Skid Row - Delivering The Goods Lyrics

[Tipton, Downing, Halford]

Feelin' like we're ready to kick tonight
No hesitatin', bodies aching
Lookin' for some action, satisfaction alright

Chargin' vein pace as active as one hundered
solid proof
Megaton leviathan load ready to hit the roof

You better watch out and hold on tight
We're headin' your way like dynamite

Deliverin' the goods

Shake down rockin' boys
Crack that whip strap mean

Pulse rave air waves
Vitalizin' every place we've been

Stealin' your hearts all across the land
Hot blood, doin' good
We're gonna burn you with our brand

You better watch out and hold on tight
We're headin' your way like dynamite

Deliverin' the goods

Oh, we don't pull no punches
We aim where the crunch is
Bound to do the most damage to your brain

If you're lookin' for it mellow
You're nothin' more than yellow
Gonna do it again and again
We'll beat you to submission
So you might as well surrender
You gotta learn your lesson
'Cuz there ain't nobody here to defend ya

Faster, higher
Till it seems that we're gonna break

Shootin', further
Givin' more than you're ever gonna take

Leavin', your heads
Crashed out on the floor

Beggin' for mercy
Be careful or we'll do it some more

You better watch out and hold on tight
We're headin' your way like dynamite

Deliverin' the goods

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Skid Row Delivering The Goods Comments
  1. grozny 34

    По моему Бах кончил...

  2. QuarrellaDeVil

    "Rob, who are these guys with you?"

  3. Heavy Speed 88

    Look rap halford😅

  4. Dr Longus

    Whew...not Halfords best look...

  5. 김찬우

    와 나23살데인가 봤던 영상인데 스키와 주다스 대단하지만 이제 목같구나 ㅋㅋㅋ생각하면서 칭구랑 술먹던 기억 ㅎㅎ

  6. Julia Eckhard

    Oh Sebs is finally with his idol , this is fab

  7. zepsett

    Even megadeth wore flannel in the nineties, while Skid Row just got "fuck you" heavy over time....

  8. Tallent's Travels

    That day that Rob auditions for Suicidal Tendencies.

  9. Alx Jetson


  10. Rafael

    Halford goes solo and has a midlife crisis.

  11. Angus

    이 조합뭐지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. Juan del carmen Godoy rosas

    Grande los skid roww 💪💪💀🤘🤘

  13. David Lytch

    Most of the pussy music out today has people that cant sing and have to get help from autotune. You hear me beyonce, payaso Stefani, drake, chester bennington etc..

  14. David Lytch

    2 of the best voices in music.

  15. Rodrigo Veloso

    que bueno era esto

  16. Brett Allen


  17. Michael Davey

    My Metal God ❤🤘

  18. peterpeg

    wtf was this brutality. 10/10

  19. aron saenz

    My favorite voices together OMG!!

  20. robert plaza

    seba got wet with rob



    I have never been disappointed in Rob Halford.., ever...

    until now.

  22. amanloop

    Halford, screaming at double of Bach's decibels while chewing gum and kicking ass, looking fresh as it ends. At the same time, Seb's gasping for air when it's over, at about half of Rob's age.
    Sebastian is a FANTASTIC singer. Halford is a Metal God.

    Robin Yumnam

    Still now, Rob kicks ass and Bach blows ass.


    @Robin Yumnam To be fair bach did have a hernia and sorta cut off his main way of hitting those high screams.

  23. NO BODY

    Thank DIO that Rob turned back to Metal,JESUS CHRIST was this painful to watch.The last thing i ever want to see is the METAL god doing Rap moves.


    i just commented practically the same thing...

  24. Mkkt Bkkt

    Epic vocals

  25. Earlene Guthrie


  26. 최유찬

    Legend meets

  27. Frederico Leoni

    Rob halford montro nos vocais

  28. JFPriest

  29. WanderGlobe

    Sebastian in the intro is like, ,,'Fuck I wish I could do that shit but damn, on stage with the metal God, life is fucking good.' They both hold their own in this song. Awesome!!

  30. David Phillips

    "Holy Shit Phoenix, did you hear that?!"

  31. dirty whiteboy

    Rob was having a midlife crisis

  32. CHUCKY 576

    FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kyle Nievel

    Get some

  34. You_are_the_best

    Here is what midlife crisis looks like.

  35. moserr11

    I have to now give Skid Row props....Slave to the Grind was totally under rated, and it did remind me of JP. Wish there was more low end on this. And Rob hasn't lost a thing here.

  36. Steve Burk

    great Priest song, no idea why they don't play it always

  37. Rich Ritzwoller

    Bach is great but Halford is on another level

  38. Ultimate Sin

    Isn't this when Halford was in Fight

  39. Easy Duzit

    Bach is just a huge fan of rock n metal I love that...n halford is just the shit plain n simple lol


    Rob Halford, Truly The Metal God.
    Sebastian Bach, Truly Lucky Fucker!
    Actually , Sebastian Bach is a fucking BaddAss! Singer and brutally under rated .. He Earned the right to sing with Halford.
    Only Person I wish could have Sang with Halford and Sadly never will.... is .. WARREL DANE! The one person that I have no doubt that if MTV and the powers that be , hadn't committed the Global Treason of completely taking away what music people wanted to Hear and replaced it.. FORCEFULLY with music that hadn't earned its way to the level they pushed it on us at.
    METAL earned its way underground with no media support to a Level of selling out Arenas and concert venues of every size ,every night globally..
    WARREL DANE and SANCTUARY had just broken through as mtv and the radio stations eliminated METAL from the Global media on a scale that is hard to comprehend. I actually know of the meetings that were being forced on every level of the music industry stating the MediaMouths full intent for decades to come, Metal, Hard Rock, Real Country, and many other styles of true music were to be treated like the plague. Ultimatum was get on. The Team or watch your carrier fall fast. This was originally told to me at great length by ,personally , one of my favorite Producers of all time....
    WARREL DANE. SANCTUARY, NEVERMORE, WARRELS solo work... and absolutely one of the best collections of musicians to come together naturally .... Truly Warrel had that magic , that power, the personality, and so much more.. His Talent , Voice, endless pallets of description and ethereal thought provoking, writing skill that everyone can relate to his Messages. Stories, Prophetic on a scale that is hard to comprehend.. He was in tune with all people it seemed. He taught me to always peruse a higher form of understanding and reasoning.. And WARREL DANE truly poured out his Soul into every nuance and inflection of every word in his Music. He bared his Soul for the World to see and our Mother Earth and society were without question... a better place, for Warrel just having Been...
    Far to much to say to keep it all in time. And as I said in the beginning of this little culmination of run on sentences and bad punctuation.. I wish Warrel had gotten to Sing With Halford..
    At least I can hear NEVERMORE's Brilliant cover of LOVE BITES !
    Warrel , Jeff , and Jim ... at it again.. !


  41. joonas lehtonen


  42. Roberto Cademartori

    Mi amigo Sebastian con el Dios del Metal

  43. Bee Tee

    badddddd assssss streeeeeet ROBBBBBB lol

  44. LeeAnn Serio

    Mtv how sebastian treats it as if it were a whole stadium arena of a million people... he performs always as if he's performing for thousands. . Best frontman

  45. Finishf


  46. Diego Gabriel Huamanchumo Lucero

    Halford numero 1 dios del metal

  47. Diego Gabriel Huamanchumo Lucero

    Halford Metal God

  48. Daniel Carneiro

    Who the fuck cares about what Halford is wearing. Dude, he killed on Priest, Fight and his solo career. 20+ years using leather pants and jacket, give him a break.

  49. Ewolf5150

    Imo one of priests best and most underrated tunes

  50. Matt D

    I'm assuming this was the era when Rob went solo.

    David Phillips

    Yeah, either right before or right after, I can't remember, i think after, the "Fight Years"????

  51. Bruce Jo

    병신들 꼴깞 떨었네 ㅎㅎㅎ


    Bruce Jo 한국 망신좀 시키지말자 ㅋㅋ

  52. Shekhar Sharma

    2 of the Greatest in Rock Metal !!!!

  53. Joao Tomas


  54. Dale Hein

    Im under my late fiancees name, but damn, cant help sayin, Halford is sooo sexy lol

  55. Easy Duzit

    This is sick baz really delivers the goods here

  56. Dan Bremen

    Rob "Eminem" Halford

    David Lytch

    Halford sings way better than enema

  57. Dennis

    That hat makes Rob look soooo gay...

    Matt D

    Dennis he is gay🤣

  58. Kco Alvarez

    Halford una bestia the god metal

  59. Michael Anderson

    Rob after a hard days skateboarding

    tricia sanders

    😂😂😂 Yes!!

    Michael Davey


  60. Charles Barrington

    Judas priest rocks

  61. Cuts rose scents

    Publicly acknowledges he loves a man


    Bach loves rock, genuine, authentic to the bone....

  62. bee 2bee

    롭 헬포드 목소리가 확실히 카랑카랑하고 구성지다

  63. kumahoge


  64. Herman Helmich

    This is actually GOOD

  65. Manavar Mandalay

    'i love this gay'

  66. angryheb1

    Wet spot

  67. skrrt skrrt

    Baz has enough hair for both of them.

  68. sinmore11

    this is great, but I'm so distracted by Sebastians's wet spot, I think he had been delivering the goods...

  69. Ампулы Лоренции

    Really good.

  70. EEGAH316

    LOL at Halford's costume!!  Sillier than any hair band.  Sounds great though

  71. Andrew C.

    This is right before MTV stopped playing metal.

    Mark Rago

    Andrew C. Thank political correctness for that. I'm a pretty mellow, accepting person, but MTV went overboard with hip hop and tween reality shows. They are freaking lame, have been for about 20 years now. Sad, I remember growing up with Headbangers Ball, Rock Blocks, Beavis and Butthead, Oddities, MTV Unplugged, etc. Those days are gone. Now you better have MTV Classic if you want even a chance of catching that stuff.


    @Mark Rago MTV sucks ass now. It stopped being good once that shit show the real world crept on the scene back in 94'. As you seen this has led to an abandonedment of youth on rock and metal and now we are left with shit music and any rock is whiney entitled emo shit. Nothing with any substance.

  72. Bravilor

    A dangerous influence as a heavy metaller to have. Might very well turn into some kind of nu-metal if that's the case. Luckily it hasn't tarnished Rob Halford's musical legacy.

  73. Michel de Souza da Silva

    Sometimes when I don't have much time to watch the whole video, I just watch the first 25 seconds. That screams in the intro are just amazing !! Rob rules !!


    Michel de Souza da Silva - Ya cause you're soooo busy...

  74. AJ S


  75. TheLord Fenris

    Hell when they played at the Lime Light in NYC Sebbastian Bach attempted to be passed through the crowd. but failed when someone body slammed him thinking it was someone else.

  76. JayTor2112

    Hah, this shows even the metal god was a slave to the fashion of the times. This was the age of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and AIC, remember.

  77. Wild Willie 94

    Love it!

  78. Wild Willie 94

    This song is the shit.

  79. Bill Smith

    The Metal God showing the disciple how to be divine!

  80. Bill Smith

    OK - let's keep it real - metal god is discipling an acolyte.... ;-)

  81. straightcleaner

    Why does Sebastian Bach get to keep his hair and I dont?lol

  82. semitar6

    I remember this waking me up on like four in the night and I didnt get back to sleep until 3 oclock in the next day....this rocked.

  83. catalina triana


  84. Filippo Piovano

    Yep, Rob definitely went through a midlife crisis in the 90s.

  85. Daniel Araujo

    sorta... it's the early 90s

  86. Gabriel Liberji Cuneo

    jaja, It has nothing to do with Eminem. At that time, Halford, was heavily influenced by Pantera

  87. DollFac3 Harlequin

    @thedistorter666 Grunge Metal happened. At it still worked out.

  88. mysterions13

    Uh oh, it looks like Sabastian's gonorrhea is back!

  89. 911SHIZBO

    @siliyemoodislam are you fucked?

  90. siliyemoodislam

    is this Beasty Boys?!

  91. Moonchild


  92. KiLLoVoX

    Goduria Vocale!

  93. Pranjal Ghimire

    What happened to Halford??? lol

  94. TakaPihanPoika

    Awesome ! This is pure hard rock metall ! Yeah.

  95. Gabriel Liberji Cuneo

    @kaiserscooby No hace falta mas. Skid Row Feat Rob Halford (Vocals From Judas Priest - Fight)-Delivering the goods (Judas priest). B-Side Ourselves Disc