Skinny Puppy - jaHer Lyrics

Its come to rape the soul
The meaning of control
It's waiting for
It's waiting obscene
In dark dishonest times
The strangest things unwind
And undermine the undecided things

Forced time
All divided
Trips fine line
Warmth and craziness
Little spilling
Facing death
That binds the tie
Push aside
Unrelenting lip smack
Read the moving lips
Willing pillows
Breaks the neck
Hung out to die

And in the steep of luck
My god feels false and sold
To exercise what seems that cannot hold

What's going down

Left it down on to hit
What is it

Thrust knives
Deep the bed abyss
Why try
Overcoming this
When the killing
Shapes the wrist
To paint the sky red eye

Crossed eyes
Shed time
All because of this
Weather killing takes my breath
A lasting sigh

All life starts with death
All death starts with life
Ever circles back again
Never falls to regain

All life is with hope
All hope is to know
Righteous places
Righteous times
Even though
We live to die

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