Skinny Puppy - tsudanama Lyrics

Cursed involves fading inquest incorporating
your life and dreams that certain aspect scene
these feelings still the same certain of this stupid game
causing no one pain the very same story again
helter scare they don't care even if they pray
the fattest cat the pussy slaps awaken take away
hey face actor what's that shit you say
telling is this sentiment
fuck you go away

HEY destruction watch me go away
Flavor destruction desperate insane
HEY destruction watch me go away
HEY destruction no one here today

Harm no thing unless attacked then don't look back tearing it limb from limb
gently bend them bones again
respond rip out the broken parts
the speaker is now broken
thirst improves fading oblivion incorporating
everything that bleeds is what this thing needs to believe
this broken part of me is too dark a park to be
much darker than he dreamed left within a scream
funny eyes watch them die laugh at when they fade
these simple things will bring me in
to relish the last breath you breathe

The cake is left out on the floor to trap the rats that took the bait and ate the cake
in sensing the bottom and the end one only looks for a way back to the first place.
what a place what a race what a confusion a nation with a fear of a fear of a fear.
what's left of a bowl, broken, on the floor, alter dogs have grown angry and stoned watching the hours,
burning towers could it have been
flip the bait turn the cake, tempt the fate and be

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Skinny Puppy tsudanama Comments
  1. Smashwise Gamji

    So perfectly dirty

  2. Art Snyder

    Ogre's use of vocal effects are, and always have been, unmatched by anybody. This song is another great display of that ... LOVE IT!!

  3. Herbert West

    This song is awesome.

  4. Art Snyder

    This is a monster of a song, one of my all time faves! SP been my favorite since 89 and no one still comes close. Everytime I'm listening to any other band and thinking its great, afterward put on SP and the difference is just immense.

  5. James McRae

    This video is five years old and still has no dislikes...not bad.

    Herbert West

    I think you jinxed it, RIP.

  6. Bill Cowart

    They have grown so much. The atmosphere is so much richer than ever before.

  7. Aharon Segal

    Amazing, love it

  8. temporoboto

    fucking great!

  9. john divine

    this beat is dope

  10. Дина Шаулова

    who knows what is TSUDANAMA stands for? I'm puzzled...


    what do 80% of their song titles mean?? it's a mystery, man lol

    Alexander Ramirez

    It's backwards

    James McRae

    I think I believe it might be a combination of the words Tsunami and Fukushima, as in, it is about the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in the wake of the Tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, as I think it was mentioned that that was a major inspiration behind the concept of the whole Weapon album.

  11. micha hartdarkon

    Skiny help

  12. micha hartdarkon

    Skiny der boss

  13. Ameer Triggs

    To the Core

  14. fred handy

    I like this one.......

  15. Guy Smiley

    OGRE, you sound like a Dalek from Dr Who on some of the voices on this one, near the end... Exterminate... exterminate...

    The lazy Rotten princess

    +Guy Smiley you are so right!!!!! wow!!!

  16. Frau Schuhmanns Höhle

    Simply awesome, even thought it remembers me of BoohBah slightly xDDDD


    one of about 4 songs on this album that really need attention.......this needed to be the first track and then really needed some deeeeeeper attention.  what happened to the atmosphere?   

  18. adamswierczynski

    "Harm no thing unless attacked,
    Then don't look back
    Tearing it limb from limb,
    Gently bend them bones again."

  19. david mayhall

    gravitatanomical! i should know. not much, can get better than this

  20. Nathan Thompson

    Fuckin love these guys, this album rules.

  21. LovelyLudwig

    been listening since 85 true to my heart


    Ore waaaa

    mark leonard

    11 or 12 here. Good old Patti Schmidt introduced me I think.

  22. Michael jones

    sound is fucking crazy i LOVE IT ...

  23. terminal211

    sp is very keen in human mind and humanics.  they will astound you musically but i question personally knowing and friendship.  even exhaustive. and terminal.  especially for words and performances like weapon.  are you weaponista or sp?  i kwestion.  little bobby joe:/

    UFO Detective, Ireland CE-5

    love u man
    a true fan
    listened 2 sp forever and dis tune is shaking

  24. IronBrown

    SP still pioneering the electro-industrial genre.

  25. Bauzi

    It's not my favourite track on the album (Plasticage ftw! yeah I just like post reunion SP more...), but this song gets really deep into me. The music leaves a trance like status in me. It's very immersive and consuming. Brilliant.

  26. zemzembamzem

    Get a better system.

  27. neoyokokurama25

    The drumbeat sounds like shit and ruined my speakers...

    Trey K.

    neoyokokurama25 Clearly your speakers are shit.

    Patrick Harrison

    Get better speakers

  28. NatalyaTomilova

    Same- creepy ang magnificent. Can't stop to listen it. With this song you want to kill, or be killed

  29. NatalyaTomilova

    OMFG!!!!! Souds like old SP, but with a new level of anger and darkness. Adore them since I ve seen them first- in 1996 with Ministry-

  30. Memey Meme

    So few comments. What's going on? Is everybody keeping the discussion on Litany? Or have all of the Litany users died off?

  31. Jamie juju

    This is just amazing

  32. Skin of the Lenavesh

    A substantial part of Weapon seems like monotonous fillers, but this track is exactly what I wanted from them. Loving it!

  33. calabiyou

    tasty. ohgr's welt remains one of my favorite albums. a real masterpeace.

    Wes Barnes

    It truly is timeless in it's entirety. One of "those" albums.

  34. ims0deranged

    This song brings me back to the old SP !!! Not sayin the new material is bad, I just prefer that 80's sample/ scratch/ distortion sound over any other industrial. Just my cup of tea :).

  35. Pamielina


  36. suizadeamerica

    one of the most outstanding tracks of the album, perhaps my favorite

  37. Matt Gray

    Always a hating douche.. Congrats broken, you win the typical let's hate the new sp b/c I'm pretentious or need more goth sctreet cred war:)

  38. Broken Archetype

    The only track on this album actually worth anything

  39. Joel Stringer

    Sounds like "Erraknid" "Noisebox" with scales of "Teargarden" love the bends the second osc. Flange the high end.

  40. FistSaidToTheFace

    reminds me alot of kmfdm. lovin it

  41. fascistbullygirl

    Fav, absolute.

  42. Wilhelmina Hering

    Yes. I love this!!