Skinny Puppy - DaddyuWarbash Lyrics

I am not living here
I have got much left to fear
In the place of safety I am
Fortunate to be alive
With all these distant rich things around me
I am left to realize
It's not the blood in me
It's not the hate
It's just the simple things that I relish

Empire sews the seed of hate, we remove ourselves
Passing flames inspires ugly traits, sanitize
Creepy ills to keep the fear in line
Is it wrong to let the liar lie?
Creepy ills to keep the fears in line
More acquired is disease the soul's state

We are, we are, we are
We are, we are, we are

I am a god, I am a faceless warrior
Lost leaders wins the glorious, growing stocks of used up people
Life is twisting all the words to shun life, worth less than corporate rape
Empire takes control of fate
I am dying, I am dying
Is it wrong to call a spade a spade?

We are, we are, we are

Popping pills will ease the daily pain
Bombing peace back up into the stoned state

We are, we are, we are
We are, we are, we are
We are, we are, we are

I am not living here
I have got much left to fear
In the place of safety I am
Fortunate to be alive
With all these distant rich things around me
I am left to realize
It's not the blood in me
It's not the hate
It's just the simple things that I relish
I am a god
I am a faceless warrior
We remove ourselves
From the war
Looking from a distance, sanitized
Wash your hands and feel it
The dirtyness down the drain


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Skinny Puppy DaddyuWarbash Comments
  1. Michael J. Mates

    "in. the face. of safety. i am. fortunate to be alive" -sp.

    "m. aga" -me

  2. Michael J. Mates

    "i am. a god. i am. a faceless. warrior" -sp.

  3. Chow Yun Kat

    I think the "Do you wanna die with me?" from 1:53-2:36 is heart-wrenching. Really good song. 👍

  4. Christiaan Van den Akker

    IMO this is the closest the new incarnation of the band has come to capturing the feel of the old Puppy. Love this track.

  5. ScreaminMadMurphy

    Hi i ruin songs for people. "Do you want a sausage with beans?"
    Have fun.

  6. stephopal opal

    This makes me thinknof my beautiful friend Allen J(talented artist and bikerides at night ..making posters ..silkscreen style..orbs around us...Send Skinny Puppy love..From New Orleans Louisiana..☆ StephopalOpal aka Big Mama of music and Peace ~

    Isaac Cummings

    Kind of an odd question, you happen to be friends with a guy in New Orleans named Russel?

  7. Blink th3Dog

    in a place of safety im am lucky to be alive.

  8. martins adins

    zagli traits

  9. Deville Producer

    I am a God I am a faceless warrior

  10. Jani Ojala

    Perklunt brought me here

  11. Pan Darius Kairos

    If I were going to be in solitary confinement, the best thing that could happen to me is that they'd play SP over and over...

  12. heavy671

    best of best



  14. quantafunk

    was able to see these guys in concert twice this year! A MIND bending experience, to say the least...

  15. Samaxe

    Perkulator bought me here.

    j biscuithead

    Growing up listening to skinny puppy when I was 5 years old borught me here.
    who gives a fuck though? christ


    I care. Perkulator is a beast and made this song justice...

    btw, perkulator brought me here.

    Alex pattenden

    me too !!



  17. Mystery


  18. SnapKase Seth

    The intro sounds like ogre if he where a chipmunk. LOL!

    Samantha Alessandra

    SnapKase Seth that is actually really cute

  19. Smolson

    The begining sounds like scooter. Fucking kitschy and gay

  20. Mafornication

    This made me to watch perklunt at 2013, and make my countdown to GTA 5 goes a little bit faster :)

  21. ꧁Laviah Møøn꧂

    "woof woof woof woof woof woof" lolololol
    It's as if the dog decided to interrupt him and he "barked" back XD

  22. Baubauzable

    Fuck yeah!

  23. Kristi T

    haha that is cool this trck its my type of music! Oh Btw peeps use this to get this in mp3:

  24. Carlee Cox

    Actually Skinny Puppy formed in 1982. You're probably thinking of Throbbing Gristle. Either way I get your point.

  25. Way2Spirited

    Then Skinny Puppy probablyyyy isn't you're band. All of their bands are "Brap" a collection of electronic mult-instrumentalists with the odd guitar here and there and distorted vocals. They've been going strong since the 70s and their fan base loves them how they are. Which is not a top 40 MTV type "product" band. Check out some of their lyrics and other prjects you might appreciate those though... nah probably not lol JK Peace

  26. Pat B

    They ALWAY used voice Synthesiers, just a different type

  27. WellBeSerious12

    I prefer when weren't using voice synthesizers, but great otherwise!

  28. jurgen b

    puppets failed lol they want we all then puppet ther way

  29. James Kaminellis

    HA! Funny you say this, i just found DVD's containing videos of All the Perkulators from many years ago, Ill upload them soon! make sure to check my channel!

    FPAS Spekk

    better get at it bro!

  30. Johan


  31. shoent

    It's time for the Perkulator :)
    <3 Perklunt

  32. samekompis

    Ahh, memories! I miss Perklunt's videos. Sadly I can't find them around in good quality anymore.

  33. l337z0r

    Oh yes. :) That video changed my freakin' life!

  34. MisanthropieWoW

    first time i listened to the song was a video in roguecraft (PvP in WoW with a Rogue) That was 7 years ago. Still it is a WTF-EPIC-SONG.

  35. Khazou


  36. Jakob Heinrich

    best song to describe our 8 year debacle in Iraq and the human toll it's had on our soldiers.

  37. EmilyRigh

    Best. Band. Ever.

  38. illuminatismasher

    7 people are not gods or faceless warriors

  39. Dino P

    @JakyRedEyes i thought i was the only one :')

  40. Dino P

    @JakyRedEyes i thought i was the only one :')

  41. Chursh


  42. Brendan Bradshaw

    @JakyRedEyes WOW I can't believe that actually 142 people remember this video! Lol His video is still up on google videos btw!

  43. OgreTheGreenGuy

    @christ472 T'as raison et c plus ke ça Skinny Puppy....ça transporte...ça te transporte...enfin quelqu'un qui apprécie !!!! C mon groupe depuis mes 14 ans et j'en ai 41 maintenant...j'ai jamais pu décrocher

  44. oddgobompin

    An extremely overrated World of Warcraft player.

  45. Thastor

    Perkulator <3 he brougt so much good music into my life.

  46. Ricky Mckormick

    does anyone know an industrial band with a chick as the lead singer? please let me know if you do

    Blink th3Dog


  47. Nichlas90


  48. Eusebius Ruvalcabus

    fucking great!!!

    fucking skinny puppy!!!

  49. Xavier II

    Good Ol' 2004

  50. lguscell

    @JakyRedEyes First time I heard this song lol.

  51. fangedladybug

    Just discovered this band... this is such a cool song...

  52. Hppyhppy2

    I can't find the WoW vid with Perkulator the horde skeleton level 60 rogue to this song if anyone can find it let me know during 1:21 in the other video there is a trumpet that plays alerting him of another battle grounds. At the very begging I think a gnome is emoting to the lyrics. THX if you can find it

  53. Matt Plumridge

    @ekkolito Perkulator is a god, and a facless warrior

  54. FistSaidToTheFace

    @EvilMrDark THIS is skinny puppy THE single greatest, most well preformed band in history. they're entire discography contains over 43GB of every song they have made since 1983 not including their videos. It's never too late to become a fan.

  55. Captain Ersatz

    I got this one from Brang's basic MM PvP guide. -.-

  56. Wuii1337

    lol so true :D

  57. Plaguuuu

    WoW Perkulator Video, talking about a long ass trip down the memory lane.

    Awesome song.

  58. Cody McDonald

    perklunt <3

  59. Cody McDonald

    It's time for the Perkulator.

  60. 219KhmerLife

    yea i first heard this song whe perklunt put his pvp vid out on warcraft movies

  61. mechl3y

    @JakyRedEyes heck yeah Perkulator rocks

  62. XC2long4u

    This song is amazing. It's a sonic masterpiece.

  63. Joshua Ream

    skinny puppy has been my favorite band since i was in 7th grade and still is, 19 now

  64. Bleskojd

    This is so fucking epical! x)
    SP rulez ;-)

  65. spadehatesscrewtube

    sure, why not.

  66. spadehatesscrewtube

    i can take sacasm like your mom takes ... hey! jk. i9 was listening to throbbing gristle and negativland @ 15 and before. i was lucky and blessed with cool friends and college radio, kpfa and kfsr. hell i probably even listened to gay radio around that time without even knowing it.

  67. spadehatesscrewtube

    well, i know who i was listening to @ age 15, forgive me if everything written is incorrect, it wouldnt change me from being a fan, nor having cleanse fold and manipulate and stairs and flowers on vinyl. or being to just one concert of theirs.
    those also serve who only stand and wait

  68. performz28

    You're right!

    It's going to be very hard, but, I don't mind trying, I may get lucky and find a copy for my self somewhere, you never know.

    Also, I'd like to find a way to contact Nivek or Kevin, and let them know that there are fans out there looking for a copy of their 1st album, eventhough, they released B&F Series 2, which has most of the songs of the 1st album.

    And yes! If I manage my self to find one (copy), I'll let u and all the fans know how and where I got it.


  69. performz28

    NP... I'll do my best to find it, if succesful, then, I'll share my success. ;-)

  70. spadehatesscrewtube

    no problem. if you DO manage to get it, please, for EVERYONE put up some pics, and maybe some samples. we'd ALL enjoy it.

  71. performz28

    Thanks! I really want the original B&F, even though it was released on cassete-tape only. I'm also aware that I might need some Benjamins to purchase that masterpiece.

  72. spadehatesscrewtube

    psssht! b&f original? there were only something like 1000 copies made, be prepared to shell out big bucks if you can even find one. also i believe they were all ONLY on tape (casette).

  73. performz28

    I read that somewhere, but, it will be awesome to have a copy of the original album, anyway.


    BTW, SP is touring again.

  74. c0c0c0

    It might be remastered and a bit cleaned up. Other than that, the originals are on there.

  75. performz28

    Thanks for the info!!

    I have B&F 2... I thought the 1st album was a bit different.

  76. c0c0c0

    Back and Fourth 2 has B&F1 in it's entirety.

  77. DJ Mithril

    this is simply a great peace of electronic music..very well done. loved their old stuff...and love this album (especially this song) very much :)

  78. Tonyeggbert

    the greater wrong of the right
    there is another one
    the greater right of the wrong

  79. ClintRicardo

    what albums this from?? im new to these guys, but i very much like it. can anyone point me in the rite direction?

  80. MagnitudePerson

    You dont listen to many Oldskool The Prodigy songs, do you?

  81. jerman2003

    The begining's a bit alvin and the chipmonks but yeah, wow what a powerhouse of a closer to one of the best puppy albums.

  82. Milker Yan

    I get shivers starting at the end of the song when it starts to climax around "I am fortunate to be alive..." Awesome stuff.

  83. mtspbr

    FLA is Front Line Assembly. I leave out Inside Treatment, amGod, yelworC, Swamp Terrorists, Insekt, Evils Toy, Image Transmission, In Strict Confidence, Abscess, Leaether Strip, Scapaflow, Schnitt Acht, Pouppée Fabrikk, Numb, Prager Handgriff, Placebo Effect, Page 12, Plastic Noise Experience, Lost Image, Lassigue Bendthaus, Xorcist, Project Pitchfork, Psychic Force, Setrakian, In Sotto Voce, Force Dimension, Fortification 55, Dementia Simplex, DRP, Fiction 8. I'm an EBM/Industrial fan since 86

  84. mtspbr

    Kraftwerk are techno-pop, Front242 are EBM, FLA and Skinny are Industrial/Agreepo, Cat Rapes Dog are Cyber Punk, they did the sound and defined the genre. But so many other bands contributed to create the root of electronic music: à; Grumh, Click Click, Split Second, Vomito Negro, Klinik, Trisomie 21, X-Marks The Pedwalk and many others.

  85. serrulius

    Niiice. Really good song!

  86. Bluehawk2008

    I hate the chipmunk voice lol, but the rest of the song is pretty good. I especially like when it works it way back to the lyrics sung by the chipmunk voice and then expands on them.

  87. GebtMirHirne

    ruin3r, you maybe are right that skinny puppy is the oldest industrial band, but the greatest is KMFDM :-P

  88. ruin3r

    Are you all stupid? this is Skinny Puppy, the oldest and greatest industrial band of all time, and has nothing to do with some noobfuck kid making a WoW PvP video. I'm even a WoW player myself and i'd bitch slap the shit out of you for thinking some little scrub kid with a pvp video had anything to do with making this song or this album which is one of the greatest to come out of the industrial scene in a decade..jesus could WoW players be any dumber?

  89. Steven Grabbert

    Fucking WoW epic song

  90. splashzoR

    Perklunt <3

    Make a new video soon =)

  91. erikhallar

    Xantim !! :D

  92. Oreisa

    Perkulator :D

  93. davy jae

    Perkulator's my father!

  94. dodonl

    ye,its cewl in hes movie!

  95. dodonl

    ye,its cewl in hes movie!

  96. Huurme

    skinny puppy rocks! :D

  97. Sondre Idsøe Flaten

    WoW music!

  98. Nathan VanMiddlesworth Media

    where's the fuckin' sound!