Skinny Puppy - Hatekilll Lyrics

Swan song sings
Death grows in
Withering shafts
The grey days
Wallow in nothing
Back less break
And turn the screws of pain

Immense burn less time hate kill feed
Hate kill less time

Man strung trapped
Sweeter than life above
Made up
Cast the worm wood
Return in your blood

Immense burn less time hate kill feed

Tray are seeing chapters
Master burns in me
Crosses clutter faster
(Crumble/shovel[?]) black flag of history

Immense burn less time hate kill feed

Man who grow pictures the freak show
Dense and fattened by a magic elixir
Heat scores burn the shell
All to see your private private hell

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Skinny Puppy Hatekilll Comments
  1. tomasz nowak

    You could hear kraftwerk in this one.

  2. G-plan9 Future


  3. Blessed Be


  4. Clayton Gawrysiak

    God-damn. This is about the best "outtake" I've ever heard.

  5. TruSkoolHooligan

    Possibly Skinny Puppy's greatest song ever.

    martins adins

    i think it lacks badassness of blue serge

  6. Mike Gallo

    Tremendous track that had been kept hidden for many years, fortunately they did let it out of the box, it proved yet again they were frequently evolving.

  7. Distorto Manipulo

    the great thing about this is that it (for now) is the only original recording on youtube...isn't it great to have both