Skid Row - Ghost Lyrics

I feel the things I said
But never said how I felt
I know I waited much too long
Could I get it in your head
Without a head full of doubt
Looking back it seems that I
Went about it all wrong

Lying alone in the bed we made
Watching headlights on the shades
The ghosts that sleeping by your side
Are my promises to you that died
To you that died

Wasn't long ago
when forever was our friend
But now freedom's what I feel inside
It hurts so much to let you go
To know we'll never touch again
When I walk if I fall down
Can I take it in stride

Lying alone in the bed we made
Watching headlights on the shades
The ghosts that sleeping by your side
Are my promises to you that died
To you that died

I might let you go, but i'll never go away
I might let you go, but i'll never go away...yeah

I feel the things I said
But never said how I felt
I know I waited much too long

Lying alone in the bed we made
Watching headlights on the shades
The ghosts that sleeping by your side
Are my promises that died

Lying alone in the bed we made
Watching headlights on the shades
The ghosts that sleeping by your side
Are my promises that died
To you that died
To you that died

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Skid Row Ghost Comments
  1. takuo komatsu

    Dave snake sabo is there?
    Kinda looks difference

  2. Robocop1973

    Horrible! What were they thinking. They would've done better making a new band or changing the name.

  3. Mary Rodriguez

    Rachel was my every thing in my life for 30 years on September 23 2020 and I still love him to this day and he will always have my heart now and forever

  4. Magnum

    Best song they ever did. I love the older stuff too.

  5. King Shredder

    Stop saying that Sebastians skid row is better ( well it obviously is) but this version of skid row is good too it isn’t the old skid row but it’s a great song. It’s still rock n roll!! But we all know 80s Skid Row is the better version

  6. D- Adriant

    No Bach.. No Skid Row... Sorry...

  7. You Can Shove Brexit Up Your Exit Hole

    I would have never known it was Skid Row - sounds like a different band ...

  8. petercivic

    sounds pretty good. But if I hadnt know it was Skid Row. I wouldnt guess it.

  9. Mario Canizalez Rodrigez

    Qué mierda es ésta, nada que ver con los skid originales,

  10. Sandro Costa

    Banda foda PORRA 😁🤘😠🤘🖕🖕🖕🖕

  11. Gerson Petri

    Great vocal

  12. Glenn Edward

    S. Bach wasn’t skid row. People confuse the bands origins. They can swap any decent frontman and always be Skid Row. I like ZP Theart but this album is better than Bach the insatiable asshole.

  13. Modern Rebellion

    Their mistake was using the Skid Row name for this, this album is so good, but skid row was Bach’s voice and always will be Bach’s voice. I’m sure they hate it, but it’s the truth. I really love this album tho

  14. Luiz Oliveira

    13 years :O

  15. Joel Couturier

    Lol you missed the 90s while Skid Row was actually Skid Row... in the fucking 90s. If you wanted to be Candelbox, which, no fucking shade on Candelbox love those fuckers til I die, you need to develop time travel and change your band name. For shame to whoever the fuck produced this mess. Long live Skid Row and long live Candelbox.

  16. death0023

    People reacting to this video like 10 years later, wow! 🤣

    a w

    what about people reacting to Motley Crue videos 30+ years later?

  17. that's funny

    Who's singing

  18. Fabio Souza Moura


  19. Paco Chuquiure

    Pretty good hard rock pop song. thumbs up!

  20. Diego Marchetti

    Like so much

  21. seymour Wright

    Nice Scotti Hill's GUITAR forever !!!

  22. Rock Mistress

    He's got good voice but compared with Bach it's like lion and little kitty... It's not Skid Row anymore...


    Worry no more, ZP is even better than Bach. Bach compared to ZP is like lion against a Dragon with mighty Force.


    WRONG....he is great! Such a great new chapter.

  23. Allen Fox

    Skid Row sucks without Bach. This here is garbage.

  24. Shelter

    Juz let the youngster of the new generation play this kind of songs...

  25. Jason Bradbury

    All you people bitching about Bach, Well im a huge fan of old school Skid Row, But this new Skid Row aint bad, I agree its a little Goo Goo Doll-ish, But thats ok. But the thing about Bach is, He aint got it like he once did. hes getting worn down, Sad but true, And unless that changes He will hang it up soon. He cant sing like he did when the original came out, hell not as good as he could when Slave to the grind came out. Would i love to see him get it back, and return to S.R., Oh absolutely, but dont hold your breathe.

  26. Max Rockatansky

    1:20 in that's all i can take. can't get into the song it's just not Skid Row.

  27. JuanPablo xd234

    esta cancion es country rock o yo que se....pero el verdadero skid row es con sebastian bach los mejores discos de skid row son con bach el resto son sonidos mediocres o malos y la voz de este man es buena para country pero no para skid row y ahora que zp thearh (ex dragonforce) esta en la banda nooooooooo..... sin sebastian bach no hay skid row asi de sencillo

  28. Dean Obrien

    Who the fuck is this bone head !!!

  29. wilk701

    So weird to see Snake with short hair .... definitely not Skid Row (besides Bach is missing)

  30. Cristian Dario

    What the fuck is this? They need to lose the name, Sebastian is Skid Row.

  31. snaggletooth 70

    Nope sorry.......

  32. backshop1

    Is this Daughtry? Sure sounds like them.

  33. RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS

    wtf is this joker no thanks

  34. Samwell

    They've always changed their style. I liked the Slaves to the ground album a lot but the first and third is good too. This sounds like some Mötley Crue song and some other thongs from the same era. I don't like it, simple as that. It's ok to listen too but that's it.

  35. DON TWAN 47

    First song I've heard without Sebastian.Not even going to finish it.Just not Skid Row.

  36. wang dangle

    bach should be singer why cant u all bury the fkin hatchet? the fans were everything but you threw us away.....suk it up your not getting any younger we fkin miss the band

  37. Freddy Gonzalez

    I like it! 😎

  38. Sergey Khristoforov

    Is this fucking Country? Bring back Bach!

  39. juan dighiero


  40. nostalga51jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Tri Setya


  42. yovy Almonacid

    que es esto???
    Nickelback acaso!!!
    que terrible ..ya no son el grupo de antaños
    mal mal :(

  43. Allen Dionne

    All the hate. I love old Skid Row but I like this version too. They have no reason to roll over and die just because Sebastian isn't with them. It's been years get over it. Sebastian did shit since Skid Row.

    Hello It's me

    I agree

  44. Shaun Woidyatt

    great song!! rappers put devices in my body and there threat is to chip white people to mkultra and make us slaves all rappers partake in this attack!!!

  45. Ayon Roy

    It ain't Skid Row but it's good.

    mike smith

    +Ayon Roy agreed! it sounds like Creed to me.

    Ayon Roy

    yeah! right said man. They should change the name.

    Lance T Ripper

    +mike smith your so right incredible new singer new sound and like you said sounds more like creep or some kind of pop rock band without Sebastian in the band i feel they lost that sound they had with him when he was singing i know this is an old video but wow what i change


    Skid Row was alway's Rachel, Scotti and Snake. Not Seb.

  46. LondonStarr

    It's weird to think of skid row without sebastian. They were my fav band when I was in hs. I've seen them 4 times live.

  47. T Vandel

    it's called diversity people, why play songs that all sound the same. I don't mind bands changing it up a bit makes it interesting. unlike putting out the same song 30 times and calling it something different every time. I mean opinions are like assholes everyones got one, if you don't like em why waste the energy move on to something you do like.

  48. Alberto Gonzalez

    Esto es Skid Row????? patinaron mal con este tema. Malisimo, ya no pasa por gustos. Pedorrisimo.

    Horacio Gómez

    y Sebastian Bach?

    Alberto Gonzalez

    +tforeignguy l Sebastian Bach no forma parte de la banda en ese disco. Cantar quedate tranquilo que la voz la usaba correctamente, imaginate que uno de sus teachers fue Halford. Y con el tema de drogas me parece que la pifias feo. Si cantar como lo hace en sus discos solistas de 2007 Angel Down, 2011 Kiking & Screaming y 2013 Hidden Scars lo produjeron el consumo de drogas, preguntemosle que usa y comencemos a usarlo. Saludos.

    Alberto Gonzalez

    Pasaron 25 años, de lo que mencionas vos y se ve que no escuchastes ni vistes mas nada de el. Argumentos pesimos y haces una comparacion de voz pasados 25 años. Dedicate a escuchar Arjona que es lo tuyo. Saludos.

  49. Jimmy Boy1967

    If you don't like them, don't listen, but there is really no need of swearing and calling them names.  I saw Sebastian live a couple years ago and he seriously kicked ass, but I am also going to check Skid Row out this year.

  50. John Pease

    I mean I see Scotty, but where's Dave, where's Rachel? Scratch what I said. U sold out man!

    Man 78

    dave has short Hair on this video.Rachel too

    Allen Dionne

    How does a band like Skid Row sell out exactly? That is such a weak term.

  51. John Pease

    You can't be fucking serious?! Guys, fame may have went to his head but bas was rock n roll.this is just Tryin to keep up. Cut it out.

  52. SGRev1

    Generic, boring, cookie-cutter 2000s post-grunge with a Chad Kroeger clone for a lead singer. Here is a song that pretty much sums up everything wrong with rock in the 2000s.

    Jamie Bowser

    actually i think he's a scott stapp clone ( creed)

  53. S Murphy

    Lose the name and go for it.

  54. Blood Guts

    Not Bad.

  55. Erick Cruz

    what tha..? wanted to listen to Skid Row, not Goo Goo Dolls.

    Jesus Reyes

    +Erick Cruz jajajja so funny your comment jaajja


    Erick Cruz fuckin true.. They're really lost. Need bring Bach back.


    Erick Cruz. Agreed!!

  56. Anna Sweety

    BRING ME SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN :(((((((((((((

  57. Kenny Roberts

    It's not bad

  58. Will Turner

    skid row se acobo cuando sebastian no estaba

  59. Shawn Wright

    This ain't  damn Skid Row. Skid Row didn't play this alternative shit. Plus they had Sebastian Bach. It's not Skid Row without Bach.



  61. Gooey

    This is actually pretty good....but this is not Skid Row.

  62. Georgia Urbanski

    Not a bad singer, but... Skid Row without Bach is not Skid Row.

    Benny Lockhart

    Agreed !!


    Skid Row is MUCH better with ZP though, I don't care if you consider that "Skid Row" or not, it's better and Seb can't sing for shit no more.

    Brian F

    @TerminatorZXY ZP Theart is fucking worthless and who gives a shit about skid row anymore anyway

  63. Weston rundlett

    surprisingly good for not being bach, but its not hair metal

  64. radiokevin

    Holy crap...stop this song

  65. Ian Bailey

    It's not skid fucking row bring back Bach that is skid row nor this singer...

  66. T. Delappe

    Who is this?

  67. risingsorrow

    they wish,but this is not skid row,it s more a counting crows tribute band trying do do original stuff without succeeding

  68. katheryn

    No Sebastian Bach? No thanks

  69. Marco F. Silva

    The Nixons??????????

  70. Samir Dathi

    Yes agreed. In a way, it would be worse to bring back the original line up, because that would destroy the legend of Skid Row even more completely than the pointless filler playing here

  71. Samir Dathi

    This is bubble gum pop rock. Pretty awful. No Seb = no SR

  72. ross

    Qué horror!! ¿Qué quedó de Skid Row? Esto es un mamarracho!!!!!!!

  73. SixStringer78TT

    WHAT! NO! Is this Creed. NO NO !

  74. Lee Strachan

    No row

  75. Randolph Walkingeagle Denny

    Skid are all haggard 40 somethings now... it's irrelevant if they're good or bad, because they'll never be popular again... the music they're writing is tired and played out, it's stuck in a bygone era.. plus they're just too old. Even if baz came back and rocked the fuck out with this lineup, his voice is shit nowdays too, and they all look like shit... fin!

  76. Hannah M.

    They have a new singer dumb asses

  77. TheTrueMetal

    Not skid row

  78. Семён Кертик

    Без Баха skid row не skid row

  79. Michel de Souza da Silva

    Those 2 albums "Thickskin" and "Revolutions Per Minute") were pure shit, but I really liked the new song, "Kings of Demolition", sounds almost like the good old Skid Row again, let's see what the the future will tell us.

  80. Dr Papi Podangus

    Reading the comments i can see i'm not the only one

  81. Dr Papi Podangus

    This is pure shit!

  82. Fernando Guzman

    This is Creed xD

    Jim MHB

    Fernando Guzman totally agree

  83. Karen Maria Tudo!

    good singer, but... This isn't Skid Row sorry.


    This is not Skid Row, this is Creed

  85. Juan Pablo Ramírez

    So... Where´s Skid Row??? this is #$%&/%, Sebastian, Where are youuuuu??????

  86. Gonzalo Morales

    oh god, why?. WHY GOD WHY?????? how come a kick ass metal band turned into something that sounds like nickelback! god dam you, god

  87. Madstoppie

    One can't deny this singer's talent therefore one can't be ignorant and talk shit about him but the other guys should've known better and name the band something other than Skid Row....This singer does not take the fan back to Skid Row...he forces one to hear Sebastian instead and creates a weird brain reaction....I don't like it.

  88. Blues Revenge

    it's like Creed with Bon Jovi

  89. ferdo79

    esta bien gay esta miarda ya que ni cancion parece de la vergaaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  90. David Bush

    Что это за дерьмо? Верните нам Баха!!!

  91. Chris D

    No fucking way will I have this nonsense.

  92. Jhon Smith

    This song is way better with Sebastian singing

  93. Sarah Lee

    Wtf! They shouldn't call themselves Skid Row! We all know that Bas was that band!

  94. peen jaconis

    we all know bach is skid row ,its big shoes to fill but the songs not that bad just enjoy it....

  95. Swollenspot

    Huge shit is going on here

  96. Jagz Gaming

    matt fallon was the original singer. This is Johnny Solinger

  97. Soul Hudson

    They R so fucking gay without Sebastian Bach, we want real rock n roll \m/

  98. Joshua Thornton

    Scott stapp in skid row?