Skinny Puppy - Ghostman Lyrics

Give it up today - average levitation
Mojo no magic - dedicated delusion
Give it all away, oh yeah mother Theresa [?]
All of it for the good of everyone never
Really ever really happens

Life is all distorted
Reasons are purported
What we share with everyone

Every little boy or girl is under
Everything is wrapped up tight
Underneath the spell what is discovered
Everything is wrapped up tight

Every little thing that is discovered
Did it ever really happen?


Life is all distorted
Reasons are purported
What we share with everyone
Is glum
And dark

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Skinny Puppy Ghostman Comments
  1. Yana Mladenova

  2. Daray Vuhn

    Every little thing that is discovered .
    It must be mine .

  3. martins adins

    wasn't mother theresa pro-AIDS?

  4. Mrx Drno

    It's my fave......... Laaaaaaaaa laaa laaaaaaaa

  5. Ronnie Guillot, Jr.

    generic comment inserted here

  6. Kaylyn Zoe

    This is like something from one of their early efforts except more cleaned up sounding. Really very good.

  7. neonemu

    One of my favorite tracks from this album... So fucking good!!

  8. Jorge Hernandez

    this song reminds me to infected mushroom

  9. Void13band

    One of the best Skinny Puppy songs!

  10. Void13band

    One of the best Skinny Puppy songs!

  11. Billy Mays

    Because you're a queer.

  12. fangedladybug

    Why does this song make me think of Slenderman everytime I listen to it?

  13. Zayne Wright

    daring once trent resner song one song but orger got into a fight of the lead singer so trent left and formed NIN

  14. DnB Soldier

    I've been lucky enough to see my heroes Cevin Key and Nivek Ogre thrice in my lifetime. They have influenced me greatly as an artist. This song is pure genius, these gentlemen have always been way ahead of the curve. And the shows...if you've been to one you know; I really just can't begin to say how amazing and unique each and everyone is.

    Bill Cowart

    I've only been to one show but it was the BEST experience of my life. They have influenced my work tremendously as well.

  15. DaringDarkness

    Has nivek always been the lead singer?

    stephen roldan

    DaringDarkness yes

  16. calx

    I love this track but.. I really have no idea what the lyrics are trying to convey.


    Volt 9000

    Could be about a lot of different things but if I had to guess, I'd say something to do with the Catholic church scandal that was exposed in 2001. Lots of religious imagery + "every little thing that is discovered". Right wing ideology was definitely a focal point on this record.

  17. dave mack

    0 Dislikes....keep it that way!! ;)

  18. ChaoticMethod23


    I don't agree. For me, GWOTR is SP's album that has aged the best.

    I guess it's mostly a matter of taste. To me, this album is mostly IDM with vocals, and I dig it.

  19. DjKnJkDjK

    Glad you like them ;D