Skid Row - Disease Lyrics

Have you looked at yourself lately
You see the lines of time?
Walking dead amongst the living
Chaos by design
I’ve seen you fall this far before
I’ve seen you disappear
You’ve thrown it all into the fire
Ashes in your tears

I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough
I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough

You’ve fallen on your sword again
So not to face the truth
Then ran head-on into what’s real
And collided into you
I’ve heard you lying to yourself
I’ve watched you fade away
Your best laid plans are still born shadows
Promise in decay

I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough
I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough

I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough

I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough
I felt your disease and now I think
I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough

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Skid Row Disease Comments
  1. Anna Manvelyan

    It's not the same without Sebastian

  2. jimthar17

    Actually not a bad tune but i think Bas would sound better on it. Most of the new SR is not very good but this one i actually liked.

  3. Lord Kmote

    This song is ok.. but Sebastian kick ass

  4. Bls Scuba

    this is a no no

  5. deivy alexander arias

    skid row forever

  6. Ethan Donahue

    snake didnt even have a hand in this record

    Jersey Sucks

    That's why it sucks. Rachel Bolan is a shitty writer. Him and his shitty 3 chord punk garbage. Need Snake to uplift his weakness. I think this was the only song Dave had a hand in. Scotti too.

  7. brnleague99

    Where the hell is Sebastian Bach?

    Birgit Adolph-Sauer

    probably off to a big ass mansion laughing at snake and bolan ^^

    Jersey Sucks

    @Birgit Adolph-Sauer -- In California

  8. marycory8788

    never as good as when Sebastian Bach was in it. 80's will never die.

  9. Blaze Silva

    Monkey bussines back??
    buy angel down!

    I can abslutly imagine bach singing thickskin and RPM song, and its really skid row

    but SOlinger are making a good work,

    Jersey Sucks

    Speak for yourself. Both albums sucked. No Sebastian = No Skid Row!

  10. maurogonzalezable

    the music is so diferent...!!! and the style is like a bad copy of many others bands from today. The originally SKID ROW were more melodious and meticulous in his songs. Please...!!! skid row is incompletely without Bach and Affuso

    Jersey Sucks

    More so Bach because Affuso isn't that great these days. Ever see clips of him lately?

  11. Charles Risus

    it's is still cool but the old skid row was better

  12. hambone9119

    every band has to carry on if it wasnt for toni iommi black sabbath would of died after dio left the band in 1983 and we wouldnt of had so many classic albums besides this still has original members who play unlike the new gnr

  13. Dave Hetfield

    Good shit from the new Skid Row...

  14. Acekicken

    A shame ((*_*))

  15. Taiki Ishii

    not same..... not same
    stop saying that, this is good stuff.... but this is new and "modernized" skid row
    i know has difrent sound besides... old skid row is better
    but this fucking rock

  16. Jackson WildChild

    This song really kick my ass...

  17. Joseph Simpson

    this sounds like disturbed or something

    skid row kicked sooo much arse

  18. Yes No

    You know a band is getting sad when they steal names from modern bands... well the name could be coinsidence, but Rise Agaisnt has a CD named RPM

  19. JEscrubs

    i'm so sick of this shit i want Bach

  20. Acekicken

    Angel Down is AMAZING.

  21. Liam Cooper

    shit sound like fuckin disturbed, this is an insult to the skid row name- am i right in saying there are no original members left?

  22. Amadeus Johnson

    This sounds like any new rock music...the first formation had attitude in their songs, this is ok but too basic!

  23. Acekicken

    They are Skid Row in name only
    They are capable of so much more. IMO
    The drummer & singer are the weak links
    2,000 fans can't be wrong.
    They need to go back to there roots.IMO

    Jersey Sucks

    And you need to write English properly.

  24. Acekicken

    That's so untrue
    Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson replaced Paul Diano
    Ac/Dc Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott(RIP)
    Judas Priest Rob Halford replaced Al Atkins
    Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio Replaced Ozzy with success

  25. John G.

    yeah they should just call the band something breaking benajamin Junior or something...i mean its good..but this is totally not the skid row as anyone knows them... we want seb back!!...

  26. Necroid26

    Actually, this is a very good song. And this Skid Row is much different than what they were, but they are just as good, just different. Thickskin is possibly my favorite album ever

    Jersey Sucks

    Favorite album ever? Are you on dope?

  27. Alik Lemin

    Fuck this crap!
    Sebastian Bach, come back!

  28. Anna Karollyna

    I Wanna Bach, please !

  29. Anna Karollyna

    ¬¬ Que merda !

  30. M9312M

    You're right,... javierortiz82!

  31. javierortiz82

    I didn't heard about a new album at the time RPM was released, but I feel a bit of sadness by hearing this, this isn't Skid Row anymore, they are now a bad copy of Korn and all those shitty bands... sad... they just lost the touch.

  32. amaurea3000

    It's good, but they lost the original sound.

  33. amaurea3000

    nah. left in '96.