people are completely useless.

    Jakub Janíček

    35 losers.


    atleast they can confirm it

  40. Zeljko Valentic

    Kan you really have favorite song?

  41. DamnationEternal

    Featuring Wayne Static on backup vocals

    Don Boscorelli

    I didn't find that out until later, and it straight up blew my mind. So cool.

    jason giemza

    yes wayne static is also great. enjoy both bands very much

    Máquina Humanoide

    Don't forget Danny Carey

  42. Tourettes Orc

    Thank you.

  43. Ben

    great fucking song !!!!

  44. trav S

    is wayne static singing in this song?????

  45. Dave J. West

    Listen to the Ministry Album "Twitch". It's similar to SP 80's work. Then also check out Front Line Assembly and Testify.

    Stephen Zimmerman

    Maybe blue stahli celldweller

  46. Oscar Blue

    Why is it so?

  47. photondance

    You know, I really don't think they wrote that song for you anyway. Nostalgia can be a real bitch sometimes.

  48. Alessio

    Not anymore as I see ahah

  49. aurlux

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  50. Mark W Bertholf

    Check out an 70's band called Throbbing Gristle, and my personal favorite is an english band called COIL.

    I found that if you put on a Coil album and then fall asleep, your dreams are so powerful and wild.

    Pan Darius Kairos

    There's a jam session of TG and SP somewhere on YT, it's pretty epic.

    Brian Kyllo


    Angakok Thoth

    @Brian Kyllo that's larry trasher who played in psychic tv, not TG.

  51. DrachyrShock

    Whit Wayne Static of Static-X

  52. LuvMyLedZep

    I've heard a lot of bad things about this song but it's not really that bad......after hearing Pro-Test I was thinking could there possibly be a worse song masquerading as a Skuppy song?? Not that I have yet found. I will never forgive them for that fucking song, honestly. Don't get me started on that video!

  53. LuvMyLedZep

    Anyone who says this is a favorite SP song doesn't know shit about what SP is really about.

  54. John Riepel

    I hear ya man and I agree with most of what your saying but when I say electro industrial, it's not that same electro your thinking about. Early sp had that very goth/darkwave influences with industrial but later albums had a more dark electro sound like Vivsect VI and even too dark park. Rabies was their "rock album thanks to Al ;) Many bands were influenced by that dark electro sound of SP. Yelworc, Pedwalk, Evils Toy, and many others. In my opinion SP invented that dark electro sound.

  55. John Riepel

    I get what your saying. I do but when it comes to people asking me what is SP, I get stumped because their sound has changed so much over the years but I usually say electro industrial/goth because in my opinion it describes their best work in the 80's & early 90's. I would never call them EBM. I'd slap someone if I heard that! Shit! EBM doesn't even exist anymore with all this aggrotech b.s. Perfect visual on the cat in the hat lol. Maybe some baggy pants with reflectors on it & a slipnot shirt

  56. calaverasgrande

    yeah well I'm 45 so I win!
    haha just kidding.
    Just getting sick of every wiki and every youtube vid of any industrial band has some clown saying "this is wizard cool Electro-metal!". I imagine they have one of those cat in the hat striped hats on as they type.

  57. calaverasgrande

    see the wikipedia entry on electronic music genres to get where I am coming from. It's a bunch of nonsense to me to try and catalogue music into linear genres. Much less to try and categorize all electronic music by hierarchy.
    To be frank I always thought of SP as more of a goth band with industrial influence than an industrial band. EBM=house/techno EBM=/Industrial.
    Just saying is all. Not trying to call you out.

  58. calaverasgrande

    goth & industrial yeah, but I dont see where you are getting electro from. Electro is pretty much roland analogue gear with a funky beat and futurist styling. EG:Afrika Bambatta (though I consider him plain old good hip hop).
    My point is that it's not part of the same family. Early industrial acts had a contentious relationship with music. They were deliberately anti song structure, anti-pop, anti-melody etc.
    PS. nothin personal. man, just hate this genre hierarchy shit.

  59. John Riepel

    Oh, and you don't know me from jack shit either & telling me that I wasn't really in the scene in the 80's or 90's makes me laugh. I saw all the greats in their hayday. I got introduce to this music at a very early age thanks to my older cousin & living in Chicago! It was my life! Shows, clubs, after parties! I met so many great artisits and partied with many of them, I am personal friends with Chris Connelly & other chaps from the wax trax days.. I was very involved in the Chicago "scene!!" lol

  60. John Riepel

    Your putting words in my mouth and your not telling me anything that I don't already know lol. "Industrial" started in the mid to late 70's with bands I previously mentioned. It was experimental and the name term came from a record label called Industrial records! EBM people?? lol EBM is music, not people. 242, is EBM and they like the Industrial term as well. It's all part of the same damn family but if you want to get your panties in a bunch about it, have at it!

  61. John Riepel

    For one dude, I've been listening to this music for over 25 years and I know it very well. I never said SP were ebm lol. EBM, Electro or whatever is all apart of Industrial in some shape or form. If you wanna be technical then SP aren't Industrial. Throbbing Gristle, Neubaten, Lab Report, SPK is Industrial. SP are Electro/Industrial/Goth. And I'm not talking about playing live either! In the 80's Cevin used drum pads, metal garbage can & drum machines.House or techno???Where did that come from?

  62. calaverasgrande

    I guess you weren'r really in the industrial scene in the 80's/90's?
    If they hew to any label it's industrial. They kind of created the whole intersection of goth and industrial scenes.
    As far as electro, SP is a live drummer with some sequenced bits. It's not an 808, it's not house or techno.
    I am just really sick of these tweaked out EBM people retroactively categorizing all music made with electronic gear as some kind of subset of EBM/IDM/Electro.
    Industrial predates all that shit.

  63. John Riepel

    Whether you dislike labels or not, they exist! The point is, every genre of music has labels plain and simple. Yes, Skinny Puppy is Skinny Puppy but there is nothing wrong with having labels to describe their sound. And "Electro" has been a term long before analog synths. I consider SP electro industrial,electro goth, industrial rock,and experimental depending on which era. They sure aren't ebm lol. I use to be that guy saying "I hate labels!" I'm 38 years old now, who gives a shit? lol

  64. calaverasgrande

    Severed Heads, Cabaret Voltaire, D.A.F., Throbbing Gristle

    Frank Lopez

    calaverasgrande Nocturnal emissions, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Devo also 👍

  65. calaverasgrande

    they arent electro-industrial. Nobody was saying "electro" until analog gear was out of vogue and it was weird to see some one using old synths and not the "new hotness" samplers and FM synths.
    They are just fucking Skinny Puppy.
    So sick of people retroactively labeling bands.

  66. Chris Canter

    I used to need acid to understand it. Now I need it to remember the best parts of my life ill never have again.

  67. tired

    A few guys are deaf

  68. Dave J. West

    Two people always feel use less

  69. Inverted Scrotum

    First song from SP i'd ever heard.. and still haunts me to this day..

  70. John Riepel

    Well it depends what kind of era your talking about. Skinny puppy of the the 80's and early 90's was darker electro industrial, They have changed quite a bit since those golden years of electro goth or whatever you want to call it. If you like the old stuff, check out Velvet Acid Christ, Yelworc, Placebo Effect, old X Marks the Pedwalk, but for the newer style... I couldn't really compare it to anything else. If you have any questions, I got your back ;)

  71. injurytoinstinct

    You forgot to mention that this song also contains a certain Mr Wayne Static singing the chorus.

  72. DISCOBABY1956

    You are oh, so right, like I say, to each his own.

  73. DISCOBABY1956

    Sounds like the lead singer from Type O Negative...
    who has joined that R&R band in the sky...RIP

  74. adamswierczynski

    Front line assembly, Icon of coil, my life with the thrill kill cult, 13 mg, sister machine gun, front 242, nine inch nails, ministry...

    go to allmusic [dot] com and look up skinny puppy and check the section for related artists and artists that inspire their work

  75. Dave J. West

    Assemblage 23 is close to their style.

  76. Glen Sayers

    Haven't found any really. I would recommend Yendri, VNV Nation,

  77. petermurphyfan boothe

    adores skinny puppy

  78. Albert Radmacher

    Did not know Tool drummer Danny Carey played in this song...awesome!.

  79. Terran Dub

    The Tear Garden (Tired eyes, slowly burning. Ophelia, etc.) is similar to this track -- it is a project involving cevin key and edward ka-spel of Legendary Pink Dots also worthy... for more industrial goth noise check out Foetus.

  80. GschlatztesBlut


    a few songs: hilo, comedown, hollow, bellow, screw me...

    they are genius

  81. musicistachica

    SO agree with you. People bring petty bullshit that has to do with their own insecurities into these comments when they should just be listening to the music and taking in it's awesomeness.

  82. meimtwiztid420

    why is it people must play the "whos better" game? why not shut the fuck up and listen to what all the greats have to offer us.

  83. BleedingMascara

    2 guys and now they are dead.

  84. David Ström

    On both ears, apparently.

  85. Mady Smith

    thats what i heard to it defiantly sounds like danny tho ^_^

  86. equanox100

    half of this is digital programming of drums n percussion and the other half is live recorded drums

  87. sinnermonkey

    way to dive in there

  88. jasmine

    Nevermind, I looked it up. So, this is the only song he plays for.

  89. jasmine

    This is the drummer from Tool?
    Sorry, someone recommended me here, this is my first time listening to this band.

  90. Plague Doctor

    @schism47 ok, for me chris alder is the best:)

  91. Laughingnahga

    In regards to DanishVikingPastry this is all I have to say

    don't forget the world wide web part.

  92. Ian Michael

    This is truth

  93. emeraldthane

    Wayne Static is on here as well in the chorus. Love this song.

  94. DanishVikingPastry

    I'm so sorry, but I cannot hear your petty argument over the sound of me doing your mom. I'm really sorry.
    Come back later?