Skinny Puppy - Ode To Groovy Lyrics

Dog has sight feels pain sorry
Not quite as dumb as they seem
With or without god's poor judgment
Screams just the same to me
Leave it up to government
Medicine speeds your life away
Who shot the cat in the hat
To experiment is insane
Fetching bones from the government food bowl
Never was a dog's best friend
License to kill

Look behind the sentient line
What's alive feels the heat of the flame
The fascist mask media blinds
What's perceived through the tunnel of pain
Through slight of hand no one reprimands
The research gone astray
Forgotten flesh we're bottle-fed
On a need-to-know basis
Teaching lies the little dog cries
The tears of the quiet one's
License to kill

Wisdom's race false delight
To kill time and time again
Tube down the neck
Flesh pulled back
To crawl underneath the skin
The corporate death no sentiment
The pain sustained at will
They preach on high morals lie
In this farce called vivisection
What research finds as the animal dies
Never did a goddamn thing
License to kill

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Skinny Puppy Ode To Groovy Comments
  1. Delhi Delirium

    This is more a Ohgr solo song than a Skinny Puppy one , a great one at that , mind you.
    Dwayne´s O.D. , Def Jam fiasco , band disintegrating , serious substance issues ... soaring above all of that ugly period , here´s Ohgr and Dave with such a great , beautiful song which sits along pretty well the entire Skinny Puppy + ALL side projects catalogue .


    Delhi Delirium The Skinny Puppy name was used just for the name recognition to help with CD sales. You are correct it’s not actually a Skinny Puppy song. It was released in 1993, two years before Dwayne died. I’m not sure what the state of the band was at that time, but Ogre and Rave had worked on other music at this same time in a project called Raw Dog. This song was probably a Raw Dog song but nobody knows who that is so for the benefit of IDA they called it Skinny Puppy.

    Delhi Delirium

    @chad017 Excellent ! Old Puppy fan , I even have things like ´Paradigm shift` digipack and other rarities and somehow I had never heard of that project ( Raw Dog ) ... I´d heard of Welt as a band with Jourgensen back in the day though , which in turn became Oghr´s debut album´s title .
    Good stuff !


    Delhi Delirium only one song was officially released under the name Raw Dog on another compilation album. Check it out here:

    Saraiva Toledo

    @chad017 Foking YT not delivering me things properly , as it was meant no(t)o ( looking for Ohgrities everywhere after some time immersed in the SP aesthetics :-))... 3 months to receive this.
    Thank You so much man !

    Saraiva Toledo

    @chad017 Great link ! Thank you ( again ) . Just when I thought there probably wasn´t any Puppy songs I had never listened to , here´s more not only a song but a side project which eluded me 100% .

  2. William Nelson 3rd

    Ther has got to be more videos and not live:();

  3. Gremlin AfterMidnight

    I lost track of this in '98. Thanks for the upload. Nostalgia rocks the cradle of time.

  4. Akira Akai

    It's "The pain is sustained AT WILL" but that works as well.

  5. Cat

    Ignorance is bliss 😔

  6. Stephanie Bennett

    Was driving home listening to 93.9fm (time warp) in Detroit and this song came on and my friend lost it because he has been trying to figure out the name of this song for 15 years! So good and it made his shit day a bit better.


    Stephanie Bennett that’s a great story. Thanks for sharing! The only Skinny Puppy song I’ve ever heard on the radio was The Choke several years ago on a college station. That’s really awesome that this song received radio play considering it was only released on this long out of print compilation.

    Brent Heritier

    Time Warp was on 88.7 (89x) and she played this song often. It's also how I found it. Her show is online now, basically in podcast form. It's still great, and even more diverse.

  7. Brian Donovan

    in my opinion the best skinny puppy song ever. The message couldnt be better either. Go Vegan, Fuck animal testing.


    WTF does eating vegetables have to do with animal testing.

    Cryptkeeper Cockwaddle

    I’ve never been so emotionally moved by a song in my entire life. It’s quite literally the best song I’ve ever heard.

  8. imorti

    now just where can I get a copy of this 'cause no iTunes or Amazon.


    I bought the cd from eBay about 15 years ago. All of the pictures in the video are scans of my copy.


    I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. I immediately picked up a CD from ebay... There are selling for $3.95 and free shipping. Well worth it for this gem. The rest of the disk is great too.

    Is anyone else picking up a Pink Floyd vibe from this song? It reminds me of Another Brick In The Wall Part 1.

  9. Tara Miller

    No vivisection and go vegan:)

  10. Wuantan Fry

    Ty for post this wow !!