Skinny Puppy - Morpheus Lyrics

All so pure
Hard to see
Layers crack the surface
Remains his carcass burning
Maggots bloated floating by
Divine the intern mantra
Big shot crams this information
Lessen sudden hammer
Smashes through the skull
A dread faced two faced fantasy
Revolving walls of misery
A dread faced two faced fantasy
Walls revolving misery
Sane face drain the killing spree
Digging deep in spider's fee
Left out shell broken down
Feed off negativity
I hear the wall
Garden matter
Hunted vision in the place of hate
So did she
And mother murders
Melted minds and a worth of change
You've got a broke down evil entity
Broke down evil entity
You're staring at yourself
You're staring at yourself
I'm kicking down the walls
For all is naught
She is devouring apology
Devouring apology
A tested [?] to see
You're looking vile
A setting stone
Setting stone
You're on your own
You're on your own
A setting stone
Stone of [?]
Perfect [?] human needs
Could it be that
He's affected
[?] to hostility
Lose respect gain momentum
Dread faced two faced fantasy
Its walls revolving
Dread faced two faced fantasy
Lose respect gain momentum

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Skinny Puppy Morpheus Comments
  1. Mark E

    How can a decent human give this track a thumbs down?

  2. ForgottenSouls666

    Twisted or not I’ve been lied too and believe more truth in Skinny puppy then then Parliament of Canada

  3. lisa woods

    He found you Leto hope He is okay the vampire that found me

  4. lisa woods

    4 Leto man and his fans

  5. Echoes From The Void EFTV

    So good - I wish I could do it this way.

  6. horesn hold

    wow! it still haunts me...after all those years

  7. korqatt

    Great track mmyesss!!!!!!!!

  8. Weber Nunes

    Som Ducaraleo

  9. KingElectric

    One of the best skinny puppy tracks!

  10. MsMiguel70

    Love it. Great post. Proof SP carried an original, antagonistic sound well beyond the first ground breaking tracks.

    James Chaney

    this IS groundbreaking.

  11. Thomas Bertelsen

    I was listening to Rabies in the Desert.

  12. Thomas Bertelsen

    After Desert Storm, my mind was jumbled, the music restacked the neurons.

    Rivet Squid

    Thomas Bertelsen marine by chance? My mum also picked up a deep love of SP in Desert Storm.

  13. Paul Desfosses

    4:09pm 3/8/2018 birminghamalabama thursday afternoon lawson library ..... march week 2....

  14. Enrico Franchi

    this song is so dark and wicked

    Susan Robinet

    That's very dark and wicked of you to say.

    tyler perkinson

    Susan Robinet pretty accurate though. Its dark and wicked sounding, as intended, no doubt. Even if it is about the environment, it is still dark and wicked. Which is why i LOVE. IT.

    tyler perkinson

    Enrico Franchi i got your back man!!!!!!!!

    Susan Robinet

    I'm just kidding, I can't tell what it's about :) Still like it.

    tyler perkinson

    Susan Robinet i think its about environment/animal testing. I'll dissect it later as best i can, but pretty sure thats accurate.

  15. Jeremy Hatch

    skinny puppy rocks!

  16. fallstar87

    One of my favorite Skinny Puppy tracks!!


    yes, it fucking is


    Totally.. but it's far in on the album, right? So I rarely got round to hearing it when I still listened to CDs!!
    Tormentor and Spasmolytic stole the atention..

    lisa woods

    Badass songs yeah

  17. blake coffey

    gaping hole. bright star

  18. sneider correa

    Denuncia !!!

  19. subliminal fix

    Back to the origin of it alllllllllllll

  20. maxeypad

    Still nothing. No cure.

  21. kutulu6

    thanks for posting i have been searching for this song for a long ass time

  22. AmadoHechicero

    Beautiful. One of their heaviest and darkest songs.

  23. sk88rat

    Omg I love this song. Thank you for uploading, it's been way too long since hearing this. Now I can listen to it 500 more times.

  24. sivrajinc

    You need more

  25. MrMushroom123

    @sYnerGyZniGmA duh

  26. headz51230

    This makes me want to buy a fuck ton of synths and I already have 3.

  27. Sethmyrrh

    Damn this sounds awesome!

  28. lolbored801

    Still one of my top 5 favorite Skinny Puppy songs after all these years.

  29. Zyklon Bsix

    the first puppy track I ever heard, great amazing. Hard to find this album these days. Thanks for posting

  30. Keith Beard

    fuckin bad bad song