Ski Mask "The Slump God" - Nuketown Lyrics

[Ski Mask The Slump God:]
Round one, fight
Yeah, yeah
The Pharmacy

Like a tongue, bitch, I'm looking like a lick, uh-uh
Think I'm Thanos, rock diamond my fist, uh-uh
Entertainment with your bitch at night like Nick
Drake and Josh how we team your bitch, uh-uh
Michael Jackson, one glove, I hit, uh-huh
Crying in the club with my stick, uh-huh
Icky Vicky spit, how I got slimes on deck
Metal on me like they just flicked Bic, uh-huh
Two girls, two cups, know I had to level up
Ate a Mario mushroom quick, uh-huh
Know these niggas be chickens like a nugget
They be just actors, Denzel Washington, uh-huh
I'ma play the saddest song on the smallest violin (Haha)
For the niggas in my scrap bin, uh-huh
Maybe we could get along, maybe we could be friends
In another fuckin' life, my friend, uh-huh (Yeah)

Cutthroat, cutthroat, cutthroat
They be on my nuts though, nuts though, nuts though
'Cause I don't give a fuck, ho, fuck, ho, fuck, ho
I might be around squirrels 'cause a nigga is a nut, ho

Um, this that
Yes I got the bacon saturated, fuckin' pig fat
I'm not skinny dippin', big drippin', bitch, big facts (Gosh damn)
Uh, Chief Keef that pussy, bang bang
Pretty please don't act like me and you is the fucking same thing
Yes nigga, I switch the flow to unorthodox, gang gang (Ayy, ayy ayy)
They tryna bite like a vampire fang (Gosh damn)
Diamonds water, bendin' like the nigga Aang
Intelligence is only for the gentlemen
So tell the pussy niggas, "Yes, Trix for kids" (Uh-huh)
That's a fact like a Snapple cap tip (Straight up)
Lame niggas sayin' that they fuckin' demons
No wonder that they lost up in the sauce in this bitch
I ain't never need a false deity
Give me power or do a damn thing for me, bitch
When I'm acting like a monster like Stitch
You be acting like a bitch, so I call you sis (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Switcharoo your bitch, uh-huh
This is what I call an assist, uh-huh
Tell 'em this ain't that, and that ain't this
With a flick of my wrist, uh-huh, yeah

[Ski Mask The Slump God & (Juice WRLD):]
Cutthroat, cutthroat, cutthroat
They be on my nuts though, nuts though, nuts though
'Cause I don't give a fuck, ho, fuck, ho, fuck, ho (I don't give a fuck, bitch)
I might be around squirrels 'cause a nigga is a nut, ho (What? Yeah)

[Juice WRLD:]
Cutthroat, love it when they run, ho (What)
Knife on the AK, stab 'em with a gun, ho
Hoppin' in that mosh pit, I was tryna rage shit
It's a different day, it's like niggas on the same shit, I hate it
Rich like a white bitch, I should go blonde, bitch
I put my dick up in your mom, bitch
You ain't on shit dot-com, bitch
Desert Eagle, take his head off, make it fly like a comet
Glizzy crank your ass like Soulja Boy, screamin', "Yah, bitch"
Wanna fuck a nigga bitch, uh-huh (What else?)
Grant a bullet like a wish, uh-huh (What else?)
D-Rose when I drive through the paint
With the foul, I'ma still get a swish, uh-huh (Uh)
What the fuck bro?
You ain't tryna fuck, get the fuck out my spot, ho
'Fore your ass get kicked out like a thot, ho (Whoa)

[Ski Mask The Slump God:]
Cutthroat, cutthroat, cutthroat
They be on my nuts though, nuts though, nuts though
'Cause I don't give a fuck, ho, fuck, ho, fuck, ho
I might be around squirrels 'cause a nigga is a nut, ho

[Juice WRLD:]
Yeah, water
Uh, pipe me up, voot me up, fuck nigga
Uh, uh, evil twin, ayy ayy, uh
Ayy ayy, cutthroat

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Ski Mask "The Slump God" Nuketown Comments
  1. ItzLionsky

    Juice sounds like ksi 0:41

    Rip juice

  2. The Mang Squad

    R.I.P Juice Wrld😔❤️ you a legend now

  3. Shay Ny

    He need to do a family guy version with stewie like he did south park

  4. Steven Sims

    Cool shit ski.

  5. Steven Sims

    Bhad bhabie. I feel that shit.

  6. Moe Lester

    1:00 bruh I thought that was x

  7. SpiderEvan _

    No lie if Eminem were to feature, he’d probably make it HIS song

  8. SpiderEvan _

    2:10 when the class clown repeats your joke out loud and he gets the laughs

  9. 2divvis Idk

    Bro this is favorite song bro keep up also you are funny as hell

  10. no chillz

    !*Mumbles and screams*!

  11. Colin Lush

    X when Juice Died


  12. Idk L

    When you see the whole comment section about 2:10 2:10

  13. jomppe 07

    When you die in MW2 to bot 2:10

  14. Remove the Mechs

    I feel bad for ski mask he lost x and juice

  15. Lyrical Irvin 999 Gang Forever

    Rip juice wrld ☝
    Ski: Ayee 👽

  16. Stefano

    Where is the guy with the lyrics?

  17. adhor ahluwalia

    listen to 1:07 on loop

  18. Susie Flores

    Good vibe

  19. Discord Sings

    2:10 When your best friend partners with someone else in chemistry
    / math / science

  20. LIL_TAB

    January 24, 2020?

  21. Cookiesisgood23

    2:10 when someone walks in on you when u on the toilet

  22. Name Less

    I know you are being bombareded right now and this will get buried, but I hope you can feel the positive energy people are sending your way. We will always be here for you through anything brother. We love you ski <3

  23. triplej

    am i the only one who can sing 0:08 - 0:35 ?

  24. Switch Is A Console

    imagine if ski and x AND juice did a mambo combo. IMAGINE THOO

  25. lilhomiejay

    RIP peep
    RIP x
    RIP juice
    Protect this man at all costs

  26. Lil peepers

    Juice POPPED OFF

  27. DJM

    How are u doing with ur mental health i dont know how ur still alive with this happing to 2 friends so close if it happened to me I’d be using drugs to feel better hope u don’t because that would be all my top 3 rappers dead pls do anything to stay healthy and strong.

  28. Robby the Goat Kingpin

    Lost both his homies bruh!!!!

  29. Hell xx

    Never stop Ski.. Dont let this world take you

  30. oatmeal aneesa

    Everyone else: *crying about how ski mask lost his friends*

    Me: *taking a shit and about to change my roblox username while listening to the song*

  31. gertrud is good

    *Eminem* *Left* *The* *Chat*

  32. Shay Sprague

    Bro sang this to my ex she a hoe she did me wrong can't trust no one 💯

  33. FaZe Rugg

    I looking at my dog and she humping my cat

  34. Brandon Lipscomb II

    When u see somebody in modern warfare running around the map with a 725 shotgun and a riot shield and throwing knifes 2:10

  35. Brandon Lipscomb II

    When u have to sit behind the stinky girl in class 2:10

  36. Anthony Jaco

    When you see that sketchy white van 0:08

  37. Leon

    "I'ma play the saddest song on the smallest violin"

    -Ski mask 2018

  38. Løzer._. nobody

    My favorite song ever✌🖤🖤

  39. Kayly Delgado

    Awee siii maskkk I love you and juice ❤️

  40. DylanTheChillin_YT

    we lost x and juice we can’t lose ski ;c

  41. uzmxn


  42. Itz Josh

    RIP juice

  43. Sofia Avalos-Willis

    Search up rip. juice world there’s a guy disrespecting juice

  44. Soaring

    Juice wrld sound so different when he screams

  45. Benjamin Elser

    I like pp

  46. Tyra Johnson

    1:02 they trynna bite like a vampire vang 🔥🔥

  47. Anthony Jackson II

    dang take a step back really changed him

  48. Chantelle Sampia

    2017:lil peep died
    2018:x died
    2019:juice world
    2020:we can’t lose ski mask

  49. Zapity -

    1:00 wait for it EY EY

  50. booba

    *sends this to mom*

    Mom: *takes phone*

    Me: 2:10

  51. • Cøøkië gâchâ •

    its sad
    how his 2 best friends has died

  52. Mugabo Ukomeye

    Rip juice and x protect him at all cost

  53. koko the gamer


  54. Erick Ayala

    Make a song wit DC The Don

  55. • 43 Years Ago

    Use me as a “Round One FIGHT” button

  56. Shard

    Producer: how many uh uh's you want
    Ski mask:uh uh

  57. Soviet Russian Man

    We gotta keep ski safe.

  58. therichkid2019_ rich

    This my song 4 when I get mad

  59. We Love Stokeley

    Who Came Back To Pay Respect To Juice Wrld ✊💯

  60. Cassandra Garcia

    that shit fire!

  61. Curtis Gooding

    Gat do nutsto fuck hole 😏😏😏😏🤟🏼🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  62. Fazor 122

    Ski losin all his friends :(

  63. Lyrical Irvin 999 Gang Forever

    Like if ski mask is better than drake

  64. cris cross crashing track

    Ski mask heard about juice wrld death and commented on Twitter take me to I'm worried I dont want him to die to 1 like = 1 sorry for ski

  65. lil skull

    Yo you hot

  66. Tenya Iida

    When your friend eats ur dq 2:10

  67. IMVU_Kayden


  68. Jordan Palmer

    Hopefully they don't take skimask

  69. Cyn Williams

    I got my fiance liking this shit now..he never likes my music..but he likes this ski 😁

  70. Jason Powers

    Round 1 fight

  71. Jaquille Collier

    X should be n this song

  72. CloxtS4uce

    2020 anyone

  73. susfather

    First song I listened to in 2020

  74. King ATM

    1:39 juice wrld

  75. clikn

    everyone gangster.........untill the quiet kid start to bobing his head

  76. DaT MeMeR Boi

    I had to come back this beat go hard

  77. kajiin 01

    Love this

  78. Yung Aurah

    Chief Keef dat pussy

  79. StreeYou Lll

    Who after Juice Wrld died?

  80. Llama 1122

    Gotta love some good Christian music 😌🤚

  81. Mang Squad Community

    Who’s back here to pay tribute to Juice Wrld???

  82. Kay Yusef

    This is fire

  83. BND Di

    3030: Everyone returns to the world for 24hours
    4040: Makes the world CANNOT BE DESTROYED

  84. Tavion Reid

    W Juice Being From Chicago This Was a Breeze For My Boy💯

  85. Christopher Gomez

    Bro when juice Wrld starts to yell shit goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥 no cap 🧢

  86. Kungy

    Only if I can hear this song when I fight

  87. Sarah P


  88. BlinkZ _

    When someone went in your hiding spot in hid and seek

  89. Brett Jones

    Are we all gonna mind the fact that he has a hickey on his neck

    Mang Squad Community

    That might be his tattoo 😂

  90. Mayra Rodriguez

    Who else can’t believe that ski died 😭

    Mayra Rodriguez

    Made u check


    Mayra Rodriguez Omg yeah

    Brady D

    Mayra Rodriguez yeah lol

    MUI Vegito

    Lol I actually fell for it

  91. Brooks on da corner

    Have you noticed any from avatar isn't water bender