Skate - Usually Lyrics

Yeah, look, look
Usually I be smoking dope oh with some bad bitches
Usually all my brothers lit up with some sad bitches
Usually I pop xanax and go to work
Shit, usually I'm fucking turnt

In LA here to stay
Usually I'm getting bank
Usually I fuck with shawty if she puffing on the dank
Usually I keep a goupie on me just for me smoke
Hold on a let me think about this shit,
Usually you don't, aye

Usually, usually, usually, usually, ah [x4]
Ah, usually

Look, usually, you's a freak
Usually you come to me, when yous in need
Usually I'm at the crib or in the booth
Usually I never lie, I tell the truth
Usually I kick it with my fans and we get high
Usually I fuck up on a bitch and tell her bye
Usually I like to mix the Henny' with the Coke
Usually I walk in any place and I'm gon smoke

Yeah, yeah

Usually they gon hate (hate)
Usually I don't care (care)
Usually they gon flake (flake)
Usually they ain't rare (rare)
Usually I'm on one (one)
Usually I'm on four (four)
Usually I'm so throwed (throwed)
Usually I'm so throwed

Usually, usually, usually, usually, ah [x4]
Ah, usually

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Skate Usually Comments
  1. Person B

    Fuck boy of the decade award?

  2. Cali Jay Music

    This shit dope.


    alguém BR escutando?? Se sim da like

  4. Brandon Browere

    I need to get on some shit wit this dude, I know we’d be on some other shit. I fuck wit the flow and I bet I can match this shit n make a fire ass song wit my guy

  5. tatiana healy

    yo this man is fine as FUCK

  6. Julielly Sousa

    2:37 who he?

  7. Kurukshetra Magus

    I guess poser wiggers are cool again?

  8. Mark Benson

    402 life

  9. B-Rai87

    This nigga look like Colin Ferrell

  10. heythrowback

    who is that boy in blue?

  11. christobel

    Shits garbage not music just dirt 😂😂😂

  12. ViVid Vendetta

    I just want to say. You got some big ass hands. 👀

  13. Rodrigo Oliveira

    90% of girls
    10% of stoners

  14. Naju N

    so cute and hot

  15. 666_TRASH LXRDE_666

    Usually you suck dick from chicks

  16. Leo Armas

    402 shit yktv 📍

  17. bxnym

    Usually you suck!

  18. Shahen Kt

    Nate 😻😻😻

  19. TheJermWill

    wonderbread w/ mayo

  20. Flores Zuleika

    Wayyyyyy better rapper when he was in like that

  21. RC Codes

    straight out the fackkkin ghettos of nebraska, the G Easy of the midwest!

  22. Timmy Rider

    Garbage af

  23. Mike Lewis

    Only good song, still blowing loud to this.

  24. Katelynn sikes

    do people think this is "cool" i mean good music but terrible terrrrrible meaning

  25. Kp Bob

    underrated ! my vibe for 2019

  26. Sinead Rogers

    does he really smoke

  27. Destiny Young

    He could be bae

  28. Yung Lazza

    Somebody have the instrumental???

  29. Yung Lazza

    Come back skatey

  30. Gage Irwin

    Shits nice bro sk8 we got the same jewler I just seen u on TV and u killing it brother

  31. Calibrated

    its G easy younger brother

  32. STYLO G

    I need instrumetal of this song

  33. Hobie Whitewood

    Still a banger 2019🔥🔥🔥

  34. Georgos Georgiou

    Who’s here 2k19

  35. Jon Alexander Mitovich

    Sagging that much?? Like why?

  36. Klingo The King

    So us N.E boyz gotta link up

  37. Preet1989 Singh

    Who is this clown a G eazy knock off

  38. Sabrina

    why the hell the hell does he sound high oh wait he is

  39. Martina Xeka

    Who is listening in January 2019?

  40. FLIPA 2K

    whats the name of this song its from skathan but i dont find it :(

  41. Kuckoo Karen

    What ever happened to him?

  42. slink_the_ mink

    No hate though

  43. slink_the_ mink

    Every rap song of 2016 sex money drugs the whole nine yardd

  44. Sofía Ponce Suazo

    I really want to get high with himmmm

  45. satanicpoptart

    his dimples give me life

  46. 420 Everyday

    Do u have Snapchat

  47. Zenobia Locke

    that foot makes an appearance a few times-

  48. Tian Dtd

    Please on Spotify🙏

  49. Christina Pennington

    I love you Skate💕

  50. abc Channel

    2018** anyone

  51. Flore Déry


  52. Markpricefilms 13

    Aye my boy Hayden’s friend whats good

  53. Debbie Bishop

    0:24 who's foot is that behide

  54. haylen smith

    I think I'm pregnant now?

  55. Matador 01 Gameplay

    Rap is of dreef weed

  56. Aria Young

    The man bun and the dimples awee Nate is my favoriteeee

  57. Audrina Mckinny

    Like the song not the drugs

  58. Dan Bana

    So i just found jack and jack on that video with this guy in and i thought this guy and the other guy with dark hair were Jack and Jack, they look like they could be brothers.


    Dan Bana their the same people...

  59. 8vo C 2018 el mejor

    ki hi ihta wia

  60. Pâmella Beatriz

    Brazil loves you!

  61. Jaden Burns

    I saw him from jack and jack what has he turned in to

  62. Carolina Plascencia


  63. Yuliana Tinoco

    This shitz still fire in 2018!!!!!

  64. aka saint

    i'm so emo rn

  65. karuh

    white lighters are bad luck

  66. Noah Valle

    where did u get those pants

  67. Meleana D

    I know his aunt ik that is weird but I do 😂

  68. ma3jor Mejdžr


  69. ma3jor Mejdžr

    omgggggg love it!!"!

  70. Julielly Sousa

    *What's the name of the blonde?*

  71. Resto graffiti fat cap


  72. skate_gb 336

    Sk8 is skateboarding but no skateboard in this

  73. Emili Patachounique

    Je te fais mal mec

  74. Hannah Chaignot

    He is such a bad boy and I love it!

  75. G0NZOdave _

    Fuckin waitin on soneone to skate...realize it his name. Your algorithm is flawed YouTube.

  76. Peter Ortiz

    I fuck with...from tacoma,wa

  77. Puppy Angel

    Can he get any sexier😍😍

  78. Linda Thao

    Nice rapping bars love it the beats keep it up boy

  79. Albert's World

    Bring these vibes back for the summer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. Evellyn Cruz

    Daqui a pouco tá tendo uma overdose kkkk

  81. Rachel McGinnis

    I know you by your sound the flow go's hard keep you head inside your grammar your nice flow

  82. Jeffrey Kopfle


  83. Keezy Fleks

    I’m gonna be like him soon

  84. Brinley Helms

    Demples,nipples,and temples, he got all of em....😂😂

  85. Meredith Low

    who is this thoooooooo shew

  86. G GB


  87. Julian Jaden

    Still listening to this 2018

  88. Kalwanne Monteiro

    Bem estilo trap

  89. Brittany Landry

    Dude i just want to chill with him a smoke a fat one !

  90. sabrina poss

    fuck me plz

  91. Ashanti Rivers

    good song tho...catchy

  92. Ashanti Rivers

    omg i didnt know he was like this