Skid Row - Subhuman Race Lyrics

[Bolan, Hill, Snake]

Jesus knows my story, he knows the position that I'm in
A hooker knows the feeling to get fucked the way I've been
Turn my insides out; your mouth drank my water

You look at me like I'm subhuman
You talk to me like I'm subhuman
You're treating me like I'm subhuman
You're jumping into the subhuman race

Brothers hear my story, but don't you take no pity out on me
A soldier knows the feeling to get pushed out in a field
Taking liberties; burned by your dictation

[Repeat Chorus]

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Skid Row Subhuman Race Comments
  1. 이민

    스키드로우의 최고 명반!!!

  2. Dude D haha Dinkli

    Rock on🤘

  3. Carrie


  4. Movie News

    Superior sub human sobatoge

  5. Movie News

    Rothchilds here

  6. Helton Gomes

    skid row at their best !

  7. Pleastendub

    Damn, they could have become one of the best metal bands, if they kept going ...

    Christi Nash

    Nobody can deal with Sebastian Bach long term. They won't even get back together with him now which is some crazy shit right there.

  8. 아연맨

    인간목에서 이런소리가 나오는게 신기하다

  9. Derrick Reisdorf

    Skid Row was actually still trying to do new stuff instead of being stuck in the days of 80s hair metal.

  10. Brian Vitullo

    SKID-ROW track 1 my enemy original classic lineup sUB-HUMAN rACE album

  11. Uuga Buuga

    Why so many dislikes

    Joonas Lehtonen

    Because they want more of that: "... Loveletters in the saaaanndd, I REMEEEMMBEER YYYYOOOOUUUU!!!" Sebastian Bach.

    Chad Randazzo

    All the cock rock fans

    Mark Clifford

    @Chad Randazzo Better than rap crap any day of the week ...even tho this is Skid's weakest efforts.

  12. rudelance

    You can really hear Pantera in this song. The time they spent together on tour had an obvious influence on the music and vocals. I love it!!!!


    Just heard this on Spotify and came here to say the exact same thing. Their attempt at Pantera.

  13. LivingInTheKaliYogurt

    doesn't sound Sebastian Bach singing on this at all to me.

    Randy Giroux

    cause its not him

    Andy Postema

    @Randy Giroux it's definitely Bach. This was the last album with the classic Skid Row lineup.

  14. Douglas Snodgrass

    I'm basing my vampire novel on eillien it's a brilliant idea

  15. Richard Duemmel

    You can be my enemy
    & I don't care!
    keep throwing stones at yourself

  16. Luck雨

    이거 CD있는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 이렇게 들으니 좋네요.

  17. buddyontheweb

    What a great great album. One of the last of that era.