Skinny Puppy - magnifishit Lyrics

I am the liar's nation, oh yeah
I am the undisputed god, oh yeah
I am the maggot's muscle, magnet's missle, your mother's pisshole
magnifishit, master of it all
oh yeah, oh yeah
master of it all, oh yeah, oh yeah

I am the answer's question, oh yeah
I am the undisputed lie, oh yeah
I am the greatest lesson's righteous persons raving servants
makes it worse then altogether bad, oh yeah, bad, oh yeah

I am the infant's nightmare, (I am) oh yeah
I am the infinite disguise, oh yeah
I am the greatest person to hate the small one's only leisure
due to scrape and eat behind my lies, oh yeah, oh yeah

master of it all, oh yeah, oh yeah
master of it all, oh yeah, oh yeah
master of it all, oh yeah, oh yeah
master of it all

home sinking, full of blood
what's going on? is something wrong?
all the armies fighting in our house

oh yeah, oh yeah, master of it all
oh yeah, oh yeah, master of it all
oh yeah, oh yeah, master of it all
oh yeah, oh yeah, master of it all
oh yeah, oh yeah, master of it all

master of it all

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Skinny Puppy magnifishit Comments
  1. Strik9mind

    Still good. Oh Yeah!

  2. Asmo Deus

  3. Kimberly Halbrook

    This is one of my favorite workout songs.

  4. siamesedreams

    *_OH YEAH_*

  5. Manuel Solis

    I am your mother's fuck tool. AKA master of it all.

  6. Jamie M

    I like skinny puppy

  7. martins adins

    for me it took ten years to rise into complete admiration of cet chanson

  8. Jason Christopher Capps

    Jason society s reaptlian bloodlines manly pHall illumuninatie Hybridssz Nations Atlantis Hybridssz JCC Rhaa kundlian awaking Jason Society sabo bloodlines illumuninatie Jcc

  9. James McRae

    I guess you can say the guy in the middle is a real.....asshole...I'm sorry.

  10. Johnny Be good


  11. Devin Svennson

    Ohgr sounds exactly like this lol. "Smells like shit. Feels like... shit." I tried, but this is way too pop and repetitive for me. The Process was the beginning of a change, though that album kicks ass and is so underrated imo. SP existed before Dwayne, and had catchy songs just the same, but it wasn't so clean and uninspired sounding.

  12. archont909

    Magnificent. What is the symbolism behind that cover art?

    Heidi Leeshire

    archont909 Plagues. Wars. All manner of God's.

  13. Sir Logos

    The best part of the song kicks in from 4:02 until the end. Damn, what an amazing melody at the end.

  14. Michelle Winslow

    oh YeaH!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Michelle Winslow

    fukin right!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Secret Factory

    Does anyone know who the artist for the album cover is?

  17. Justin Wright

    Oh yeah piss holes....OH YEAH...I AM MAGNIFISHIT OH YEAH....BRAP ON FUCKERS...OH YEAH!!!!

  18. Bjørn

    got me through life... honor to be in the lifetime of SP

    Sandra Mascola

    Bjørn I hear you!

  19. Ausphexx One

    The map looks like Australia, in the album art. It's been reversed. I live on one of the little drips.

    Through this song, I metaphysically exist, as one of the drips. Thank-you SP!!!

    It makes me laugh so much... All the societal oppression, washed away by beautiful lyrics and music. :')


    I feel you man, glad that people like me still exist

  20. Dan Pini

    What a comeback after The Greater Wrong of the Right

  21. KiLLeRHAnDs

    Fucking genius

  22. Dark Light

    all in ocean child
    the shire of the worst
    the hate of Christianity....the blaming of him
    for Matthews sake?

    but why? OH YEAH!
    go ahead, blame SATAN! GENIUSES! U WILL WIN!

  23. Dawn Poirier

    Oh Yeah! Luv this sound.

  24. The lazy Rotten princess

    "all the armies fighting in my house" awesome!

    Ausphexx One

    "The raving servants..."
    "Makes it worse and all-together bad..."

    oh yeah.

  25. Mister AJ

    Oh hell yeah!

  26. Mister AJ

    Listened to this about 10x today, oh yeah!

  27. Trevor P

    Ya mutha's piss-hole.  So rude, love it.  OH YEAH.

  28. photondance

    We don't need to bring my mother's pisshole into this.

    Asmo Deus

    she did

    martins adins

    no we do


    Home sinking, full of blood
    What's going on? is something wrong?
    All the armies fighting in our house

    Whore s'appelle

    Urethra Franklin

  29. bethany ciera

    Oh yeah....... XD

  30. MrPunch09

    It makes me happy to see people are still discovering SP :)
    Do yourself a service and get their entire anthology. If you've just found out about them then you're in for a treat as they've been around since the 80's. The album "Rabies" for example is just as relevant today as it was in 89'.

    Samantha Alessandra

    MrPunch09 I have only heard of them recently via Repo! The Genetic Opera

    Square One2

    And for new comers Meat Beat Manifesto. ?

    Genea P

    So glad to see them when this was just released back in San Francisco

    black blobs

    I think it may have been actually in the 70s

  31. Kari Wanska

    OH YEAH!

  32. gaijinplus1

    The more I listen, the more it becomes my favorite Skinny Puppy song. Oh yeah.

  33. Christelle Cowley

    love it love it

  34. bethany ciera

    Found it!!!!!! Love this shit.

  35. Daniel Neroese

    more cybermans:P

  36. Alberto Espine

    Nunca consideré a Skinny Puppy una banda creadora de Dubstep. Si te gusta el Dubstep no te recomendaría Skinny Puppy.

  37. djyewsten

    Oh yeah.

  38. Dutch Demon Project

    like that is going to hurt me XD

  39. Ryuichi

    Am I the only one that thinks that it sounds like daleks are singing these lyrics? >: /

  40. Dutch Demon Project


  41. Dutch Demon Project

    this sux