Skinny Puppy - illisiT Lyrics

A police state invents you
Give me your name
Your birth reconnects you
To a number and age
To see through the mountain
Master and serf
A failed-state connects us

This is a criminal age [x5]

The threat aside us
Blow-back reblame
So we are the suspect
Again and again
A terrorist is suspect
A terrorist is blamed
We're the receivers
Living in a game

This is a criminal age [x5]

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Skinny Puppy illisiT Comments
  1. Frank Lopez

    Amazing ! SP has been out since like 82’ and still killing it!!

  2. Sanctus Dominus

    Can you imagine being chased and trying to remove the digital bug to escape the grid for your own freedom?

  3. wagsouza

    TRASH !!!

  4. Peter Jensen

    Really good music. Apparently it has been used on the Guantanamo base as torture. I pity those weak terrorists. 

    Michael F9KChromethousand

    I totally wouldn't mind being "tortured" with Skinny Puppy music 24/7 lol. 


    well they just use loud music in general, and, well, this is pretty loud.

  5. DirtyXProdz

    I like this song!!

  6. ValekHalfHeart

    Much like most of Skinny Puppy's songs, I have no idea exactly what's going on in this video, but I have a vague idea... a kind of mishmash of feelings and symbols that work together coherently. I love it.


    It's about control.. and that you are guilty until proven innocent. 

  7. Elizabeth Chavez

    Awesome Vid!!!

  8. Richard Landgren

    Damnably awesome. =)

  9. tibbarabbit

    one of my fav pup videos! seriously great job everyone involved. id love to see another one from this director, i heard he considered tsudanama... my head would implode if that song got a video!!! :D

  10. LibertyOverTyranny

    tHis iS ThE cRmiNaL AGe... yE 'tiZz neOfEuDtiLiTy iN A CRyPtoCuRreNtT oV fLOwiNg raGE.

  11. kr00m

    The irony watching this on a nsa lacky service