Skinny Puppy - EmpTe Lyrics

Beat my head to wake up cause I feel as if I'm sleeping
Past is in the heart and I am waiting for the rhythm

Feed the holy jaws no saying pain is the answer
After all is gone the story leaves me feeling empty
And all alone it leaves me feeling empTe


We are all animals inside


Free the spirit is alive to guide us
We're all alone and really feeling empty

We're all alone

When all revenge falls apart
Taken a step back from the start

Leaves me feeling empty [x11]

(we're all alone)

Leaves me feeling empty [x4]

(we're all alone)

Leaves me feeling empty [x3]

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Skinny Puppy EmpTe Comments
  1. Daniel S

    I’d seen Skinny Puppy 3 times before “Greater Wrong of the Right” and that was the first time it felt like a rock concert. Easily the best Skinny Puppy show I’d been to.

  2. user 243354


  3. ChinChest

    I think this is my favorite song they did

  4. James Lehr

    My one vvish in life: seeing and hearing JULIE ANDREVVS sing this on EDELVVEISS Mountain in THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

  5. DT 3

    Upon searching for this video, YouTube suggests that I'm really looking for a Skinny Puppy Emote. Very incorrect, YouTube. Get woke!

  6. James Lehr

    SP at their most Astoundingly OPERATIC. Just lovin' it!!!!!

  7. musicwired1

    i was just playing williams guitar needs alot of work but i love it if it could talk

  8. Paul Desfosses

    4:46pm 4/3/2018 birmingham alabama tuesday afternoon ...

  9. La Cuenta de Dicleidi

    Nivek Ogre's my love

  10. Relle Wilson

    Dude wtf been looking for this song for 7 years my dumbass was typing in sick puppies smh

  11. James Lehr

    This has got to be the anti-"TONIGHT, TONIGHT".

  12. Chef Boyardee

    Looks like a filthier FilthyFrank. I think its that shit-eating grin he does. Great performance all the same

    mich sles

    you are going to burn in hell for nine eternities with 1000 flaming cocks made of steel in your ass for comparing the two..

  13. Sinthia Jarrz

    miss dwayne

  14. Sinthia Jarrz



    i wasnt aware ogre had a twin brother who just happened to look exactly like him

    Sinthia Jarrz



    @Sinthia Jarrz it was a joke lol

  16. Art by Alex Bunch

    Does he sound like weird Al here or is that me? LOL

  17. Matthew Hurt

    They were much better and did better shows in the 80s and early 90s. Since they got back together they don't seem the same. Doesn't feel like they are into what they are doing anymore. Ogre used to get lost in what he was doing on stage and now he looks like he's just going through the motions.

    myron price

    +Matthew Hurt
    Maybe so. It might be all lost at this point. But, the pointed social awareness at a political target seems as appropriate as ever.


    Greater Wrong of the Right tour in Vegas at HOB was my first Puppy show and it was absolutely incredible. I'd been a fan for years, but never had the chance to see them. I didn't do anything more exotic than have some drinks, yet I was transported to another dimension. The electricity in the air was palpable. The entire performance told a story from start to finish, yet never felt rehearsed. When Ogre took the stage in his demon/bird mask, I instantly could not take my eyes off of him, though the projections were staggeringly immersive. He pulled himself onstage along an imaginary wire and pure magic transpired from that point forward. I've seen them four more times since then and each show was unique and transcendent. The Hollywood show at Henry Fonda Theatre was absolutely tops and the last Denver show really took the performance art aspect into new realms.

  18. Sinthia Jarrz

    EMPTE IS HOW I FEEL EVERYDAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!C-MOON

  19. Gabriel Mazuca

    I agree Daniel,I  saw SP on the Shapes for Arms tour  was pretty awesome, but it lacked a bit...but seeing them on this tour was absolutely amazing the theatrics,and visuals and the music was brilliant.

  20. Daniel Simonton

    My favorite Skinny Puppy concert ever. The only one that really felt like I'd been to a show.

  21. Sinthia Jarrz

    the past is in the heart and I am waiting for the rhythmic throbbing signal the sounds shaking into my future ..

  22. Sinthia Jarrz

    we are alone in this vast crazy eyes reflect a shade to pale and anti-social behavior is a must from becoming to attached and heartbroken....

    nothing dotdlmsc

    if you don't know(unlikely)

  23. edward serrano

    this tour was sick. 

  24. Shae Green

    Ok.... This has got to be the BEST SONG EVER... provided by the BEST! SP..... Just so you know, I am a late college bloomer (as i spent 16 years after high school touring with a show).  Anyhow, my talent is in graphic design.  One of my first major projects was to redesign a CD.  My choice... Skinny Puppy, Mythmaker.  I did receive an award for it so, If anyone is ever interested, I would love to share it!!!


    I'd like to check it out. Send me a link.

  25. mich sles

    this right here kiddies is what performance art looks like.

  26. John Sullivan


    Cool Moms

    +DoctorCreepy what's stupid is your such a loser replying to a comment from 2 years ago. Get a life LOSER


    you know whats the funny part? you do the same xD

  27. suizadeamerica

    Justin Bennett

  28. Daniel Neroese

    who is the drummer?

  29. Dark Art Delights

    This song is Amazing! It helped me defeat an addiction, & get through one of the harshest times in my life. Thank You Skinny Puppy!

  30. Neuroleptic Official

    Fucking great performance, for a fucking awesome and sad song.