Ski Mask "The Slump God" - LIFE IS SHORT Lyrics

Life's short smoke a port on a port (on a port)
In New York calculating like a dork
Kill Bill, tracksuit, 'preme shorts
Life's short what it's worth, wrist work
Life's short smoke a port on a port (on a port)
In New York calculating like a dork, bitch
Kill Bill, tracksuit, 'preme shorts
Life's short what it's worth, wrist work

I, can't, pocket an L from my enemy
You, won't, suck up or fuck up my energy
Chef, boyardee, bitch I'm whippin up sauce, ya see
Down, to the, bullshit you talking the jealousy
Ice cubes on a nigga neck like is we there yet
Mac, turn your guts to macaroni wet(tec!)
Good pussy sound like macaroni best wet
Never let another nigga try yo set
Wanna be the best don't hold your breathe
Looking at my garments and they stripped like ness

Life's short smoke a port on a port (on a port)
In New York calculating like a dork
Kill Bill, tracksuit, 'preme shorts
Life's short what it's worth, wrist work
Life's short smoke a port on a port (on a port)
In New York calculating like a dork, bitch
Kill Bill, tracksuit, 'preme shorts
Life's short what it's worth, wrist work

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Ski Mask "The Slump God" LIFE IS SHORT Comments
  1. xxmounir xxx

    3:32 😭😭😭😭🌍

  2. Carter V

    skit mask hasn't died yet but rip
    I was the first one🚛🚛

  3. KiddTitus

    3:28 😭

  4. Snookie The Bookie

    That Asian girl didn't wanna be there 😂

  5. Kinzyx 2205

    What is the song in the beginning?

  6. It's Just Aiden

    *W E L C O M E T O B I N G O N I G H T*

  7. Ensoink Tattooing

    Asian girl was like I’m getting tired of this shit lol

  8. Load of Smoke

    what is the song in the begining?

  9. Ruffy Mt

    Ski is lit

  10. Jefferson Martinez

    4:32 im Fucking sad bro

  11. myaツ

    when ski realizes joji is filthy frank was the cutest thing ever lmao

  12. Revenge

    Who else got this in their recommendation?

  13. Julian Aranda

    6:16 is where ski finds out Joji is pink guy

  14. Echo R1

    "build a big ass empire..... With X" That shit hurt my soul.

  15. Dante Cruz

    Bro i swear them ciggs gonna fuck up his voice. He'll still have bars tho.

  16. Dante Cruz

    Joji: Incognito 1000

  17. TehBest OnPubg


  18. Skarz

    What's the song in the beginning

  19. treyh

    what was the intro song


    found it. Rambo

  20. LIL Gofi

    The guy at his left looked so tired hoooly

  21. Brodie Jackson

    Joji and ski mask should make a song together idc

  22. Unknown Gamer

    One thing that’s cool is to find out that someone you idolize, idolized you

  23. scp-420

    holy fuck jojiii was hereeee
    damn im speecheless

  24. Sandra Bose

    7:16-7:20 only true ski mask fans know where he got that verse at

  25. dova bucks

    I thought it was doctor Evelyn for some reason

  26. manaprood

    it is dj scham ?

  27. Kristyan Felipe

    Intro song title?

  28. Cryptic Ice

    Every one there was drunk, and faded

  29. Freedom Martin

    Yes men

  30. 東京wolff

    Damn ski

  31. Chimdi Lazz

    I never realized joji was ski masks friend

  32. Marvin Wassmann

    It’s for real hard because his lyric is hard ass hell other rappers get it easy cause they have no lyric

  33. Chank Mank

    That girl to the right looks like she doesn’t want be there

  34. HighLevi

    Could you imagine the crazy ass energy of Pinkguy and X in same room.

  35. HeWhoCries

    7:15 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. ThatOneGuy

    filthy frank the fucking legend

  37. youngnetoo

    one day I will be here and have fun with 88🥺

  38. Tyson Anderson

    Ski mask realizing who joji is made my day

  39. Super Buff

    Filthy frank is moving up in the world

  40. Redd Khalifa

    This shit was epic.

  41. Bryan Calixto

    good days

  42. Chefuziiart

    damn that’s scheme next to ski

  43. Just Bonolo

    likee ramboo

  44. Joel Vasquez

    I think the moment with real friends is more fun.

  45. Lissie Lamb

    I feel so bad for that girl omg 😅 boys club af

  46. nicotine addiction

    Great lmaoooo

  47. TheRealLucent

    I feel so bad foe Joji he is so unrecognizable lmao

  48. bbwlover1234

    why he surrounded by whites/arabs/asians who dont appreciate his music


    " yo a girl put molly in her asshole son, swear to god"


  50. Malte

    Song in the Intro?

  51. snouf

    what the fuck this was 2 years ago??????

  52. Kenny Apparatus

    6:15 best reaction lol

  53. OBsurdity TV

    Miss these the videos

  54. eclipse beats

    now Joji is as popular as Ski mask :D

  55. Taiga Aisaka

    3:09 Slump:Its crazy to hear cars pass you by, and you can hear the person playing your music.
    FilthyFrank:WOW, that must be a good feeling.
    Now its almost 2020 and joji's been making bomb ass music. *they Grow Up soo fast* :')

  56. Ollieparton OP

    Most lit live version of this no doubt! Actually singing 90% of the time unlike Rolling Loud :S Tho show was awesome af

  57. DarkAngelSinnerKaspa

    yoo please do more of these kind of karaoke videos with other rapers

  58. blank space

    dude i legit presseed the right arrow and it scipped right to it

  59. The Galaxy Guys

    bruh joji before he was popular but after he was filthy frank

  60. FuseReflex :;

    this when x was alive d:

  61. mtt

    2:55 i was home alone and this scared the shit out of me

  62. Saul Rodriguez

    I swear I seen that girl somewhere else



  64. Mr. Cliche

    i miss these videos

  65. Dave_ Id

    First i knew xxxtentacion, and i thought ski mask was a just a friend and not a celeb, then im came here and saw ski mask and thought these were friends, now i see ski mask, dj scheme, and the one and only joji aka filthyfrank. Rip x rip franku

  66. Kelok 9

    lol joji

  67. Joseph Lucero

    First song?


    Here is 👉

  68. Agok Agok


    Agok Agok

    Goes off

  69. Datboi Mike

    Ski and Joji should colab on a song

    Burt Gaming

    That would be Lit. Joji should make Pink guy type tracks but as himself.

  70. Budd3rking2003

    4:46 I thought ski was bout to freestyle

  71. Playboi Carti's Last Brain Cell

    Ah 2017, the year of fidget spinners and the rise of mumble rap... Those were simpler times indeed.

  72. tim van den berg

    Papa franku

  73. MoeDro -

    hearing ski saying "butthole girl" is classic

  74. MajinAngel777

    I watched this video way back and i barely noticed scheme was in the video wtf

  75. Septo

    never thought I'd see filthy frank watching people do tricks with autism toys

  76. Nean Williams

    the asian girl only wanted to eat the food

  77. x Woody587

    You smash the Bars harder like fatalitys in Mortal Kombat 💥🤯

  78. Daniel Arnold

    Joji and Ski Mask in the same room. Damn.

  79. Trusty Traytor

    this is so amazing seeing one of my 2 favorite artists/youtuber together

  80. jahN

    he said he would build and establishment with x ;-;


    Ski and filthy f

  82. Bonkers_4_Honkers

    when ski said chef boyardee joji had some bad fucking ptsd

  83. Lucid Memer

    It would be too surreal to be in the same room as Ski and Joji

  84. Soup Cans

    I thought it was pockets fatter than pediatricians can stomach this whole time

  85. Molecule_

    ʷᵃᶦᵗ ᵃ ˢᵉᶜᵒⁿᵈ ... ItS yOu!! ... AAOOUGGHHHHHHHH!!! ITS PINK GUUYY! ITS PINK GUUYY!!!

    I laughed so fucking hard

  86. Nobby Pangelinan

    3:31 " with X " oh man the feels , LLJ

  87. Dominic Hansen

    ski and george are the best combo

  88. Taylor Ford

    Good to know ski didn't just get Joji in there from pink guy rather his music😂😁

  89. Metro Vader

    I just watched this to see if even he himself could rap the fastest verses.
    He can.

  90. It's Just Aiden

    6:15 wtf happened
    oh wait nevermind

  91. It's Just Aiden

    He got that ad libs part right lmaooooo

  92. It's Just Aiden

    imagine ski being the one to call out the numbers on a bingo night 😂

  93. Shmoist

    I love how everyone in there like.

    Holy shit ski in here 😂😂😂😂

  94. Aurora

    I don't even like X but damn that hurt when Ski was talking about building an empire with him. I hope Ski's doing okay now.

  95. Dream

    Mh why does this dude is so good at ski mask the slump god music

  96. IISadnessII

    That with x part just made me sad