Skinny Puppy - daL Lyrics

"Let go, where you going move from, going to hide it nowhere... With my butt... like you left"

words fade above the snow
the carved out somebody stitch
the carver's all who waves surrender
through all tempers looking back
the skin begins to crack
those ever double jointed blamers

closed off no power the wheel inside no peace
no feeling all disease around security

devised the cycles find
a call that's never caught
beneath the locusts timed decision

the vice grips never freed
a crease upon one's debt
and never paying forward

what will we won't be late
what will be left today
when nothing left to beg the moral

what is it left can't you say
who will be left to pay
when ugly crippled eyes remain

closed off devoured the meat inside of me
in freeing all afraid of life eternity

burning of sorrow deep craving inside no teeth
holding on nothing left to be believed

what will we want with fear
the time of bombing near
with nothings left to have or hope for

what is there left to say
an ancient plan to pay
with blood and shit tomorrow

we will be learning shame
until we play the game
that in the end will bring disorder

what will be left to say
when nothing is the same
and all this shit goes over

"Where you... nowhere... like you left... go... where you"

Steping out behind mask
kiss the mercantile abscess
run behind (teach fertile?) blood
the fingernails are dirty

Face the combination loss
and go toward the final cost
a cripple's desk a lost foothold
Suffering at the end scene

closed off devoured the meat inside of me
in freeing all afraid of life eternity

"Get in line... no you can't my my... happily remove one body... nearly knew.
It's not dead... every way it's not lice ladden where you going to go"

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Skinny Puppy daL Comments
  1. RozzDarkly

    Yes, still here, all day every day!

  2. Ravix of

    My fav song on Mythmaker

  3. Max Matson

    If anybody is wondering the beginning and end sample is from invasion of Body Snatchers from early 90s with Meg Tilly

  4. James Lehr

    i Believe the soundbites for this song are of ROSIE PEREZ from one of her movies.

  5. Matty Boy Anderson

    Awesome Body Snatchers sample
    "Where you gonna run? Where you gonna go? Nowhere. Because there is no one left like you."

    cringy weeaboo

    thanks was wondering for years what they sampled...... sigh now I know

  6. James Lehr

    Who's the DAL singing?   Beautiful voice there?

  7. RGB Reading

    I love how Skinny Puppy really utilizes subharmonics. I have never heard another band that uses those low frequencies with such amazing results like their later albums. A subwoofer is a must.

    Eric Willey

    RGB Reading thank ya. I always respect a true Puppy fan.


    Most definitely thanks to the addition of Mr. Mark Walk. Great addition.

  8. skinny9283

    FKN excellent PUPPY tune!

  9. Zlo

    isnt it Steve Jobs on the cover?

  10. cavhoki

    one of my fav sp spins

  11. n c

    if my soul could make love to dilaudid i think it would sound like this song <3