Skid Row - Little Wing Lyrics

[J. Hendrix]

Well she's walking
Trough the clouds
With a circus mind
That's running wild
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and
That's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind

Oh, when I'm sad
She comes to me
With a thousand smiles
She gives to me free

It's alright she said
It's alright
Take anything you want from me

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Skid Row Little Wing Comments
  1. Gary Anderson

    Just quit fooling around and listen the the SRV live version. This is a sterilized version of the song.

  2. bruno gomex

    A melhor versão de todas...

  3. Mat Dub

    A chick thought once that I looked like Sebastian Bach. I guess my hair was similar? She clearly needed glasses. I went with it though. Hi Linda.

  4. Mat Dub

    Skid row are playing in a small intimate venue just a short walk from my house.!!

    No Sebastian Bach?

  5. Tres Michelle

    Could Sebastian be any sexier? 😳

  6. Cario Almeida

    Bons tempos... Skid row com Bach nos vocais e Affuso na batera.

  7. RickyTickyTV

    Look at that, no computers or samples...just authentic musicianship

  8. Rock Star SB

    Sebastian Beautiful
    I love you💖😍🎸

  9. Alberto Livraghi

    Secondo me Scottie Hill è un chitarrista gravemente sottovalutato, il sound degli Skid Row pulsa dai testi di Bolan e Sabo, veicolati dalla fenomenale voce di Sebastian, ma l'impronta sonora più efficace la danno i riff e i solo di Scottie

  10. Stolephorus

    That solo


    Maravilhosa 🤘♥️🔥

    Sebastian ♥️🤘🔥

    Rock Star SB


  12. cnvw974

    It says published 2019, thought oh, skid row had a new release, but no lead singer and OMG THATS SEBASTIAN and I about jump higher then I can jump, and I’m laying in bed!!!
    THEN realized oh SOB!
    WTH was I thinking?

    Sure wish all of them would come to realize they ALL NEED each other and they ALL are talented and Sebastian would get off that damn horse and give credit where credit is due.......
    Vice versus

  13. Ef's Sundanii

    Deudeuh teuing ieu lagu ,sunda pisan 😅

  14. Jonas O

    Wow, what a beautiful voice !!!!

  15. Loraine Hill

    Baz is so great he has done Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. But He was so stinking pretty back then, lol

  16. Muhammad Irfan

    Skid row kill it!!!!!

  17. mon avis compte

    tres fan ++ sebastian a tout pour lui !!!!!

  18. FunkPromotionz

    So the version that appears on B-Side Ourselves E.P. is a different version than this one. I wonder if this video version is available anywhere on cd. This version kicks ass! I Love it!

  19. Kirsch Karma

    Today´s Skid Row is so fuckin lame without Sebastian.

  20. Abu Buaya

    Tahun berapa ini??

  21. Miss Tery

    Whatvthe fuck happened?

  22. Lorena Sanchez

    Sebastian, my love.. 😍😘😚

  23. Viorica Buta

    It's not easy to make a cover from a Music-God's song.....and that cover to "stand-up "....not to be a pale copy....not to lose the original energy and power.....GOOD JOB Skid Row !!!

  24. mick666100

    I prefer this to the original the best cover of this song hands down

  25. Dror Levi

    such a beautiful song

  26. Dror Levi

    can another sound engineer spot the crossfading of the distorted guitar to the clean guitar mics, it was so evident. happening from 0:27 to 0:29

  27. Shawn Mcabee

    Best cover of this song, period!

  28. ami ramlan

    The best cover version ever

  29. Julieta Belcastro

    sebastian 😢

  30. Rener Oder Malakosk

    Song in this clip is different of the album... Is better!

  31. Memoire de Guerres

    Whaaaaw, awesome cover and voice!

  32. Mat Dub

    A really bloody good version of one of jimi's best

  33. 오세중

    fUcking awesome vocal & grouP

  34. Jay Leal

    seb is thi band.

  35. Colin Sherritt

    Bloody awful.

  36. Τουρκαλάς

    shut the fcuk up when there is guitar solo!

  37. Gagah Ksatria

    Jimy Hendrix and Skid Row so awesome

  38. AriesJohn Malana

    I saw a lot of cover. But Dave Sabo (lead guitarist) nailed the intro. That's how the intro should play. Not just the intro he nailed the whole song specially thesolo.

    Eric Bors

    John that was Scotti Hill on lead not Dave. Just so you know. : )


    If I could cross the screen, I would make love to Sebastian... What a sensual man!!!

  40. CandE.Adventures

    No fucking idea how Ive missed this Gem!!! but its
    Christmas in October for this channel !!!!!!!!!!

  41. Marc Kipfer

    jeez... guitar guy & Sebastian calm the fuck DOwN

  42. Jason Golleher SR

    Just need to start the day off with this

    Jason Golleher SR

    What a way to wake up

  43. Babbsan Lindblad


  44. Tarkan Abak

    Mr Sabo'ya bu muhteşem solo için sonsuz teşekkürler...vayo con dios...

  45. Jason Golleher SR

    Dam right kick ass band wish they were still together miss them

  46. Julia Eckhard

    Has anyone noticed that SEBS little petite nose has changed soooo much over the years into 2019 has he had work done to make himself unpretentious ?

  47. Aswin Warouw

    Love this!

  48. The Stairway to Classic Rock

    Thats ssssss is irritating

  49. Mydy Midi

    I love it...the best

  50. J.B Knox

    Love Skid Row,didn't care for this cover to be perfectly honest.It's a blues song,not a metal ballad and it just didn't have the right feel at all.

  51. Raffa Muller

    Did am i late to seen this video😭

  52. GuitarTablatureSkill

    one of best Little Wing cover so far beside SRV, G3 series, Vai, John Mayer, GBS. in my humble opinion.

  53. Michael Hickman Sr

    I'm a fan of Skid Row but this song sucks

  54. LostMyMojo100

    I think Jimi would like this....

  55. David Hess

    This guy those jeans me and a sixer of whiteclaw and let’s we what happens

  56. Eyes On The Wheels

    Sebastian was and still is an amazing singer. But The Snake made an awesome job here 🤟 amazing guitarist 🤟

    donna marie anderson

    Except the snake is dave, this is Scott playing

    Eyes On The Wheels

    @donna marie anderson yes it is, my mistake... Scotti made the solo for sure... 😁🤟 I was thinking in Dave when I write that 😅😅

  57. Chase D

    I've like never seen this before :O

  58. Joey Cologie

    He'll yeah

  59. Louie Dalisay

    Jimi Hendrix

  60. Jinska

    I just notice Scotti Hill's Stratocaster has Floyld rose. wow!

  61. Tofik Hidayat

    No sebastian no skid row !

  62. Marta Moreira

    A Melhor versão!Linda música! Bons tempos da música mundial!08/2019 🇧🇷💛💚💜💙🧡❤️

    My Favorite Metal Artist Love Forever

    Amooo😍😻Skid Row

  63. Blues Rain

    super song!

  64. Usep Rahmat Hidayat

    Good 👍

  65. Александр Сергеевич

    Одна из моих любимых групп! 🤘. Жаль так мало песен сыграли.. Таланты!!

  66. My Favorite Metal Artist Love Forever

    BEAUTIFUL ♡♡♡♡ Sebastian Loveeee!!!!

  67. Jose Eduardo Soares Filho

    Bah cantava demais. Voz maravilhosa. A voz dele acabou.

    Michelle Gomes

    Foi as drogas e bebidas e cantava sem proteger a voz deu nisso :(
    Ele cantava muitoo

  68. bisuk hangoluan


    Sondre Sørensen

    bisuk hangoluan 92'

    Michelle Gomes

    @Sondre Sørensen no it's 1990

    Sondre Sørensen

    Michelle Gomes Look in the description of the video

    Michelle Gomes

    @Sondre Sørensen yes i see

  69. angela gilstrap

    Lawd have mercy.....🔥

  70. Ashwini Rabidas

    Skidrow without Sebastian Bach is not skidrow.

  71. I Blizt

    Dedi kempot stasiun balapan tetap idolaaaa

  72. heavy metal13

    It sounds cool listening to it with beats..

  73. Vladimir r. s

    Melhor versão

  74. rockosur

    Yo la veo caminar, por las nubes va, donde andara.

  75. Brad C

    Never knew this version existed ?! Hell yeah ! Great job

  76. PHOOM NTL 2003


  77. Alex Oliveira


  78. bruno gomex

    A melhor versão de todas...

  79. Todd Crews

    with the guitar

  80. Todd Crews

    im the one in blue

  81. The Apothecary

    Woah first time Ive seen this.

  82. 안성균


  83. Bart , Simpson Libres del PRismo ,

    Estan de Regreso ? , si es asi que bien por todos a los que nos gusta el Rock , es unica esta musica

  84. Jamson rodrigo


  85. Milly S.

    Ahh I just reached an eargasm

  86. Steven Reeves

    Its a shame that Skid Row didnt come out say...around early 80s time frame so we could have gotten more great music from them. I used to be such a big fan of these "hair bands" as people call it. Then grunge came out and eventually rock music went through a huge change. But looking back on it all now as a person who lived through both errors much as i DID love a handful of grunge bands....Pearl Jam...AIC...STP...Mother Love Bone...Temple of the name a few....i find myself almost angry at grunge because i feel it crippled rock music in the long run. It had great sound but lost its flash...its sexy...its cockiness and mainly...imo took a huge talent dive from the blistering solos and ungodly vocals of the 80s and early 90s hair bands. Things started turning too dark n depressing...and i hate my parents and just lost its FUN! Once that didnt take long for hip hop to take over and now rock is stuck in the perpetual shadow and is such a shell of its former dominate self. 80s was singing about sex n rebellion and partying and hot woman and in a lot of and relationship. Woman could really get into it and be all sexy n jam to it while guys could jam the shit out of it...bang your head to it and both could party to it. Thays whats missing out of rock today. Theres this big disconnect that happened where rock said...i dont wanna be sexy and fun and rebellious and flamboiant. I wanna be sad and mad and angry at the world and depressed. Im sorry...i dont wanna be depressed and mad at tje world. I wanna party and f$ck and love living and i wanna hear a blistering guitar solo and some how the hell can he sing like that vocals. Not roar roar roar...i cant understand wtf im hearing mosh pit shit. I want tits and ass hanging out all over the place and some got damn partying and fun. Just my opinion. Case in point...i dont care where you are...whay you are doing. Throw "Pour some Sugar on me" by Def Leppard on and watch white girls friggin become instant strippers for 4 minutes.

    Oberstleutnant Hans Dietrich

    I say rap killed rock. Guitar was losing popularity. Classic rock was the best era for rocknroll by far imo. 'Hair bands' were gettting unpopular before grunge came into the scene.

    Steven Reeves

    @Oberstleutnant Hans Dietrich well...ill equate it to maybe like the Disco error. It came out of nowhere n was on top during classic rock time. I think its all a circle...everything will eventually come around again and rap will eventually lose its luster as well when the next fad comes out.

  87. Claudio alejandro Santis lara

    Jimi Hendrix Forever

  88. Perry Matherne

    Skid row was a bad ass band, i'd love to see a reunion

  89. Jay Lotto

    This is my kind of Rock n Roll.

  90. Nirmal

    One of the best band during 90s, youth gone wild.

  91. Jrrcor

    Too weird and look back realizing I knew some of these guys before Skid Row was famous... Thanks to Jon... Rob Affuso dated my friend, Heather... Baz, hot as Jon, well... I had/have a soft spot for Jon... He’s still beautiful!!!

  92. 6BT_ Str86

    If "ifs and buts were candy and nuts"

    (We'd all still have Skid Row)

  93. Javier Maresx

    Una joya mejor interpretada... imposible

  94. davegamings yt

    Classic album first

  95. Duff

    Jimi Hendrix