Skid Row - Thick Is The Skin Lyrics

Eightball, hanging overhead
Flushed out like Frankenstein
One more, for the living dead
That's not, me this time

Knocked down, I've been down before
Yet still we bare the load
If I would, want it anymore
I just might explode

All your heroes have died and left you to
Rise from the ashes and live for today

Can you take it all
When we're standing tall
We don't need a wall, built around us
Jump into the flame
One and all the same
We won't feel the pain
Thick is the skin, thick is the skin - yeah!

Outside, still looking in
I'll keep what I've made mine
Timebomb strapped to my chin
Step down or fall in line

All your heroes have died and left you to
Rise from the ashes and live for today

Can you take it all
When we're standing tall
We don't need a wall, built around us
Jump into the flame
One and all the same
We won't feel the pain
Thick is the skin, thick is the skin - yeah!

Hey [x15]


Can you take it all
When we're standing tall
We don't need a wall, built around us
Jump into the flame
One and all the same
We won't feel the pain
Thick is the skin

Can you take it all
When we're standing tall
We don't need a wall, built around us
Jump into the flame
One and all the same
We won't feel the pain
Thick is the skin, thick is the skin
Thick is the skin, thick is the skin - yeah!

Hey [x15]

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Skid Row Thick Is The Skin Comments
  1. Usep Rahmat Hidayat

    Waw, hebat banget 👍

  2. Steven Neal

    The best concert i ever got to experience was skid row in ada Oklahoma at a place called legends in 2002(i think it was 02 lol.)they opened the show. The show consisted of them, vince neil from motley crue with his band (motley crue wasnt back together quite yet) and poison was the headliner.
    Skid row actually debuted this song at that show. I was a stage hand so i got to actually meet cc devill from fuckin day ever man 🤘💪

  3. Andy Ivanov

    Thickskin is my favorite Skid Row album but many fans believed that skid row are not the same band without Sebastian Bach because Sebastian is the lead singer of Skid Row but when he quit (or got fired) in 96 the remaining guys decide to continue on without him after the rift between them that they too big to open for Kiss but now they are open for Kiss so they decide to move on under a new name called "Ozone Monday" with a new lead singer named Shawn Mars then in 99 the band reform with Johnny Solinger and Drummer Charlie Mills I'm was kinda reminds me of before sebastian even joined the band they even have connections with record labels from being friends with jon bon joviwho promised to hep if ever hit it big one day Johnny on the other hand was kind of the guy from texas who sing the hits from the catalog Charlie was a great power drummer but due to lack of income it became necessary for him but he needed to comeback to his home and his family he quits and they brought in Phil Varone on drums after I knew him the original drummer from Saigon Kick that he joined Skid Row before they open for KISS after that tour they hit the studio and record the album for many songs from this record including New Generation Ghost and Thick Is The Skin although it stills the flavour of the original band it towards Alternative Rock sound they got.

    People if you know the truth about Thickskin know the real facts and the real reasons.

  4. Lars Erik Ballo

    No Axl, no guns. No Bach, no skids

  5. m050181

    Great album. One of my favourites

  6. Vendetta Australia


  7. Richard Jepp

    That was a fuckin! intro! SKIDS still rule!

  8. tyh sryth

    Probably gonna get bashed, but I feel the same a Solinger as I do about Dio (RIP) - possibly a better singer technically than Bach or Ozzy respectively, but less... Unique? Very generic, much less exciting, much less intimate... Put simply, hard to give a fuck about. A shame really, as 40 Seasons was a staple for our underage drinking binges

    Marco Fabio Pavone

    Dio was better singer than Ozzy, but Johnny isn't better than Bach. Johnny is good when singing alternative rock, but he's bad in metal and hard rock. Skid Row is a heavy metal band, so they need a metal vocalist.

  9. Sharon Steen

    love this album dont be too quick to judge

  10. Pitchfork Matt

    Skid row is skid row period. Bach owes more to them than skid row owes to bach. If it wasn't for skid row hiring him to sing songs on there debut for them he would have never hit it big. Matt fallon was skid row's original singer, he was originally intended to sing those songs on their debut. But he wasn't up to par, so they hired bach to sing the songs. Matt already have recorded them but bach end up redoing the vocals. That's all bach did was pick up someone elses vocals and songs. Before bach even joined the band they already had connections to a record deal from being friends with bon jovi who promised to help if he ever hit it big one day. Now solinger was already brilliant before hand with his band solinger back in texas. Having several albums (my favorite being chain link fence) that were underground yet were really freaking good. Of course most will still say "oh he isn't close to bach and is another wannabe." This is where your wrong. He had a much more rugged look in solinger than what bach has, yet he keeps on key everytime. He can hit high and low notes, but make it stand out. Bach has a very girly voice, but is great no doubt. But he isn't skid row. Know the facts people.


    Johnny was good. People who hate on Skid Row for kicking out Bach, are not Skid Row fans, they are Sebastian Bach fans.
    ZP Theart is amazing.

    aSh drAvEn crOw

    Pitchfork Matt
    And what’s your point hOncho? I think your a fAn of Sollinger but he isn’t thatgOod good compared to Bach’s powerful vocals. Skid row’s gritty sound is because of Bach’s powerful screaming vocals, now Skid ROw is an alternative bAnd, musically misdirected!


    Sebastian owes Skid Row nothing!!! It was Sebastian voice that made those songs hit big...Sebastian's vocal range is still unmatched to this day...Listen SR has lost 3 singers is Rachel and Snake ever going to look in the mirror and think maybe they are the problem...All members of Skid Row are up in their 50's now I think it is time to think about your legacies who want to be remembered as the band who couldn't get it together for their fans to play one last time with Sebastian if GNR could do it so can SKID ROW..PS You guys are getting too old to hold grudges...Just make it about the music!!!! Sebastian just built a drum shed, Sebastian, Rachel, Snake, Scottie need to go in there and yell and fight it out till all the bad feelings are gone...Jmo

  11. princessangela79

    @Trent Morrison
     thank you I could not find the video but I read that it had something to do with KISS asking them to open for them. Skid Row turned it down without telling Sabastian and he was So ticked off when he found out that he said he was going to kill one of his band mates. Then they fired him. AS for the link for some reason you cannot even post youtube links in the comments BUT one way around that is you can post ALL of the numbers and letters as long as you do not put the .com part at the end and it will post. I can figure the .com part out myself. :)

  12. Paz Cancino

    Love it!

  13. Jade O'Malley

    Johnny is amazing. There's a reason Sebastian hasn't been in Skid Row for 14 years...

  14. Gus Fraga

    Yes!! This is a Skid Row song!!!! Bach would sing better, but, anyway, it´s good too!!

  15. Cristian J

    Yes D; but enjoy skid row lml with bach and without him D;

  16. Kosta Talbic

    Skid Row with out Seb is like Guns withouy Axl or Queen without Freddie, Metallica without simply does not exist!

  17. Drogon

    This song is great. love it

  18. freedomrights2012


  19. Drogon

    I really like this song alot

  20. Julie Schultz

    The following year, Phil was going to come to Atlanta to visit friends and he wanted me to be with him for a few days. My husband actually thought it was kinda cool that a rock star wanted his wife, so he was going to let me go. ~LOL~ Sadly, he had to cancel because Skid Row had to prepare to tour with Poison. We lost contact and I lost my job and couldn't go to any more concerts. Those were fun days though.

  21. Julie Schultz

    Phil!! Gosh I miss Phil Varone. We used to be close friends once upon a time and would chat online for hours at a time. We'd chat about everything, but it always came back around to sex. My husband wasn't too happy about our subject matter, but he got over it. When my friend & I saw them in Atlanta, Phil took us up with him to party with the band, which was a lot of fun. Johnny even served drinks himself.

  22. Julie Schultz

    Don't you mean "Bas?" Blas was the drummer for Slaughter (now mostly with Blue Man Group).


    Sebastian nickname is Baz

  23. bill wofford

    sorry guys i was a huge skid row fan back in the 80s and 90s and all blas did was sing he co wrote a few songs but not very many i love the new skid row i think they are still a awesome band but also agree that this song and many others wouldve been so so much better if blas had sung on them but i dont think they suck now they are still kick ass this song and disease should convince everyone of that


    please, people, Sebastian nickname is Baz

  24. 6culin6

    no es lo mismo sin sebastian bach

  25. JulieMichelle76

    I began listening back when Bach fronted the band.
    I was a teen, but I still love the new stuff too, which is why I own a copy of Thickskin on CD and The Making of Thickskin on DVD.

  26. zach classon

    Not a fan after Bach left/got fired whatever I love the old school albums

  27. maggstark

    skid row without SEBASTIAN BACH = SHIT!!!

  28. Trent Morrison

    On Skid Row's website there's a link to an interview with Snake and he explains it all. I tried posting the link on here but it wouldn't work for whatever reason.


    o som ta foda.. mesmo amando Sabo e Scotti, sem Sebastian o Skid se foi pra mim..!!

  30. Tereza Kudryová

    I miss Sebastian´s voice and Rachel´s hair.

  31. Refugio Flores

    Me gustan mas con Sebastian!!!!

  32. Jorge Andrés Pinzón Escobar

    They kicked out Bach cause they didn't want to open to KISS, and now they are open to Kiss

  33. Zoey Najs

    this isnt so bad

  34. Angus Young

    skid row without sebastian are not skid row. . . . .

  35. Acekicken

    @tbrhunter Skid Row without Bach = small clubs,no tour bus & making use of public transportation

  36. Shankar Thapaliya

    punks !!!

  37. TonyJames

    skid row witout bach = better skid row

  38. theAbeElement

    I was listening to this for a whole minute thinking 'when is sebastian gonna sing', when I realised... oh yeah, this is the new sr. I agree it's not the same but hey, this is a pretty good song. but imagine baz singing this!

  39. sepulthrax


  40. TheCircle666

    @dianitalook1 siii totalmente de acuerdo contigo

  41. Diana Bravo

    @TheCircle666 es verdad Sebastian Bach es el mejor y siempre lo sera, y skid row se a convertido en una mierda sin Sebastian Bach, odio a skid row sin sebastian bach es que Bach era el perfecto cantaba super guau las letras de Bach eran super su voz su pelo su forma de moverse el lo tenia todo y skid row tenia un futuro maravilloso con Bach, ahora que coman mierda por aver despedido a Bach.

  42. TheCircle666

    Everybody knows that Skid Row without Bach is not Skid Row ¬¬

  43. apokam1

    Tegnap este kezembe került egy német válogatás cd amin rajta szerepel ez a nóta.Anno amikor még ez a lemez hozzám került első hallgatásnál el sem hittem hogy a Skid Row-ból Sebastian Bach megatorok kiszállása után ez lett.Mostanra átértékeltem véleményem és arra jutottam új zenekarnév kellett volna és akkor nincs is nagy baj ezzel a nótával.Valljuk meg,a Skid Row Sebastian nélkül nem létezhet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jorge Andrés Pinzón Escobar

    Baz, Snake, Scotti,Bolan and Affuso, PERFECT BAND

  45. ruggbutt

    Baz WAS Skid Row.

  46. judit papp

    Ez nagyon állat !

  47. XerDav

    @trucknut71 oh snap :( what a upset, this bites >.<

  48. pipopower12

    thick is the skin, but SEBASTIAN IS THE BAND!

  49. princessangela79

    @Vinnie7683 Why did Skid Row Kick Sebastian Bach out of the band and when? I am pissed

  50. Marcos Fernández

    I love Skid Row!
    I love Heavy Metal!

  51. XerDav

    what happened to sabastian bach?


    Good singer ....but I really hate it when known bands get a new singer. It's not fair for the singer, nor the band.
    You can kick the drummer, but maybe not the lead guitar if it's Axl or Hetfield material. Well , you could kick Lars, but that's another matter.
    But cum on ....dont get a new singer, when people already know the band for that singer,
    Form a frickin new band, and call it somethin else will speak for itself .
    Get a new life man !

  53. johnnykyr

    @papakima10 thanks dude! i know.... ;)

  54. Ulfification sebastian..they suck ass...

  55. papakima10

    wow best quality ever! johnnykyr.. you ROCK man!
    thick is the skin yeahhhhhhh

  56. pkj77


  57. ilxdream

    sucks! without sebastian.....they should change their name :|

  58. CarlosRex19

    this is not Sebastian...but souns good.

  59. dexter lab

    @coltsrule5150 thats false look there are a lot of song that he composed in the band obiusly rachel and snake were the composer of all the song but sebastia also contribute in many songs

  60. Iván Portillo

    bach era el groso ellos no

  61. Sickman82

    This is not Skid Row at all

  62. LosBaelos

    pro bach, anti bach who cares
    face it skid row just ain't the same without him

  63. whplague

    These guys are nothing without Sebastian Bach

  64. Acekicken

    @Acekicken The Stones still have Mick on Vocals & Keith on Guitar The voice is the Identity & The Guitar is the tone of the band. Very few bands can change there singer & sound the same ACDC are part of a short list Whitesnake would not be Whitesnake if Dave was out

  65. Acekicken

    @Nicktube09 you did not just put them in the same category as the stones did U???
    Also the are up to 5 drummers now. There is a video on here where Rachel say's The Who
    could have been immortal had they not come back with 5 drummers blah blah he said he couldn't see the point & I could not agree with him more to bad he lost touch with that short but brutal truth. rt few

  66. Dave Hetfield

    The horror....

  67. Goth Claudia

    that's what I call "upload a video with style" you rock!!! lml

  68. Dante Decrescenzo

    The new skid row sucksss, sebastian rules

    PS: New singer and band looks are horrible

  69. Acekicken

    3 drummers & 2 singers since the classic line up "WHY" still call it Skid Row?
    good song but has as much in common with the Gary Moore Phil Lynott version lol still a good song but Baz would truly bring it to another level

  70. Jamie Hall

    @Pennyroya1Tea I saw them in.. '03 or '04 touring with Poison. These guys stole the show IMO (no disrespect to Poison. They were great) Awesome album..

  71. Rui Coelho

    hey mate ur the best for uploading
    this song really rules, fuckin' Rock n Roll

  72. Antonia Papastamataki

    The uploader RULES!!!
    The dude just kicks ass!!! \m/
    Keep up the good work mate!!!!
    Fuck yeah!!!