Skinny Puppy - Goneja Lyrics

Dark this heavy past tension over talking

Ever creepy creep me out quiet soft pitch scratchy throat
Sore bubble 'cross the eye balls of token alibis
Say digger dig me then throw it out in time to gain
All the picture water sport aim the game to get no shot
Rich vine land party spot all them kids so fucked up
As if the problem looks alive with each virtual compromise
Dead head auction auction muscle every thing that lives

Dark this heavy past tension over talking

Feeding egos radius dark this matter heavy past
Tension over talking trash pubic public pimp the name divine
The only pissing game working on to undermine
Only one to one two blind hooking up its wired set the bomb
Depress the audience looker woofer hookah smoke
Breathe in feed on spit it out inner vision inside dope
Latest software antidote creepy creepy creep me out
Quiet soft pitch scratchy throat 'cross the bubble 'cross the eye

Dark this heavy past tension over talking

Eye balls of token alibis
Say digger dig me then throw it out in time to gain
All the picture water sport aim the game to get no shot
Rich vine land party spot all them kids so fucked up

She dies and wonder if I could not see them
It dies - I know that I can make believe them
It dies - I wonder if I will still see them
It dies - I know I won't live much longer

Someone spare me
Please, someone spare me
Somebody kill me

No time to break off
Make no mistake!

Dark this heavy past tension over talking

I wish I wouldn't live in newspapers

Dark this heavy past tension over talking

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Skinny Puppy Goneja Comments
  1. tom


  2. Lauri H.T.

    I was listening to this band way back when they first started & it was like black market to just get a tape cassette of their music... And we all passed it around among my friends. Then they hit it big and the rest is history. Ogre is a quiet genius. Yes, his voice is loud but he is quiet soul that reaches out and touches us all. This is like an anthem.. They even threw in the woman screaming from Assimilate. Pure art 💛

  3. B LeStrange

    So Good


    This is amazing!

  5. lisa woods

    Leto s last song this one

  6. Synathidy

    This song really tickles my ta-ta.

    Nacho Bernatene


  7. uncle ruckus

    Why does this have so many views

  8. Yana Mladenova

    I am her first born daughter and I have a sister. I will give you her dna. I am sure, she exists inside of me, but she is physically dead.

    Yana Mladenova

    Talk to Mrs Cifarelli :)

    Yana Mladenova

    I give this only personally for you only and you cannot find it still.

    Yana Mladenova

    Sofia is my home.... Can you be nice with the village. I dig the gold and so on....

    Yana Mladenova

    Use your password, please.

  9. Jamie M

    I love it is so good

  10. Máquina Humanoide

    Go listen to the band "Chrysalide"

  11. Drifter

    Man, this takes me back...

  12. Paul b Desfosses

    I think someone got into my private tube under this name ... not mentioning any names... August 8 th tday 2018 left 5120 st Charles ave @ ...8 pm staying @ McDonald’s east on green line trolly of thier....

  13. Paul S

    totally underrated track. Most offensively so.

  14. Paul b Desfosses

    my # 206-291-7047 july week 2  236 min afrnun.... 3:56pm 7/8/2018 ...

  15. Paulbyron Desfosses

    stayed @ 3rd ave S 20th st last night and the night b4 I think ..... I'm so glad to make journal entry's .....4:01 7/1/2018

  16. Paulbyron Desfosses

    my# 206-291-7047 3:58pm 7/1/2018  2100 park place week 5 june .... july week 1 sunday ... 2100 parkplace 35203-2744....

  17. Kelly Brock

    This one is sooo personal to the band. It's about how after they broke up for petty drug and artistic reasons, Ogre read in the paper that Dwayne, one of the band members OD'd and died. And how it made him feel... The humbleness behind the lyrics give it even more power!

  18. Paulbyron Desfosses

    above# say's 454,106 views 11:27am 6/7/2018

  19. Paulbyron Desfosses

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  20. Robbie Meixner

    Love it

  21. Paulbyron Desfosses

    @ 4812 5 point W , branch ..... 2:40pm 5/19/2018 .... may week 3 19th , 6th day Saturday 160 min Saturday afternoon ...4812 ave W Birmingham AL 35208 (205)226-4013...

  22. David Lebo

    Delicious sound food! Thanks 🙏

  23. Paulbyron Desfosses

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  24. Breezy Amoré

    My favorite skinny puppy song. This & Pro-Test. Masterpiece.

  25. Paulbyron Desfosses

    2:18pm 4/4/2018 birmingham alabama wednesday afternoon ..... april week 1 ....

  26. Paul Desfosses

    4:01pm 4/3/2018 birmingham alabama lawson library

  27. The 18

    I’ll be all nervous when I have responded.

  28. The 18

    I love your lyrics. Will you please write a song for us here in seattle, the18?

  29. Paulbyron Desfosses

    4;18pm 2/62018 montgomery alabaam a tuesday evinin aftenoon early febauryr......

  30. Paulbyron Desfosses

    5;26pm 1/29/2018 Montgomery Alabama

  31. Nick Morris

    Got arrested for a D.U.I. for not taking the breathelizer driving........lost my Commercial Drivers License i had for 2 million miles.......king of the road, now humbled......i connect with this Skinny Puppy......

  32. Paul Desfosses

    12;52pm 1/22/2018 telehase florida Monday afternoon January ...

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    he was also on bus before and after leaving in his chopper he told me he's 10yaears old
    101 years old

  36. Paul Desfosses

    i think we were in nashville tennese when styles ... worked with russel crowe ... was playing on the tele when we got thiewr>>>

  37. Paul Desfosses

    saw tyron coolio's brother on the way to meza first or second week of october before and after seeing dav chappelle on the same track....5;04pm 1/2/2018 tuesday telehase library florida

    Paulbyron Desfosses

    2:32pm 2/27/2018 Birmingham Alabama Tuesday afternoon march week 1 feb wek 5 .....

  38. V Byberg

    Thanks for reminding me about this song

  39. Paul Desfosses

    i just saw cevan's tweet dec 23 ...

  40. Paul Desfosses

    august 1 is coolio's birthday ... i cried the next day in phoenix ... relly... me tooo???!1

  41. Paul Desfosses

    first time dave chappelle's crew thought of contacting because u were my first favorite band ... was middle of july while i was in seattle

  42. Paul Desfosses

    2;35 pm 12/31/2017 telhase florida , afternoon... arrived here from phonix recently?

  43. Paul Desfosses

    20 on list ... ice- t too trying to find twinzzz... hopr the pick up...

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    it sound s like u picked up on my comments quickly but would like to confirm?

  46. Paul Desfosses

    did u get u get the comments i left with my favorite tracks from when i was thirteen... in north alberta? before workeing for stampede wrestling.

  47. Paul Desfosses

    have u seen or met smoked out brainzzz already...?

  48. Paul Desfosses

    beutiful pic ...

  49. Paul Desfosses

    i like the start of this track already

    Paulbyron Desfosses

    1;03pm 2/21/2018 montgomery alabama colisium librayr febaury wednesday afternoon forth week febaury...

    Paulbyron Desfosses

    yes i think was in telhase when i firct watched this video 2017 , under a different face date:12:55pm 2/26/2018 birmingham feb week 5 monday afternoon ...

  50. Enrico Franchi

    this song is mesmerizing !!!

  51. kenmccarty

    This was my ringtone for my brother back on 05

  52. Razor1uk

    InRangeTV put me on to Skinny Puppy, thanks Karl. This is quite a song, an eclectic mix of sounds, styles and all into a melodious whole.

  53. Sergio Carrillo

    where's my weed?

  54. Lisa Woods

    imaginary cities song.

  55. Nick Morris

    Blake rule!!!.....

  56. Sleepy Tortoise

    black sky roses and underground skulls of the red wine tasting cross

  57. Fireflyunix

    for earth innocents

  58. Alex DF


  59. Johnny Be good

    Shit artwork...,awesome song...!!!

  60. Electrohead

    Dude, u have a huge nothing gap at the end of the song..

  61. Neckbreaker Mc


  62. Grim Jack

    ONLY good song on greater wrong of the right album....

  63. OgreTheGreenGuy

    The Puppy's Touch

  64. Andrew anon

    finally found it. nostalgia is a helluva drug

  65. 김지훈

    This track would go perfect for a dark, sci-fi movie.

  66. Allen Pina

    Find another version to download or you'll be listening to the pedals on the stationary bike in the end......

  67. David Fullam

    I would sell my soul to have seen the recording and mixing of this.


    Consider it done. As the moment has gone, it will be relayed to you as a dream.

  68. Blasiuskhan


  69. Mr. Sinister

    been looking for this song for years. like I'm talking since high school

  70. damn thing

    this is bullshit.

    Altar of Disgrace

    so is your momma

  71. sindron7

    ну это просто ужас . на столько это таже первая часть . на столько все
    тоже самое . они с ума сошли вообще в некоторых аспектах ни шажка вперед

    да не спорю игра явно имеет другой темп и сеттинг и в постановке изрядно выросла .

    но общая механника то явно в первой части была не на века . даже RE4
    механника претерпела больше изменений в том же RE6 ласт оф ас . ивел
    визин .

    а тут ну 1 в 1 .

    а эта анимация абсолютно дубовая . как выглядывает из за укрытия он .
    как бежит .как подкатывается к укрытию скользя нелепо .да это в первой
    то смотрелось тупо но для 2007 года то пойдет даже 2006 в оригинале .

    в эту игру засунуть мега гипер тектуры убер HD разрешение и идеальные
    модели .она все равно буде смотреться как игра 2007 года вот с такими то
    анимациями . анимации делают игру ЭКШН живым . неважно с какой графикой
    . вон даже в дум последнем как твари круто двигались .

  72. Saraiva Toledo

    it´s hard to match this kind of beauty where the complex sounds simple and vice - versa

    Michelle Steinkraus

    ...Of all the greatest Skinny Puppy songs...this stands out as my favorite.

    Saraiva Toledo

    @Michelle Steinkraus So many Grand ones as you said, might as well be this one , yeah !

  73. Freudians Lip

    The art...

  74. CanyonMid

    Quite possibly the most impressive Skinny Puppy track of all time. Sonic Wizardry. One of the finest examples of cEvin's melodic sense, the end is especially dream-like and beautiful.

    My Name Is Bob

    SLAYER huh hahahaha stop couz

    maggy tito

    CanyonMid WTF THIS SONG IS *TERRIBLE*. holy crap. cannot believe this.


    Agreed, from a synthesis point of view this track is fucking magic

    Tawny Splittgill

    That's all cEvin.... Ohgr's own stuff is good but doesn't have this.

    ʀᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ

    @Ballpythondude420 it's beautiful yet tortured

  75. wal wal

    i love this picture i want it, who drew this?

    wal wal

    I had found it but lost my phone and forgot what it was lol. Its from deviantart and is called anxious by matriarch something (not sure but the username)

    wal wal

    Sure about*

  76. Undertale Mania

    OMG! i was listening to nine inch nails 4 the 1st time and they kinda reminded me of skinny puppy so i checked out their Wikipedia page and turns out that they were influenced by skinny puppy! is it just me or is that weird?

    Júlio Barboza Chiquetto

    hahaha SP is like the pioneer of industrial, they started out in the beggining of the 80s and influenced a whole generation. NIN awesomely mixed industrial w/ rock and other genres. What I like about this kind of music is that you can be refine and aggressive at the same time ;D

    Mosh Echacuervos

    Industrial is far older than Skinny Puppy: there are even some early traces of it inside Revolution Number Nine (Beatles). Industrial is, at its core, the idea of the machine supplanting the human being at performing music. Skinny Puppy make not pure industrial but Electronic Body Music.

    D funked

    It's not really EBM either. All of these genres blend a lot more than their hardcore fans would like
    to believe anyways.


    it means you have a good ear! welcome to the club.

  77. Ashley Miller

    Wow, I'm in love with the art. :D <3

  78. Ian Finnesey

    The last decade or so of Skinny Puppy reminds me a little of Susumu Hirasawa; not because they sound like him, but because like him, there's nothing else remotely like it.

    Valentina Reshetchenko

    Thanks to you, I have opened a new wonderful music!


    then you really need to check out the first 3 records.

  79. HorusHeresy1982

    Alas poor Raziel, I knew him well.

  80. CC Mellie

    ahhhh the nostalgia <3

  81. levelminusone

    skinny puppy definitely evolved in their music..

    i'm still a big fan of their early works - especially the "vivisectvi" and "too dark park" era..
    but THIS is also amazing!

    Lauri H.T.

    Agree 100% 💛

  82. 2nd tooth

    all them kids so fucked up

  83. Nick Pascale

    What album is this on?

    fookin reee

    +Nick Pascale The Greater Wrong Of The Right

  84. Nick Pascale

    Found my new favorite song


    +Nick Pascale You could do worse.

    aaron lawrence

    +Nick Pascale I cant stop listening

  85. Art by Alex Bunch

    I love skinny puppy, and this song is amazeballs.

  86. joydivisiongirl

    this is fucking brilliant.

  87. Travis Maddox

    this song is so amazing.  it simply cannot be played loud enough.  and I'm guessing the lyrics were written using the William S. Burroughs cut-up method?

  88. Justin w.

    thanks to skinnyp,,,iwant 2 say 4 life

  89. Justin w.

    you will have 1 with your salf win the dis white noise helps

  90. Justin w.

    less 2 this shit up 4 3days //////////

  91. skmoshmn

    beginnings of Punk Rap?

  92. KiLLeRHAnDs

    i love the fact they kept up w new technology and are utilizing it in their music, epic group

  93. Fabian Baummann

    A R T

  94. Meowersluv

    Love this song! Who made the picture tho?

    Liam Dyson

    +Meowersluv It's called "Anxious" by Matriarch667 on DeviantArt


    +Liam Dyson Thanks!!

    Liam Dyson

    No problem :)

  95. zindi1138

    great karaoke song.

    Hillary Grace

    this comment made my day.

    Richard A.

    @Hillary Grace hahaha meetoo, I laughed out loud in the airport

    Shawn Peterson

    It is, but it has to be sung through a malfunctioning printer to get it just right.

    Richard A.

    @Shawn Peterson gold comment!

  96. Alicja Mikrut

    Does anyone know by who is that picture?

  97. Dario Palčić

    have no words... after all those years, so fresh... just love it...

  98. Alen Coffell

    You think you can hide by wearing mammal skins! ( I ) can see you!

  99. Kirk VanderMaat

    when was this released

    Miles Williams

    2004 I think. On The Greater Wrong of the Right album. Their "new millennial" come back album.