Skinny Puppy - gLowbeL Lyrics

She'd twist, let it slip
And I might remember when
Cancer was a chance to connect the dots
She'd proceed on the dark then
millisievert REM attack on the dream of a bureaucrat
millimeters from the heart, ask for nothing, give nothing back
James Smith resurrect off the tip of another's tongue
mesmerize anytime
ghost with the ambient gun

Crack in the bed
Crack in the wall to see through
Crack in the smokeless vaporing
what is make believe

smell fresh odorless
smell Earth and the steam comes home
smell fresh odorless
there's a party there in there I swear I know

Crack in the bed
Crack in the wall to see through
Crack in the smokeless vaporing
what is like believing
Crack what is needed
Crack in the wall to see through
Crack smokeless vaporing
What is worth believing?


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Skinny Puppy gLowbeL Comments
  1. Tora Black

    sweet song

  2. soft punk

    been listening to sp since i was 8, i am 80 now! so good

  3. Brett Who?

    The verse to this sounds like the Chorus from this song:

  4. Michael

    How about a new album? It's been three fucking years. It's been five fucking years since the last Ohgr! It does not take this long to make an album. Sorry. I hate laziness.

    Romero Rosewood

    cEvin key has been in and out of surgery for cancer and there last album was 2013 so dude?!?! take it easy on them...shit....


    Damn! Obviously you don't realize that cEvin Key has cancer and has undergone a series of surgeries to remove the cancer from his face and skull...he still has more surgery to come! These guys never quit making albums so calling them lazy is a fucking joke Douchery Michael.


    You simply needed to inform me of the situation, which I didn't know.  There was no need for personal insults.


    Sorry Michael if it seemed harsh, I guess I was a bit offended by YOUR personal insults directed at SP and retaliated on their behalf...You've edited your original post but you didn't give a very good impression or the idea that you were much of a fan by calling a normally intense, hardworking, multi-album producing band LAZY! And I thought that was rather insensitive.
    Now that you know, we shouldn't have any other issues...

  5. KiLLeRHAnDs

    So good

  6. Dario Palčić

    Puppy today... no more, no less to add... fantastic... start loving them as teenager... hope will produce similar till am retired...

    Lord Sniper

    High five :-)

    Kevin White

    Consider yourself high fived mate :)
    @Lord Sniper

  7. TheCorrectViews

    There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that know that this is amazing and idiots. It IS THAT DAMN SIMPLE> 


    I love you.


    @TheCorrectViews :p


    You know. There IS good and bad. It is NOT subjective.


    @TheCorrectViews I think it is both subjective and not subjective. One should watch out for getting stuck in dichotomous thinking. If it is so (both options plus more), it would certainly invalidate what the politically correct view expressed above tried to claim. :)


    If you dont like it than why are you here?


    where did the atmosphere go?


    up in smoke

    NivekNomad 08


  9. Kyle McKay

    My favorite on this album

  10. Valentina Reshetchenko

    It's fucking amazing

  11. Glokas7

    Goddamn this song is everything I've wanted from SP since I was 12

  12. ChristiaanVDA

    Heh. The melody reminds me of Send Me an Angel from Real Life.

  13. iffconsulting

    Ça manque d'énergie

  14. Jezebel Fatale

    found my first album at 14, still listening at 41.:)

  15. {{{Channel Awesome}}}

    auraL crACKK