Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test Lyrics

Hit me on the street while waiting to do nothing
Where within the space can anything feel certain
Look into the future make out the word speak
Send in the spies to watch them

Creepy are the people unable to do something
Sitting on an armchair fenced in their creation
Look up to be there
Anywhere is somewhere
Itchy past scratch the itch

Hit me in the streets hit me

Feel about a nation so precious is the freedom
Carousel the brass ring reach into a black mass
So its corroded always polluted
We all want some of it

Maybe all the people now left without no loving
Where within the strength gone better see it coming
Get off the fence trip
Rip up the garbage
Make it up to the earth bitch

Hit me in the streets hit me

Be a politician eroding all your freedoms
Down the rabbit hole cracks money markets fall
Through a looking glass time becomes too fast
All to benefit the rich
So keep eating from the apple edges from the center
Shaken to the core until it doesn't matter
No one to turn to no where to run to
Better the bomb to blow it

Hit me in the streets

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Skinny Puppy Pro-Test Comments
  1. digitalXmage

    "Reach into a black man" 1:45

  2. Liam Goheen

    Everyone cool till the krump bois come out

  3. Gian Paolo Lopiparo

    The cure 1 limp Bizkit 0

  4. JaapioNL

    I am not sure but I think I've even see this clip on tv (a long long time ago). It is so cool!

  5. JoesDogsa WebSlinger


  6. cugamer

    The first time I ever saw this was when somebody shared it on fucking Live Journal and tagged the local industrial night DJ asking him to play it. Which he did the next time he spun.


    crazy cool

  8. Pete Thelman

    Mallgoths forever 😃

  9. traecy43

    Industrial & Electro Breakbeat!!

  10. Johnny Cash Flow

    This is hilariously dumb.

  11. Kitty Marlu

    The mean streets of Vancouver lol

  12. jeeshwa123

    2004? You don't say!

  13. Ryan Nichols

    Hit* me in the streets

  14. ScrapTime

    Male bonding. Hell yeah.

  15. Glen Alsing

    Frickin’ AWESOME on many levels...

  16. Zachariah Lloyd

    Izzit jus me or did the 2 black goth guys just jump up N have a little seizure??
    I remember breakdancing *'dating myself here'* but cannot recall anyone ever jumping in and ripping their shirt off as a move!!


    Krumping is an innovation of the new millennium

  17. Aether

    Try Velvet Acid Christ

  18. Matthew May

    Yeah right. Who’s ever seen goths who could dance that good?

  19. Conan

    these guys have seizures in style

  20. Sir Killington

    this is fuckin chat

  21. ninjaturtlesnuggie

  22. CM3.Redeye

    That Asian kid was the best, hands down.

  23. maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    As a careful critiquer i gotta give it to the hip hop dancers tbh they win

    Nathan Vaughn

    It's more about the battle than who won

    maddyBOOMbaddy BADDY

    @Nathan Vaughn im a dark soul myself and present myself accordingly, however, every battle calls for respect for the winner.

  24. proudhoniano

    the teachers of ghostemane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Java Ally

    If this was reddit id be handing this comment gold...

  25. CKC411

    Been a Skinny Puppy fan since I saw them live in the 80s (well before that). I think this video is awesome.


    Whoever you are, I love you!!! I love this band, and all people who love THEM!


    ...and many thanks for your comment! Wish I would have been able to see this band live in the 80's


    @daredevilsixtytwo I have seen many live shows in my day and they were by far the best and in a smaller venue it was even more insane -- the practical effects were right out of Hollywood and they sounded so good and the band was so tight. My only regret... no idea where or what happened to my SP shirt form that show. Only other regret... time travel does not exist so I can't go back to see the show and buy a new t-shirt.


    @CKC411 absolutely nice! my favourite comment of all here, really wish I could have been able to see them long before this video was done, but, living in Germany I don't think they were here that often in the 80's

  26. Leo Blin

    I love this fuckin clip

  27. Josh Done


  28. Frank Ligas

    Dang it.... just found this at 2:30 am. Now I'm all jacket up.
    I'm an old fat guy that can't dance.
    Guess I'll just have to go with it and work on my movie script.
    If these guys don't agree to do the soundtrack, I'm not making the movie.

  29. Synathidy

    I think this is seriously the sickest amalgamation of human art in history right here. The track and the dancing are wicked SICK!!!

  30. PSDI Records and Promotion


  31. LSB

    Time to get in the FUCK YEAH machine...

  32. korqatt

    I just found out this IS an OFFICIAL Skinny Puppy music video. Wasn't expecting that.

  33. river weiss

    krump fucks all

  34. gfen5446

    Oh come on now, there aren't two black "industrial" fans in all of Canada put together, much less in just one city.

    I don't think I've listened to a Skinny Puppy song in 20+ years, all this shit just gives me a headache anymore but I'm leaving amused.

  35. armiks22

    Now THAT'S a protest..

  36. Maria Aragon

    Wicked old school song I grew up with

  37. itchykami


  38. Scott C

    Why are their pants pulled up?

  39. The artist no longer known as chase

    This is my favorite skinny puppy song

  40. greg adkins

    this is straight up LETTERKENNY - Stewart and the Skids.

  41. Máquina Humanoide

    Go listen to the band "Chrysalide"

  42. Tobias Chobotuck

    I’ll be darned. Goth B-boy is a scene I’ve never heard of. It must be super underground exclusive.

  43. Nina

    If I was driving and seen this I'd stop traffic, would be mesmerized by this outrageous display of profanity.

  44. андрей федоров

    Так... каго тут пазнаў з b boys- Crumbs(Style Elemrnts) Bebe, Boo Rock(Ground Zero crew), Energetic(Killafornia) і аднаго з Ruthm Bugs crew.

  45. Fartskin Stephenson

    I remember watching/listening to this video/song on much LOUD fucking nostalgia

  46. Serena Transistor Felix Archibald III

    No way they are 'real' goths, most are drastically overweight or in terrible shape.

  47. Cat Cart

    They are probably Wal-Mart associates now

  48. Kellen Nicholson

    this is so 2004

  49. browngom

    1:49 we osama bitch!!

  50. Thomas Christopher LaCroix

    yeah... i dont think so... breakin' 2004? theys got this shit called carfentanyl now idiots. look into it. makes old fashioned pig-tranq look about as lame as the video abuv

  51. Love Bug

    after this there comes Prodigy..

  52. Eidolus Gad

    I've always seen this video as Right vs Left and the Right wins.

  53. Elaine Andersen

    Did anyone else notice that "just hold it right there" is at 4:20?

    Nathan Vaughn

    No and thank you for that.

  54. Elaine Andersen

    Get cher boogie on

  55. NivekNomad 08

    This isn't skinny puppy. Everything up to last rights, and puppy gristle was the last of good skinny puppy marital.


    Bullshit. You dont get to decide what IS PUPPY. only Ohgr , Cevin and whom they choose to work with gets to decide that poser..

    Nathan Vaughn

    That's just like, your opinion, man

  56. Andrew Vetting

    This is still called breakdancing, right? I LOVE IT!!!

  57. Irish Englishman

    I've always thought the dude in the red cap doing his zombie impression was hilarious :'D

  58. Chris J

    This music video is unintentionally hilarious and I laugh every time


    ....I'm pretty sure it was intentional

    Krista clark

    Neither of those gangs can dance! Everyone just keeps doing the same five or ten moves over and over.
    Is this truely what Jake Munro meant? You don't seriously want Goths doing this, do you?


    @Krista clark You might be taking this a little too seriously, friend...

    Nathan Vaughn

    Skinny Puppy are no morons. Give them some credit. They're well aware of how this looks.


    The irony is lost on you it seems

  59. Michael Colello

    Cool battle. But the latter day goth clothes are clowny.

  60. Manos Seferidis

    First time I see goths not dangling like sticks

  61. Kenneth Janczak

    Great music and video.... Wish i could dance like that.....

  62. Luis Cyberhead

    I Still Love this song and Video

  63. Max and Zeke

    OK I have to admit it this is probably the only good song they have done



  64. pwog arnex

    tina from pat paton's crew # i 239-220-2838 my # 206-291-7047 june week 5 july week 1 4:53pm 7/1/2018.... 295 min afrnun .... leaving in about 45min from 2100 parkplace 35203-2744....

    Nathan Vaughn

    wow awesome

  65. Dren Gillespie

    If I tried what he was doing at 3:58, they'd never get my knee back in place.

  66. Matthew Sexton

    I don't know what's greater, the wrong or the right.

  67. Answerscomeindreams


  68. Vampireleniore

    Doing all that in pvc pants. I can feel the pain from here.


    I went through a pair attempting something a tenth of that.

    Aslan Bellum

    Me too O.o

    V-vetta Vetta

    Lol baby powder isn't gonna help that

  69. the420xtc

    haha cant believe that video pulled it off nice

  70. Metalhead Kangaroo

    Breakdancing goths?

    Geiger Mouse

    just costumes, I think.... but the point is that when challenged - we can stand up to those who mock us and shatter stereotypes. Been there, done that. I heard they gathered some of the best break dancers in the world to shoot this video.

  71. Douglas

    makes sense: such overlapping cultures with the 606, 808, and 909 drum machines. It was a matter of time before industrial uncomfortably overlapped with hip hop, breakdancing (which goths could do in slow-mo because they're so fast).

  72. Alex M

    Soll ich noch etwas , sagen ?
    Schaut mal auf das Datum, war schon 1988 dabei !!!

  73. Josue A.V.

    This is the SHIT thanks to Eric Fox for showing me up these guys....

  74. HARRY CLOUD 666

    the fuck

  75. gavi5150

    I’m a hiphoper so I don’t ever listen to this music nor never listened to it before until now and holy shit!!! These goths get.the.fuck.DOWN! did not see that dope shit coming. They def know how to bboy the fuck out, I really would like to see them pop to a hip hop song tho . But one thing said, them krumpers at the end got the fuck down too haha to the beat too, bet if it WAS a hip hop bet then they honestly couldn’t Krump to a hip hop beat . This goth music is ight, I give it my props haha

  76. Paulbyron Desfosses

    5;25pm 1/29/2018 Montgomery Alabama

  77. cuac cuac

    brutal y genial, es arte.

  78. Ysckemia

    since when Sheldon Cooper learnt how to breakdance?

  79. Paul Desfosses

    hi ,hapnt to become cohercively involved with u .... the end of october while in phoenix ... i think about 21 of december or possibly a week before you'll have to remind me i found out ceven lives in l.a. ... any ways ... 2;51pm 12/31/2017 sunday telahase florida

  80. TheMattHundley

    What the fuck happened to Skinny Puppy? This sucks balls.

  81. Paul Desfosses

    19 tracks came up obnlist ... just left madonna 11;25AM 12/29/2017 yeaterday i tried contacting u my ex brandi thomas and he rtwin block party laywer doug christie firs time i heard goneja yesterday end of november i was at the asu library in phoenisx had a pshycic link that day and the folloewing and the next day i cried thinking about back...

  82. SkinBones

    Where was this filmed? LA? Detroit?

  83. Brad Omalley

    I love skinny puppy but that was the worst. They will never be as good as they were when Dwayne Goettel was in the band.

    Tatiana Nikolaevna

    Absolutely. Tho some industrial "fans" dont even know who tf Dwayne was. And they call this "goth" and think rivetheads are "goth" eek.


    @Tatiana Nikolaevna Just because you dont like the rivethead style and listen to only Pre "Process" Puppy does not make you the decider of the tribe. Cevin with Download had went more Techno anyway and Oghr had went a different direction altogether. Were they supposed to keep with the original style? Why ? Bands with any relevancy must reinvent themselves or fade to black. Call it sellout if you want but your no different than some whiny punk crying about Greenday.

    Nathan Vaughn

    Yeah well I like everything they've ever made so I guess I'm just that bad ass.

  84. David Hines

    1001 S Broadway in LA. Broadway Palace Apartments have been built there in the meantime.


    David Hines thanks a lot for the info!

  85. JPEG prod.

    they predicted cloud rappers)

  86. Adam Blister

    This video is a joke. Right?

    Nathan Vaughn

    Yes, but no.

  87. Hazuki Katsuragi

    I wanna see the bloopers. :P

    Tasha Nash-Garcia

    Hazuki Katsuragi that would be epic!

    Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls

    you can see one of the rap crew cap fly off, that's in the video

  88. Cyber Dragon754

    Why are some people spazing out on the floor

  89. Nishank Tiwari

    The kicks and the snares in this song are perfect.


    Coming up as a breaker and underground(pre-Goth) I effing cant believe how crossover SP got! saw them with Ministry and Tear Garden in 92" Tamps pouring blood , mud and baby dolls. Even though Kevin was a dick answering my questions, Al was a dickmcause I stole his girl; it was one of the best concerts with only 509 people at London Victory Club, Tampa.


    Wild time I'm sure!

  91. Michael Malkus

    I see some stangers experiencing some hard badass type of epileptic seizure :D

  92. Ephraim Kivett

    This is one of the greatest videos and tracks ever!!
    I loved Skinny Puppy before (warlock is my favorite to dance to)now, it's borderline fanatic with this video. Demons in goth clothing on the street straight battling with the B boys and krumpers!

  93. matheusgoro

    Looks like a sim city 4 music

  94. blakey


  95. Crash Wizard

    Gird your loins, fellow humans. We may soon be living in a world where this occurs on an almost daily basis. And we'll be ALL the better for it. :) I love this video.


    wtf? fuck you stupid asshole!

  96. Baph the Guy

    that asian dude is from the jabbawockeez

    DAVE R

    The krumpers are Tight Eyez and Lil' C from Rize.

  97. A. Von

    Seriously they are Canadian, what can you expect???

  98. Jeremy Siedzik

    Very well done, all actors and dancers get much love!

  99. Domagoj Vrsaljko

    I didn't know school shooters could breakdance


    Except most school shooters throughout history have been people who dress normal, but I guess if even one person who looks different does something, it automatically means all people who look that way do that, even if they haven't? Fabulous logic.


    Yo it was just a funny joke. c h i l l

    Offensive Username

    For a joke, it would have to be funny.


    Offensive Username i chuckled lmao